Daily Looks: Week Ending 1.12.24

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Last week was all about skirts, while this week is all about jeans and pants. I didn’t plan it that way, but our activities made it so.

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Pants: Zara-Goodwill~~Sweater: thrifted~~Boots: Gordmans

My thrifty group will be talking about metallics next week, so I pulled out these thrifted silver jeans that I found for $1 last year.

This option for styling them was to try a column of color under a light-colored cardigan.

I used my belt-tying trick to make the knot less bulky. And then added color to the look with these floral combat boots that I’ve had for ages (shown in a Denver winter article).

Because it’s been colder than normal, I also wore this large, knit wrap-around headband that used to be my niece’s.


Pants: Alterd State ~~Vest: Ashely by 26-Gordmans~~Boots: Cowtown BootsGoodwill

You wouldn’t believe all of the layers under this outfit. When we went dog walking this morning it was only 35 degrees, and it is hard to get that chill out of my bones.

So yes, I’m wearing my fleece long underwear even under the jeans. I love these gold jeans but they are thin.

This red sweater is one that my mom knit for me back in the day that she knit (a long, long, time ago). It’s very warm and oversized and perfect for C.O.L.D days.

I’m such a sucker for a furry vest so I snapped this up back in Denver at Gordmans years ago. Of course, I had to decorate it with a sparkly brooch.

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Skirt: Skies Are Blue-Your Revolving Closet~~Sweater: I knit it~~Boots: Nordstrom-Goodwill

I was off to the dentist today and it was cold outside. The skirt was another gem from Your Revolving Closet that I had chosen. It reminds me of the fringe skirt I made for my mom and myself years ago.

I was going to wear fleece tights with this, but the skirt is a suede material that doesn’t work with them so I went bare-legged.

Instead, I am super duper layered on the top half. I have on a cold weather t-shirt, long underwear and then the blouse and sweater that you see.

I knit this sweater over 20 years ago, and it’s mohair which is extremely warm. It’s boxy and short so it didn’t get worn as much when the longer sweaters were in style. Makes me super glad I kept it since the cropped sweaters are trending again.

I also included a lime green bow in my hair as well as my green cowboy boots. What you don’t see are the wool, Sheec socks inside the boots.


Jeans: DL1961 Goodwill~~Sweater: Ever After-Nordstrom Rack~~Boots: Kelly & Katie-DSW

Even though it’s C.O.L.D here, I refuse to only wear dark colors. Sure, my bottom half is dark and muted, but the lime green sweater adds that pop of color that I crave.

I bought the lime green sweater last winter on a whim, but for some reason, I think it’s such a great color. It’s no wonder that my article about colors that go with lime green is trending on Google.

I layered the v-neck sweater over a hoodie AND my fleece top. (And I placed a small “N” brooch at the neckline, so it looks like a necklace).

Who knew that I would wear black combat boots? I remember thinking I would NEVER wear combat boots but I do think they are a modern way to prevent looking frumpy.


Shorts: DIYed from thrifted jeans~~Sweater: Zara~~Boots: Journee Collection “Jayne“-pr item

Today is Tai Chi so I needed a “workout” outfit yet we are also running errands after class, so I wanted to look cute too.

I removed the oversized print sweater for class and took off my boots.

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The tights are fleeced lined and inside the boots are these crazy, thick Heat Holder socks.

I’ve never worn this turtleneck under another sweater (that I remember). After taking these photos, I thought to cuff the wrists so you can see the faux fur on the sleeves too.

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