Daily Looks: The First Week of March 2022

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Another week, another variety of looks. I’m still not wearing sandals even though some days have been in the 80s because I know I’ll be wearing them for 7 months straight once the heat hits.
There are a lot of small boutique items this week. I do love supporting the small guys!!


Jacket and top: Naomi & Ruth~~ Dress: Preloved~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles

You might not realize that this is a dress with a shirt over it.

Why would I do this? Sometimes I question myself too, haha!! But it’s a great way to change the look of a dress.

I added the belt to cover the hem of the top, and the jacket is for the morning chill.

You’ve seen this cropped jacket styled in 5 different ways this fall. Today, I even added a brooch and scarf.

The white mules are old Walking Cradles that are perfect for the springtime. They are still available in limited sizes (mostly in narrow sizes) on the Walking Cradles sale site. Search under heels and they are called “Jersey.”

You might be surprised that I’m wearing mule Sheec socks with them. It’s so nice that my feet don’t get sweaty by being barefoot.


Skirt: Target~~Sweater: Naomi & Ruth~~Boots: Walking Cradles

I’m off to a facial this morning so that explains the beret to cover my hair.

This skirt was a recent purchase from Target for my Target girl group on Instagram. We are posting about something we feel powerful in, and these flowy skirts are something I just adore.

I added the Walking Cradles snake print booties (search for “Shine”) which were included in the blog post about how to wear snake print boots.

The color combination is new to me. Salmon (which Target calls orange, but it’s a soft orange) and pink.

I finished the look with my colorful necklace and turquoise earrings from my friend, Sally (see her site here).


Pants-Target, ~~ Cardigan-Chicos~~ Tops: Thrifted from Horizon

Today’s outfit is one that you would consider “what not to wear” because the pants are a wide-leg version and the tops aren’t fitted.

But you know me. I like to break the rules, and I thought it was fun with all of the interesting details.

The white blouse was thrifted yet absolutely new (it still had the tags on it) and it has the ruffle in front, but then I also mismatched the buttons to create the asymmetrical hem.

The long cardigan I have styled 5 different ways in the past (and one was as a dress).

I also did a fun thing with the necklace. I wanted to double it but then the clasp was in front. So I hung an earring through the clasp ring to cover it up somewhat. I’m working on a short video of how I did that, but I thought it was brilliant!!!


Sweater-Naomi & Ruth ~~Shorts -Roka Boutique, Boots– thrifted Goodwill

I was trying to wear these sweater shorts last week with my tights, but it just didn’t look right. So I was happy that it was going to be warm enough to wear them by themselves today.

One thing you won’t hear me saying is to apologize for my white legs. It’s taken me years, but I don’t care about being pale. (I wrote about it here).
So what if I match the shorts??

Anyways, the sweater I showcased how to wear 5 different ways last year. It’s one of those lightweight ones that are perfect for Arizona.

And the green cowboy boots add an unexpected vibe and color. Plus it gives me the chance to wear this green necklace.

The necklace was Lesley’s mom’s and since Lesley doesn’t like or wear green, she gave it to me. Well, it broke over a year ago, and I finally got it restrung!!
It has matching earrings, but I decided to wear a different pair today.


Dress: Gigi’s Boutiqu~~Boots: Penny Loves Kenny

I was enthralled with this maxi when I saw it arrive from my friend who owns Gigi’s Boutique. The color in real life is just as bright as on the website, but I am a TON shorter than the model showcasing it. In fact, take a look at the model wearing it here.

I realized I would have to have it shortened when I got it, and yep, mom took off 10 inches!! (Money says she will make herself a scarf from the leftover material).

You’ll notice that it’s more ankle-length than floor length and I did that because when they are too long, I trip in them.

You’ll see this again on Easter only with sandals, but today I’m wearing it with rose gold booties.

It’s a tad lower cleavage-wise than what I’m used to, so I added a ton of necklaces to divert the focus. I may add some lace across the “v” to fill that in (or maybe some of that extra material).

Both necklaces are preloved. And the earrings were purchased from Pam Neri.


You’ll see the entire look soon, but I wanted to give a shout-out to this local designer.

I’ve been wearing these earrings a ton because they are so colorful AND lightweight. She has a ton of other selections and I hope you check it out at Lobe Love.

I’m also borrowing Lesley’s hat that she wore here. For some reason, I have this yearning for an ivory hat like this.


Jeans: Target ~~Top: Ann Taylor~~ Jacket: Sugar Lips

I’m starting to think about adding some green items to my looks because of the upcoming St. Paddy’s holiday. Although you can see from above, that I wear it no matter what season.

I have a cute cactus pin on my white denim jacket, but it doesn’t show up well in this photo. And wait until you see the cactus purse I found. I’ll showcase it soon. Rob thinks it’s a monstrosity, but I just adore it.

The jeans are from Target purchased years ago, yet I’m seeing this split detail a lot lately, so I pulled them out.

I added a pair of color block boots with it, but I’ll probably change them out later today.

These fun earrings are from Joanne’s Etsy site. She makes the funnest pieces.

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