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Creative Opportunities: 5 Ways to Wear Your Maxi Skirt in the Summer

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Creative Opportunities: 5 Ways to Wear Your Maxi Skirt in the Summer

Getting creative with your maxi skirt in the summer only takes a couple of extra items and enables you to create 5 different looks and lengths with the same skirt. The best part about these ideas is no sewing tricks. Sure, you can always alter your maxi to shorten it if you rather it be shorter. But why not use these hacks instead.

Quote of the day: “Thinking outside the box, grows what’s in the box.” Suzette of Suzette Style Journeys

While social media can get a bad rap now and again, I will admit that I find lots of inspiration both in outfits, nutrition along with emotional growth. The quote above it from one of my friends on Instagram, and is exactly what I try to showcase with these creative opportunities.

Why even have a maxi skirt for the summer? I have to admit that they weren’t on my radar much until I began blogging. Now that we live in a hot environment, they are fabulous for covering up yet staying cool. Besides when I’m wearing my maxi skirt in summer, you don’t see the sweat dripping down my legs, LOL!

Here are the ways you can change up your maxi skirt in summer. I decided to keep the rest of the outfit all the same to reduce the amount of distractions and let you focus on the tricks.
1-Wear it long
2-Make it a midi
3-Knot it
4-Create a hi-low look
5-Style it as a dress

If you like this type of creativity with clothing items, then you’ll love how I styled this print blouse.

The Outfit

Versatile ways to wear your maxi skirt in summer

Skirt: Patagonia ~~ Top: Old Navy~~ Sandals: Lauren Conrad ~~ Earrings: Heartland Jewelry by Judy

For the first idea of wearing it long as it was made is the usual method. We buy a maxi skirt for the summer to be a longer skirt.
I paired this blue/black print skirt that was given to me by Lesley with a top that is a totally different color. While this concept of adding in a unique color than the print may be hard for you, I tried to make it intentional with the orange sandals (which the last time I looked were only $20) and earrings.

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Insider tip: The length of your maxi can be a hazard to walking and especially on any stairs. It’s good to have one that is more ankle length as opposed to heel length.

Make it a Midi Length Skirt

There are many ways to shorten your skirt without sewing. You can easily roll up the waistband if it will stay. However, I have found that a belt works marvelously for this trick.
You can see that the skirt is now calf length with the top portion of the skirt folded over the belt.

Knot Your Maxi Skirt in Summer

Knot your maxi skirt in summer

The idea to knot one of the ends of your skirt creates an asymmetrical look. Some women feel like a maxi skirt is overwhelming, so knotting the end shows a little leg and changes the horizontal hemline.
If your maxi skirt is straight, then this trick can restrict your stride if you make the knot too big.

Insider tip: You can knot the ends or use an elastic to create the knot.


A hi-low skirt is where the front panel is shorter than the back panel. You can create this with a knot used in the middle of the front panel also. But this trick doesn’t restrict your movement when walking so it could be a better option. However, this only worked for me with a knit or stretchy skirt.
What I did was pull up the sides from about my thigh and attached them at the waistband in the middle. I used a safety pin to hold it and then covered that with a magnet.

Transform your Maxi Skirt into a Dress

Wear your maxi skirt as a dress

Why not pull your skirt all the way up and make it a strapless dress? And don’t think this is for the young kids only, because both Lesley and my mom have used this trick in the past.
Now if you have a strapless dress in your closet, you can possibly transform it into a maxi skirt too.

If you don’t want to wear a strapless bra (although I found a comfortable one when I researched 10 different options), you can easily wear a cardigan or jacket over it.
A belt is another option with this look if you want some waist definition. In our hot summers here, I don’t mind the flowy look, haha!

5 ways to wear a maxi skirt in summer

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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