Daily Looks for Mid December in Arizona

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Another week brings another bunch of daily looks. It’s actually getting cold here in Arizona, so you’ll see all kinds of sweaters and such. But what I’m trying not to do is fall into the “uniform” trap. Here I go trying to mix it up. Some days I win, some days I fail (like Monday). Yet every day I get a mulligan to experiment with my closet.

My Daily Looks
Saturday-Gold pants and chenille sweater
Sunday-Tunic and leggings
Monday-Metallic dress and leggings
Tuesday-Black and pink
Wednesday– Leggings for work?
Thursday-Sweater dress and faux fur jacket
Friday-Pink and burgundy

It’s a little funny because I always think I wear a lot of colors even in the winter. Yet with these daily photos, I can see that even my color is darker colors and more muted. Hmmmm…I’m going to see if I can work on that!!


We were off to a Jingle Jam today, so I had to incorporate some sparkle and shine into my look today.

I even wore a rhinestone Lilla Rose headband inspired by my recent Instagram video here. One of my friends said we need to wear them with confidence since we usually see them only on kids.
Leave it to me, to try to change that perspective.

These gold pants I’ve had for years and even wrote my first wear something 5 different ways post about them. I also wore them when I talked about shoe personality and wore these same pants with a dozen different shoes.

Today’s shoe choice was my fur-lined mules by Walking Cradles. It’s called “Walker” and is available in black and limited stock in this bronze color.

My sweater is a teal chenille from Charming Charlies many years ago.

And you can see how my supervisor photobombed the photo today!!!


I had to show both the front and back since the rear view is the best part of the outfit. Both the tunic and the “shirtdress” worn as a duster here are from an Instagram win from Caite & Kyla. The company has a lot of embroidered pieces. Very boho as I would describe it. Even though I don’t consider myself a boho girl, I do LOVE embroidery and had fun choosing a variety of items.

You might laugh because when I first started blogging, I didn’t even own a tunic or pair of leggings. And now?? I’ve remedied that situation, haha.

These leggings are actually a charcoal grey but look black most times. And they were found while thrifting. It’s funny because they are a thicker material (J. Crew brand) yet those are details that no one else will notice yet we tend to obsess over.

And the booties?? Another giveaway win 2 years ago from Cecelia New York.
I was amazed at how my Audra Style earrings matched the tunic almost perfectly too!! This is why I included it as the featured photo.


The outfit started with the leggings and that’s why I included a close-up of the leggings because from far away they just look like a solid black. This is truly a good lesson that many times the details are only evident to us. So we shouldn’t always stress about them. BTW, the leggings are from Peach.

Anyways, I thought the metallic in the leggings went with the metallic dress so well (the dress was thrifted years ago). And then I hadn’t worn this lilac fur jacket yet this year.

What I don’t like are the ankle boots with this. But hey, you can’t win them all.
I do LOVE the brooch which I found for a deal at the Las Vegas airport years ago.

The best part about this outfit is I then wore the leggings to Pilates with a sweatshirt AND then threw on a red sweater when I met my friend, Cathie later. So they lasted all day for so many different events.


My fabulous friend Cathie, just found this zebra-striped top at Walmart for me for a crazy deal.

So that was the start of this outfit. I wanted to wear something under the black shirt so instead of a turtleneck or collared shirt, I grabbed this cowl neck top.

This cowl was thrifted years ago and I wore it as an idea for a winter wedding wearing pants here. I’m not sure why I don’t wear it more because I love the colors in it.

For the bottom half of the outfit, I wanted something lighter since the top half was dark. This pair of pink jeans were given to me by my mom and I added in the pink combat boots (still available here).

The bead necklace I bought from Katia’s designs at our FierceCon years ago. The idea of a cowl and a long necklace like this reminds me of a scarf and necklace.

BTW, I don’t know why everyone loves black so much. I swear I could see all of the lint on it throughout the day.


I would wear this outfit to work back in the day EXCEPT for the leggings, of course.

It’s not often I wear my “work” blazers for a day at home, but I figured why not??

This lace top is one I bought within the last 5 years as one to wear under my velvet green dress which you’ll see next week on the blog.

This pair of shoes was one of my favorites from my working days purchased at Ann Taylor. What is amazing is how my Sheec socks don’t even show when I wear them.

The camo leggings are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can see another way I wore them here with plaid.

I did try to add in a little color with my earrings and bracelet.

BTW, I felt sexy in this outfit and even Rob kept calling me “hot mama”.


Today I dressed knowing that I had a massage scheduled and wanted something easy to get in and out of.

In fact, I almost always wear a dress when I get a massage just for that reason.

This dress is sleeveless, so I added the faux fur pink jacket. The jacket I bought from Naomi and Ruth Online boutique but it’s sold out.

I started out wearing black boots, but the look seemed too dark. Therefore I switched to my burgundy boots and added in a burgundy and black necklace.
The necklace is also sold out from Ask N Have.

One way I stay warm with bare legs is to wear knee-high socks with my boots. Then again today wasn’t super cold which also helped.


I know I wore the same boots on Tuesday, but we are going to be outside for the evening at a holiday boat parade, so I wanted something warm and outdoorsy.

BTW, these combat boots were cushier than the others I tried on. Not as comfy, cushy as my Walking Cradles, but much better than my other pair of combat boots.

This is the season for velvet, right. I love these velvet jeans and have worn them on the blog before. The funny thing is I do tend to wear pink with them for some reason. Yet I realize that other colors would look just as good.

The sideways view of the sweater is because it’s so different front and back. Yes, I knitted it and the reason it’s striped in the back is I knew I wouldn’t have enough pink for the entire sweater. SO I had to get creative with my yarn.

When you are up close, the pink yarn actually has specks of yellow in it, so I think the colors play well together. You’ll see it in more detail sometime on my Instagram account since I have #yarnday Saturdays!!

There will be more layers when we go to our outing tonight, but you’ll see that on the blog in the future.

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