Daily Looks: Week Ending 1.13.23

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

Continuing with my Bright Color Challenge for January, I realize that most of my winter things tend to be darker. But no fear, I think I still succeeded.

And it’s been wonderful to see other women joining in by adding their photos to the comments of my pinned post on Facebook. Each week will be a new post so you can all join. Make sure to take a peek at the contributions at the end of this post.

Bright Color Challenge

I hope you’ll all join in somehow, someway. Even if you don’t share your outfit photos, just the fact that you are wearing bright colors will help your mood!!

Any bright color added to your outfit classifies. As well as the fact that each of our definitions of bright colors is different. So don’t worry if it’s not “correct”. This is all for fun!!
BTW, even white jeans are bright and a fabulous way to lighten up an outfit!!

If you want to join:
1-You can add your outfit in a comment on my Facebook page to the pinned post at the top of my feed. Each week will have a different pinned post, so feel free to add your photo multiple times if you wear bright colors on different days of that week.
2-You can email me your outfit to jtouchofstyle@gmail.com
3-On Instagram you can share in a post or even in your stories. Just make sure to tag me at @Jtouchofstyle so I see it and include the #BrightColorJanuary with it.

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Dress: No Label~~Cardigan (under): Chicos~~Boots: Target

This was an interesting experiment. At first, I wanted to wear this teal cardigan over a summer dress, but it overshadowed the dress. SO then I decided to wear the dress OVER the cardigan almost like a pinafore. What do you think? For some reason, it’s not my favorite, but I love the idea of it.

Both of these are things I’ve worn before. You can see how I wore the long cardigan 5 different ways and the dress for a casual, Arizona day.

I used my Maggie Snaps magnets (found on Amazon) to hold the cardigan together in the middle and at the top. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn a belt?

The white cowboy boots are fabulous for lightening up a look and keeping me warm.


Overalls: Old Navy~~Sweaters: Loft & thrifted~~Sneakers: Cole Haan-thrifted

Wearing bright colors could be accomplished with small items, like the sweater under the cardigan and the sneakers.

I was originally going to wear these two sweaters with my skinny silver jeans but since everything was so fitted, it didn’t look balanced.

Therefore, I pulled out my overalls which I’ve showcased here before. I love wearing a bling pin on the overalls because it seems like a huge expanse of denim otherwise.

The orange sneakers were thrifted. I gave tips about thrifting footwear in the past. They are the brand Cole Haan ZeroGrand, so they are super lightweight.

The funny thing is today and yesterday’s outfits are very similar in colors.


Cardigan: Naomi & Ruth~~Dress: Charming Charlies~~Boots: Impo

This is the same cardigan I wore last week on Monday but turned inside out. Some sweaters and clothing are magical that way. Want to see another example? I included it in a short video here.

I wore it over the navy dress that I’ve had for ages (proof seen in my funeral post here).

And the embroidered boots (as styled 7 ways here) were a perfect addition. Since the boots had multiple colors in them, I added a colorful belt and earrings.

The funny thing is up close the material looks pinker, but from far away it is orange. That’s why I wore the orange beret instead of the bright pink one.


Pants: Ana-thrifted~~Cardigan: I knit it~~Sneakers: Walking Cradles “OsmondJODIE15 discount code

These pants are B.R.I.G.H.T. so I thought I would pair them with darker colors. If you’ve been reading the trends reports then you’ll know that cargo pants are making waves. So I thought it was perfect to wear these.
You’ve seen me wear these pants as part of my color recipe. You can see in that post how I’ve worn them cuffed in different lengths. Today I left them long.

I handknit the cardigan sweater many, many years ago. I’m sure the reason for the two different colors is I was limited with the amount of yarn I had for each color. I used to buy a lot of my yarn on eBay and wouldn’t have a lot of each dye lot.

I accessorized with a black and white print with my belt, earrings, and these sneakers. These sneakers are the high-top “Osmonds” from Walking Cradles (use code JODIE15) for a discount.


Pants: from Naomi & Ruth~~Jacket: Ann Taylor-thrifted ~~Boots: Amazon (here)

This crossover sweater can be worn with the crossover in front (like I am wearing it) or in the back. But I decided to showcase my tummy today. I did wear my Halftee because I rarely wear sweaters without a t-shirt under them (so I don’t have to wash them as often). So I could have worn a full tee and covered my tummy. But hey, life is short.

Insider tip: Halftees are a great way to add coverage to your cleavage or arms without bulk at your midsection. use code jtouch20 for a discount.

The sweater and joggers are both from Naomi & Ruth which is a local and online boutique. I met the woman who owns it through my Arizona group on Instagram and we have become friends. Not all of her items are on her site, but if you do purchase from her, 10% of all sales goes to stop human trafficking.

I will say that I don’t buy much clothing on Amazon but these booties have been wonderful. They have a low enough heel to make them comfy and they liven up any outfit.


Jeans: Free People-Clothes Mentor~~Sweater: Cabi-thrifted~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox”

You’ll see this outfit on the blog next month with a couple of changes. But it still worked fabulously for the bright color challenge, because of the addition of the scarf.

I’ve had these jeans and the sweater for ages, but never thought to wear them together. In fact, I’ve never tried unzipping the sweater this way before. I’m not sure I like it all the way unzipped, but I can see with a contrasting color under it, that it might be cool.

We are heading up north today where it is a good 20 degrees cooler, so my Walking Cradles combat boots (called “Knox”) were the choice of the day (especially because they have a fleece lining in them). I’m also wearing my wool Sheec socks which keep my feet nice and warm.

This outfit isn’t much different than Tuesday’s look. Colorful jeans and a darker sweater.

These jeans are lilac, but they are hard to see in the early morning light. I have worn them on the blog here.
And I’ve worn this sweater over a dress in the past.


Pants: Gap-Goodwill~~Top: Alembika c/o ~~Shoes: Ann Taylor with ultra-low rise Sheec Socks

This is not what I wore all day. But it’s an option of something you’ll see on the blog soon. Even though I’m a huge proponent of wearing what you like, I do think that some outfits aren’t as good at making us look our best. (Yes, I’m tiptoeing around the word flattering).

I have to laugh at these pink pants. I can’t remember buying them but I’m sure they were part of a Goodwill haul because of the brand. They certainly work fabulously for the Bright Color Challenge.

And these shoes are from over 12 years ago. I remember paying only $20 from a flash online Ann Taylor sale and wondering how much I would wear them. Needless to say, I have loved them, and am always amazed that my Sheec socks can stay hidden in this style.

Bright Color Challenge

I’ve been over the moon with the women that joined in this week with the Bright Color Challenge. Feel free to add your photo to next week’s FB post in the comments or send me an email with your look (jtouchofstyle@gmail.com).
ANYONE can join in, even as Kris and Michele have done, by joining in more than once during the week.

There were many more outfits that were shared on Instagram which I shared in my IG stories. Make sure to follow me there too.

Thank you

My goal with my daily looks post is to find things that help inspire you with my daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life. I truly think that clothing is our way to express our personality visually.

I hope I say thank you enough because your support allows me to continue this journey which I just LOVE!!!
Supporting a blog can be easy and free. Just visiting my pages, clicking my links (especially for small businesses and sponsored posts), and sharing the things you like on your social media make a huge difference. Spreading the word is how I can reach more wonderful people like you!

Welcome to Jodie’s Touch of Style. I’m here to prove that it’s never too late to look great. Clothing and style are meant to showcase your inner personality. So let’s have fun and try new things.

It’s not just about me on this blog, but also about my mother and friend. We get to showcase not only different decades of life but also different body shapes and unique personal styles.

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