Creative Easter Baskets and Inexpensive Gifts

Creative Easter Baskets and Inexpensive Gifts

Quote of the Day: ” Easter is the only time of year when it’s perfectly safe to put all your eggs in one basket.” Kurt Avish

While you might consider this a gift guide, I’d also call it fun shopping. Rob and I don’t buy each other Easter baskets anymore, but we did when we were first dating.

And my very first one that I bought him we still have and use. It’s that white basket above. Rob uses it now in his nightstand to hold his glasses and wallet and such.

At the time, I thought it’d be so much smarter to buy a basket that could be used around the house for other things. And then each year, I’d just fill up the same basket with his Easter goodies.

So I thought I’d round up some other interesting and creative baskets with that same concept in mind. Except that chick basket below. That was just too cute not to include. But seriously, wouldn’t that be cute for a sand pail too?

Inside the Easter Basket

While we tend to concentrate on candy and eggs in most Easter baskets, I thought it would be more unique to find other fun items.

Besides, it’s not always easy to tout chocolate and sugar coming from my dental background!! LOL!

And while I was searching, I found the best t-shirts that just make me laugh or smile. Maybe I just have a strange sense of humor?

Heck, Rob even bought the “Look Who’s Back” t-shirt in green. I know it says it’s sold out, but it’s not. IN FACT, when I checked, none of these were sold out, yet they said they were in this grouping. If you like it, click over and see.

Inexpensive Gifts

And even if this isn’t exactly what the young kids would want in their Easter basket, I think these ideas could be perfect for the more mature person.

A little mom pouch, a bath bomb, hair elastics, or even an egg mold. Definitely not your normal findings in the traditional Easter basket, but isn’t that what makes life more interesting?

I hope you had fun with my shopping thoughts for an entirely different kind of Easter basket. Even if you don’t buy baskets for anyone anymore, some of these gifts would be great for Mother’s Day too. Heck, that’s just around the corner.

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