Cropped Wide Leg Pants with a Cardigan

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Paper bag waist pants

Cropped Wide Leg Pants with a Cardigan

Another option of wearing wide leg pants is with a cardigan. In fact, Lesley bought this cardigan the first time we ever met her in Denver at our Chico’s event. Who would have thought that we would become such friends and she would end up on the blog?

Quote of the day: “I think women could accomplish more if we stopped trying to appear as small as possible and just fully inhabit the physical space we take up in the world.” Unknown

I am using this quote because many of us worry too much about how much “bigger” we look in our wide leg pants. This theme was a wonderful suggestion from a reader, Gail, who requested that we offer other options than just tucking in a top for these kinds of trousers.

Even though Lesley did tuck in the one top, the cardigan is the focal point and there’s a couple of points about it that I’ll explain below. For my outfit, I chose a short sweater that I knitted years ago.

Then my mom wore mixed prints for the top portion of her outfit. And I experimented with 10 more ideas for what to wear with wide leg pants.

Turquoise and brown as wide leg pants with a cardigan

Pants: Camille LaVie- thrifted~~ Cardigan: Chicos ~~ Top: JJ~~ Shoes: Liz Claiborne~~ Necklace: Steinmart~~ Bracelets: Kohls~~ Purse: Target

Lesley Wearing Cropped Wide Leg Pants with a Cardigan

Fall outfit for woman over 60

When I asked Lesley what she usually wears when she goes to a play, she said usually nice pants or dressy tunic. Maybe occasionally she would wear a dress. And she has dozens of scarves or pashminas to coordinate with each outfit. (She’s not kidding, I’ve seen her collection).

This pair of wide legged pants isn’t her first pair. She has one other pair that she’s NEVER worn. She’s saving them for a cocktail party on a yacht for when she and her millionaire cruise the Greek Isles. Seriously they were an impulse buy that she has yet to style. I think I need to push her to wear them, don’t you think?


Both the necklace and bracelets are the myriad of colors that are in Lesley’s outfit. It’s always amazing how some pieces just go with everything.

The earrings are a bronze metal and almost match her hair.

The Caridgan

Cropped wide leg pants with cardigan

This is the same cardigan that Lesley (and my mom) has in the palm print. The advantage of a style like this with the slits is you can style it many ways. When Lesley wore it before, she tied the front pieces. You can also throw one side over your other shoulder.

And this is the same tank top Lesley wore to make that outfit look like a jumpsuit. It’s a great neutral that goes with everything.

My reasoning of why this longer cardigan works so well with the wide leg pants is because of the slits. They make it so you see the pants underneath, and then the sweater doesn’t seem as overpowering. While it’s a loose top with a loose bottom, the slits create an asymmetrical aspect.

Adding a Colorful Purse

Colorful purse

Just like I did, Lesley wore a pair of more neutral heels. Hers are a squared off pointed toe heel. She recently wore this same pair with her pink outfit. And you can see how they work with long pants or this cropped version.

I love the addition of the rainbow purse. It’s one of those with a removable strap that can be worn as a cross body purse or even a clutch. Sure, there’s blues in the purse, yet I think the addition of the other colors make the entire outfit very modern and not too matchy matchy.

Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants with a cardigan that has slits

Let’s first talk about the length of these pants. Lesley bought them at Goodwill and they were long pants. She wanted to try out the cropped styles so she cut off the bottom and made a self belt out of the leftover material.

Many women pooh pooh the idea of cropped pants. Yet these wide leg ones almost look like a skirt. Since we wear skirts that are midi length, we should be able to wear wide leg pants this length too.

Maybe you’ve noticed the paper bag waist in stores lately. I wore a pair of shorts with this feature earlier this year but added my belt bag instead. For reference Lesley usually wears a size 14-18 pants. So yes, any size can wear this style.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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