Daily Looks: Week Ending 1.20.23

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

I had a friend comment that she liked the fact that I even post outfits I’m not crazy about. I feel that if we are experimenting, there will be times when the result is something we don’t love. But you’ll never know unless you try, and there are just as many times it IS a success.

What I hope to portray is that staying stuck in the things you know work for you is safe, yet we don’t grow in the safe spots. Wednesday’s outfit is one that I didn’t love-too much, too overpowering, even for me. But you didn’t hear Babe Ruth giving up on baseball just because he struck out one time, right?

So go forth and challenge yourself, which is the perfect segway to our Bright Color Challenge.

Bright Color Challenge

I hope you’ll all join in somehow, someway. Even if you don’t share your outfit photos, just the fact that you are wearing bright colors will help your mood!!

Any bright color added to your outfit classifies. As well as the fact that each of our definitions of bright colors is different. So don’t worry if it’s not “correct”. This is all for fun!!
BTW, even white jeans are bright and a fabulous way to lighten up an outfit!!

If you want to join:
1-You can add your outfit in a comment on my Facebook page to the pinned post at the top of my feed. Each week will have a different pinned post, so feel free to add your photo multiple times if you wear bright colors on different days of that week.
2-You can email me your outfit to jtouchofstyle@gmail.com
3-On Instagram you can share in a post or even in your stories. Just make sure to tag me at @Jtouchofstyle so I see it and include the #BrightColorJanuary with it.

BTW, any outfits shared this next week will be included as part of the end of January’s Daily Outfit post since I will be on vacation this upcoming week.

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Skirt: DIY from a dress~~Cardigan: from Fashom~~Boots: Macys

If you get my email, then you saw this skirt when it was originally a dress. I just love the colors in it, yet I still struggle a bit on what to pair with it so it doesn’t seem too matchy.

Today, I went with a classic white button-up blouse and then added a long, striped cardigan. I thought the print mixing made it modern and fun.

On top of that, I added a yellow belt and earrings for my required bright colors for the month.

You’ve seen this cardigan when I first learned about Fashom, an online clothing box. They have changed their structure now but I still think you can use my link and get a $20 credit.


Dress: Mom made it~~Sweater:Belong Lifestyle~~Boots: Rocket Dog

The purple “skirt” is actually a dress made by my talented mother. You can see what it looks like in its entirety when I wore it 6 years ago with an animal print purse.

It’s hard to see the tights in this lighting, but they are the ones I wore to a fashion show here. EXCEPT, that I turned them inside out because they have more shine that way.

I’ve had the sweater for over 4 years too, but I can’t seem to find an old photo of it. I know I’ve worn it with black and white gingham pants before.

Today was raining, so I decided that my floral combat boots were the footwear of choice. I realize that most older women think of combat boots as something not appropriate for them, but I think we should reconsider.

Just think, they are flats for those of you who don’t wear heels. They are modern plus they are warm for the winter. What’s not to like?
I know they are clunky, but why is that a bad thing?

Related post: 5 ways to wear combat boots


Jeans: Oliver Logan from Naomi & Ruth~~Sweater: I knit it~~Boots: Crown Vintage

This is one of my favorite hand-knit sweaters…kinda. It started off that I was going to make it for Rob. Until I realized my knitting was SO tight that it would be too small for him. Heck, the wrists were even too small for me, so I had to cut them open. I added an elastic and button for closure, but half the time I just leave them open.

You can see an up-close of this sweater from my article about yarn storage. It’s funny how I tend to layer it over a pink top.

Since the sweater is fitted, I opted for wide-leg jeans. It’s one way to balance out the look.

The purple ankle boots were a nod towards bringing down the purple of the top, and I opted for one of my husband’s hats. I was going to wear my beret, but I didn’t have a color that looked good with this outfit.

And it’s still chilly enough to wear my fuzzy earrings. I seriously love these earrings. I can’t find the exact ones anymore, but these are similar on Amazon.


Jeans: Kut from the Cloth~~Cardigan: Alice & Olivia-Uncommon Closet~~Boots: Betsey Johnson

Here’s a color combination that I don’t see often. Burgundy and light blue. Yet the original crew from the blog styled it many many years ago here.

This cardigan seemed like a perfect way to lighten up the darker burgundy velvet jeans. All of these pieces are from my closet.

You’ve seen the jeans here, the sweatshirt is 5 years old, and this cardigan was secondhand from a wonderful place that even sells some of their things online. The boutique (called Uncommon Threads) helps out underserved women and many of its items are very high-end. This sweater is a brand I couldn’t afford normally.

I can’t remember wearing the cardigan on the blog, but you can see it on Instagram here (funny, with the same boots too). I removed the belt because I am the boss of my clothes! Remember that!! You don’t have to wear things the way they are sold.

What you don’t see from the back is that I’m wearing double hoodies. You can see it in this video if you’re interested.

