Creating a Home Office Space on a Budget

Accent Wall for creating a home office space

Creating a Home Office Space on a Budget

Creating a home office space that fits your budget and personality is not hard. Especially when you have help.

Quote of the day: “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.” Steve Jobs

If you have been following the blog for awhile, then you may remember than my stepmom, Nancy, moved into a new house last July. I was able to video the home when it was first new after she had just moved in. So I thought it’d be fun to update that with all of the changes and new decor in the home.

The truth is (as Nancy will tell you) decorating is not her strong point. She has trouble visualizing a space and how it will look. I’ve helped her in the past, but life has gotten a crazy for me lately. Thus Nancy reached out to Laurel who has a blog, and then decorates and plans spaces for a living too.

This isn’t a sponsored post. Nancy paid for her services, but I thought you’d like to see the results. I “met” Laurel online when she started commenting on my blog. And after that we did a blog collaboration together. Because style is style no matter if it’s on your body or part of your surroundings.

After that I did purchase a package from her to help redesign our living room. Both Rob and I were extremely happy with the service, which is why I had Nancy use it too! And then, we even got to meet up with Laurel in person when she was out in Denver visiting last winter.

Before the Makeover

Nancy’s office was a blank slate to start with. It has two windows in the corner area, and Nancy had brought with her the computer desk from her old house. In fact, at her previous house she had two of these desks. She knew she wanted a new version of desk space, but had to have something to work off until she figured out what she wants.

This room is open to the living room, with just a half wall separating it. That’s the reason Nancy thought it was important to give it some style. In her other house, it was hidden away in the extra bedroom, so no one really saw it.

And while I’m sure we concentrate on making our home office functional so we can work productively, I don’t always think we focus on the style portion of it. Yet I’m sure it’s no different than getting dressed for the day. The better we look, the better we feel. So why would it be any different for our environment?

How Laurel Helped in Creating a Home Office Space

Nancy chose the “DIY Virtual Design Consultation- Sometimes All You Need Is A Plan!” for $300. Spending money for someone to come up with ideas for your space may seem extravagant. Yet when it comes right down to it, it’s money well spent. It prevents you from spending money on items that may not work well. And it gives you ideas that you may not have ever thought about yourself.

She filled out a questionnaire of her likes, inspirations and budget. And this is the plan that was sent to Nancy, after we had uploaded the before photos. Nancy didn’t want to spend a ton of money on the space, yet she knew she wanted new furniture.

Laurel’s service does provide links to the pieces she has chosen along with rationale for much of it. And there is an initial chat included to speak person to person to get a personal feel for the project.

After the Makeover

Now the space isn’t totally finished. And Nancy has altered it somewhat. But all in all it’s looking fabulous and very functional.

Nancy wasn’t sure she wanted either of the rug options. Her worry is that she won’t be able to roll her chair around if there is a rug beneath her. I know for myself, my chair is on carpet. And while I rarely move it per se (I usually just pivot it to get in and out), it does roll on the carpet if I need it to. Seeing these photos, makes me realize why Laurel suggested a rug in the first place. As a novice decorator, I think the area needs some fabric and softness. Maybe a smaller rug in front of the seating area would work better for Nancy?

The bookcase hasn’t been purchased yet either. Nancy is still vacillating on what she really wants for that item. Her biggest concern is getting one that won’t require much work to put it together.

Laurel had suggested the blue tile artwork to be on the accent wall, but Nancy and her friends changed that up. These after photos really show how the two photos on that accent wall don’t fill the space as well. Laurel has since suggested another photo/picture to make it more like a gallery.

But if you notice there are basically two sets of photo with the blue tile artwork. Rob and I went over to switch the photos to see how it would look as Laurel had suggested it. Nancy still likes it on the white wall for now.

In Conclusion

I just love how Laurel went about creating this home office space for Nancy. That accent wall is so perfect with the decor that Nancy already had. The reason she chose this color for the accent wall is because of that decor and the chair in the living room. If you want to see a video of Nancy’s entire first floor now that she’s been living there a year, here is the video. (And if you watch it, please click the heart button)

One of the reasons we loved working with Laurel, the time she helped us with our living room is how she respects your budget. Another reason is that she works with your parameters in mind.

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