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Creative Styling: How to Wear a Short Skirt Modestly

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Skirt as a top

Creative Styling: How to Wear a Short Skirt Modestly

I have 6 ways of how to wear a short skirt modestly for the summertime. This idea was explored in the winter months and one reader who challenged me to do the same thing when the temperatures are high. Some of the ideas are the same, but of course the material can make a huge difference.

Quote of the day: “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” Dolly Parton

Getting creative with our clothing and closet is good not only for our wallet but also for our brain health. Besides with going by Dolly’s words above, it’s something I love to do. By challenging ourselves to figure out how to wear anything creatively, we are building new pathways in our brain. Plus it’s a good step towards sustainability instead of always purging the things you “think” you can’t wear anymore.

Not convinced that you shouldn’t get rid of items in your closet? Then make sure to revisit my series about shopping your closet. I’m showing this same black mini skirt in all of these 6 options. You can see how I wore it here in the winter with a variety of footwear choices too.

I’ve heard so many women say they never wear skirts anymore. Each of us is so different in our styles, lifestyles and preferences, yet I do believe that skirts can be a nice variety for our summer looks.
BTW, when I took these photos, our temperatures were over 90-100 degrees. And I was surprised that these options did not make me crazy hot. It goes to show that the clothing material, shoe choice and arm coverage (or lack of) can make a huge difference.
Remember, you won’t know if any of these ideas will work if you don’t try it!! Pin this to come back to it if that helps.

Skirt over a dress

Wear your Skirt Over a Dress

While I’ve shown time and time again that you can layer a longer skirt over a shorter dress, you can definitely allow the dress to hang below a too short skirt.

Layer a long skirt under a short skirt

Skirt Over Skirt Trick

Along the same lines as how to wear your short skirt over a dress, you can just as easily wear it over a longer skirt. Since this red and black skirt has a fold over waistband, I also experimented with letting the waistband show too. I wish I had shown you both ways.

Make Your Skirt a Skort

We have seen Lesley wear skorts many times on the blog, and I have also learned from her to wear biking shorts under a skirt, especially in the wind. So it’s easy enough to wear any kind of shorts under a skirt. In fact, these bermuda shorts might be a tad long for this skirt, but I wanted to try and see.

Need other ideas of what to wear with bermuda shorts?
Summer Tips: How to Style Bermuda Shorts

Dress extender as part of how to wear a short skirt

How to Wear a Short Skirt with a Dress Extender

What is a dress extender?? It’s basically a “slip” with lace at the end. You could certainly wear a slip if you still have one. The difference with the items that are called dress extenders are usually the material is not silky. I have seen them on Amazon (because isn’t everything on Amazon? LOL).

Since my extender is ivory, I wore a white top to try to balance it out. The nice thing is the straps are adjustable so that you can shorten or lengthen them depending on the length you want. In fact, you can see the top of the dress extender under my t-shirt. Therefore, it acts as a layer under something sheer too.

Long cardigan as how to wear a short skirt

Wear a Long Kimono

Instead of layering under the skirt, how about wearing a long kimono? While it’s not all over coverage, it creates the illusion of length. Especially when you sit down.

Creativity with a skirt

Transform It Into a Top

Since this skirt has an elastic waistband, it can be magically changed into a top. I learned this trick from another blogger, Grace, and used it for my floral skirt here. And just in case you think you’re too old for this trick, both Lesley and my mother have done the same thing (and used a cardigan or blouse as a layering piece).

Other Options

There can be other options to “extend” a too short skirt and make it still workable in your wardrobe.
Don’t forget to consider:
1- Add some material to the bottom of the skirt. It doesn’t have to match. If you are concerned it won’t look intentional because it isn’t the exact same fabric, then consider adding some of that material to the waistband also (like my skirt over skirt trick) or even adding a pocket with that new material.
2– Think about letting out the hem. If it’s only a tiny amount too short and there’s a lot of hem, you could increase length that way.
3– If it’s the right material, you could delegate it to be a swimsuit cover skirt.
4– Or cut up the skirt and use it for something else. If you need inspiration for this, Upstyle has some amazing tutorials (it’s like a Pinterest site—free and full of great ideas about style). But heck, you could always use the material for rags.

How to wear a short skirt

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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