Creating Long Legs with a Maxi

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Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months.

Maxi Skirts for the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s: Tucking in your Shirt

Could it be that since maxi skirts skim the ground, that your legs look longer in it? Especially when your shirt is tucked in? Even Mireille & Jude, our two blogettes, decided to take the challenge and try it out!

Quote of the day: “Confidence is contagious; so is lack of confidence.” Vince Lombardi

It’s one of the questions I’ve been contemplating since I came up with this blog theme. What is the best way to wear your maxi skirt at this time of year? My mom is all about tucking in her shirts, and Nancy is just the opposite. Granted they are two different body types, but I would argue that it’s not just your body type that makes a difference. It could also be the fit and style of the pieces of clothing that you’re wearing!

So here we are showing off 5 different outfits by tucking our tops into our maxi skirts. We styled these exact same maxi skirts with a long coat, here & a tunic, here. Do you wear a long skirt when it’s cold outside?

Jodie’s (50’s) Outfit:

Maxi skirts are perfect for a holiday party. This is the recreation of the outfit I wore to my book club’s party! The idea for the gold top was from Jude (blogette seen below. She knew I had purchased this maxi from Suzanne’s Etsy shop and had an idea of how I could wear it).

Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months.

Since it was a holiday party, I wanted to add a pop of red with my belt, and I figured my glasses and lipstick counted as red accessories too?!!

Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months.

I may have overloaded on the sparkle and shine, but hey, it was the holidays after all!! My choker is quite sparkly, and these earrings that I won from JTV last year certainly seem very glitzy! It’s hard to tell in these photos, but even my shirt has small specks of sparkle in it!

Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months.

I did change out my footwear for this photo. The night of the party I wore my burgundy OTK boots, but since I wore those already in this series, I decided to switch it up for this one!

Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months

Skirt: Bought from Suzanne’s Etsy Shop~~Top: Ann Taylor ~~Shoes: Sam & Libby-thrifted (similar here with a peep toe)~~Belt: ~~Necklace: ~~Earrings: Won from JTV

Nancy’s (60’s) Outfit:

So this is one of those outfits that Nancy would never wear! As a short waisted woman, she always wears her shirts longer or untucked. I understand that theory, but I don’t think this looks terrible either. In fact, I think it looks like her legs are a million miles long!?

Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months.

Since Nancy rarely tucks anything in, she also does not have an abundance of belts in her closet. Therefore, her only wide one is this obi belt that my mom made for all 3 of us. We featured them in a series here, here, & here.

Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months.

I tried to incorporate the red of the belt into her accessories too with a red & black necklace and red earrings.

Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months.

As for her camo blouse, I have to ask if you are a camo fan yet? I admit that I would never have imagined wearing this print before I started blogging, but it’s become a fashion bloggers favorite print for every age group! Of course, the three of us had to join in on the camo fun, so we styled them in a series that Sheela & Eve joined in on here, here & here.

Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months.

Skirt: Old Navy (here)~~Blouse: Living Doll (similar here)~~Top under the Blouse: Talbots (similar here)~~Boots: Crown Vintage (similar here)~~Belt: Charlotte made it (similar here or here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70’s) Maxi Skirts Outfit: For this maxi skirts theme for my mom, she already had this outfit picked out when I came over to take photos! She said she had worn it recently and wanted to showcase it on the blog.

Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months.

The scarf is the star of the show in my opinion. It’s such a beautiful print and mom secured it to her shirt with a scarf clip. Mom remembers buying this clip in New Orleans for only $15! Part of it slides under the shirt, and then you pull the ends of the scarf through the opening.

Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months.

Since the shirt is a 3/4 length sleeve, I had mom add in some bracelets! Now if you think I’m an accessory maximalist, you need to realize that I’m a novice compared to my mother. She wanted to add bracelets to both wrists, but I really wanted the focal point to be more on the scarf! What do you think?

Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months.

We added a belt that is the same color as mom’s shirt for this outfit. I’m sure we could have gotten away without a belt, but for some reason, it seemed unfinished without it. Maybe if there had been a wider waistband on the skirt, it might have looked better (like in Mireille’s example below).

Maxi Skirts Worn for the Winter Months.

I bet you $100 that my mom will look at these pictures and comment to herself that she “looks thick.” And even if you think the same thing because the skirt is pleated at the waist portion, I always want to know why that is so bad? Our physical bodies are the way they are, but that doesn’t make us terrible! Of course, I want to show us in our best light, but I also want every woman to feel beautiful—-because we are! It’s my soap box of the day, so thanks for listening!

Skirt: No label (similar here with the print all over and here in solid red)~~Top: Mom made it (similar here)~~Boots: (similar here with a thicker heel)~~Belt: (similar here with braiding)~~Scarf: Jones New York (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Mireille (Blogette) in Maxi Skirts

I love the larger waistband on Mireille’s maxi. To me it basically acts as a belt without having more layers involved! Hasn’t Mireille shown us some wonderful French influences in these posts? The beret in the first category, the scarf in the second post, and now this Breton shirt all have that french flair, we know and love!

0120171515a_Film2-1 (720x1280)

In Mireille’s words: “So this one, I like the idea of it but I was having problems with the stripes and height of skirt. I don’t wear my shirt tucked in much but it is nice to do something out of my comfort zone.  My poor 10 year old decided that it was hard work to take pictures, we took about 10 of this outfit for me to be somewhat satisfied 😝.”

 (As my comment to this, you’d laugh if you knew how many photos we sometimes take to get a good one or two! No wonder the professional model shoots take up an entire day!)

Jude (blogette) with Maxi Skirts

Jude didn’t brave the cold & snow in this photo like she did for our leather skirt posts here & here! But she did comment to me that the lighting was NOT good. However, I think we can see how fun her outfit is especially with that fabulous belt!

2017-01-25 19.31.21 (576x1024)

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