The boots are a favorite with the cool colors and my earrings are from two sisters that make each pair individually at a reasonable cost. Check them out on IG-Lil Shop of Ours.


Coat“: eShakti~~Blue Dress: Just Be Youtiful~~Shoes: Jessica Simpson

If you get my email, then you saw how this “coat” started out. I ended up DIYing the dress to create a duster.
BTW, we are calling this Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors, haha!!

I started with my white sweater dress that you’ve seen here because it’s a great layering dress. Then I added this blue jacket that has ties on it. I ended up tying the ties over the coat to create some shape.

But in all reality, I still didn’t like how this turned out. I’m going to go back to the drawing board with this “coat” and see what I can do.

Since it’s cold today, I wore my new Snag tights. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Snag tights but they are different. I can’t offer you a discount because their affiliate program isn’t in the US yet. But if you need tights for the winter, these aren’t “tight”. I can see why so many women love them.

The funny thing about the shoes is they aren’t in style anymore, but I’ve worn them twice already this winter. They are great for showing off fun socks or colorful tights.


Jeans: Banana Republic~~Top: Naomi & Ruth~~Boots: G by Guess

I wanted to wear this one-shoulder top from Naomi & Ruth but it was too cold to wear it alone. Thus, I decided to layer it. I even made a video about it including another layer if you’re interested.

These wrist cuffs have been such a fabulous way to add fun to a look PLUS they really do help to keep you warm. They aren’t expensive on Amazon, and they come in a multitude of colors. Considering there is still a lot of winter left, I bet you’ll wear them more than you think.

I layered the summer top over a cardigan that I buttoned up to act as a sweater. You’ve seen this cardigan many years ago here just to prove that I shop my closet lots.

I won the necklace from a giveaway and it’s a local company called Rad and Rae.

The faux leather jeans are skinny ones and I added the OTK boots.


Dress: from Belong Lifestyle USA~~Sweater: Zara~~Booties: Stuart Weitzman-Savers

I was inspired by a woman on Instagram to take her feminine dress and add a sweater and boots. This tiered dress from Belong Lifestyle USA was the perfect option.

Insider deal: Belong Lifestyle USA is shutting down its doors, so EVERYTHING on the site is 50% off (no code needed). It will help her out tremendously if you take advantage of the sale.

BTW, when I bought this dress it was too overwhelming, so I removed the last tier and made it shorter. It was an easy fix. No sewing, just ripping out the seam.

I added the fur pocket sweater that you’ve seen before on the blog.

Since the dress and sweater are both bulky, I decided to keep the bottom half looking sleeker with ankle boots. These are Stuart Weitzman’s found thrifted. If you know that brand, then you know they are expensive otherwise.

This fabulous necklace is from a woman I met at FierceCon. I showed how versatile it is in this FB video.

Bright Color Challenge

I LOVED seeing all of the entries for the Bright Color Challenge. They all stole my heart but I’ll give you some details on the earlier entries.

Kudos to Cathy for wearing the pink pants two different ways. We get so much more out of our closets this way.

Michele (in the first two shots) included white shoes for both outfits which really lightens up the look. Michelle in the hand shot included her fingerless gloves AND nails. Remember, anything goes.

Lisa is another knitting fanatic and she not only knit her sweater but also her gloves.
Pamela’s daughter sewed this red coat for her and isn’t it fabulous?
Joanne pulled the navy and turquoise together with the use of a scarf!!

All of these fabulous ladies are part of the Forever Fierce: Midlife Matters group that Catherine started years ago and I am an admin for the group. This is your formal invitation to join this group with a kind vibe.
Carmen is one of the women I met at the FierceCon event years ago. I’ve never met Susan in person, but she is a wonderful member and I was so glad she joined the challenge.

Joanne is a woman after my own heart with her love of colorful items and she even designs her own jewelry if you’re interested.
We met Shannon on the blog when I interviewed her about styling clothes in a wheelchair.

Kris is wearing her “summer” top with a layer under it just as I did on Thursday. Don’t let those cute summer pieces be neglected!!
Pamela has the cutest sweater. I found one very similar if you are an XL or XXL.
And Shannon even included a fabulous beanie with her look.

Thank you

My goal with my daily looks post is to find things that help inspire you with my daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life. I truly think that clothing is our way to express our personality visually.

I hope I say thank you enough because your support allows me to continue this journey which I just LOVE!!!
Supporting a blog can be easy and free. Just visiting my pages, clicking my links (especially for small businesses and sponsored posts), and sharing the things you like on your social media make a huge difference. Spreading the word is how I can reach more wonderful people like you!

Welcome to Jodie’s Touch of Style. I’m here to prove that it’s never too late to look great. Clothing and style are meant to showcase your inner personality. So let’s have fun and try new things.

It’s not just about me on this blog, but also about my mother and friend. We get to showcase not only different decades of life but also different body shapes and unique personal styles.

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