Daily Looks: Week Ending 10.14.22

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I had a conversation with my friend, Terri, about wearing pink for the whole month of October. The discussion didn’t happen until Sunday afternoon, but from then on you’ll be seeing some form of pink for the rest of the month. Now that’s a fabulous challenge, and feel free to join in.

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This is my favorite dress from a recent collaboration that you will see soon, so I wanted to wear it for the entire day. But of course, I felt the need to add something to it.

This sweater vest is one that I knit for my husband years ago. It’s a tad big, so at first, I used my magnets to hold the front panels back a little. But I didn’t love that, so I used my upside-down trick which crops the vest nicely.

Here is the short video of how to “crop” a cardigan like this. It works for kimonos too.

I decided to keep the look basically monochromatic but with print mixing, thus the leopard booties and leopard earrings with the striped dress.


Top: no label-thrifted~~Shorts: Target~~Sandals: Lauren Conrad-Kohls

This sheer top hadn’t seen the light of day this year, so I pulled it out to wear with shorts.
I’ve worn this top with jeans and a white long-sleeved top under it back in 2019.

Today, I just wore a grey sports bra under it. It’s funny because I think of it as a summer item when really it would work all year long. I could easily layer it over a turtleneck or even a dress.

Even though I have green sandals, I opted for orange sandals to bring in a contrasting color. I copied the orange with my earrings and the brooch. You can’t see the brooch well, so I included a close-up at the top of the post.
It’s not one of the obvious details, but I have fun accessories, so I might as well wear them.


Dress: Pol-Just Be Youtiful~~Sneakers: Jambu “Lilac”

Here’s another dress I picked up at my favorite, local boutique, Just Be Youtiful.

I decided to play with my Maggies Snaps (magnets) to keep the extra material at the top portion this way because I wanted to wear this sparkly, pink belt.

My pink elements are the sneakers and the belt (found at Goodwill). The sneakers are the “Lilac” style from Jambu and the changes they have made to their sneakers in the past 2 years are amazing. The footbeds are much comfier and there is a cushioned bumper on the heel.

I’m also wearing loads of bling with my dangling earrings and even my rings and bracelet. Every day is a party, right??


Skirt: Goodwill~~Vest: Target~~Shoes: Rocket Dog

I was inspired by my friend on Instagram with this outfit. She had on an olive green jacket so I just used my olive green vest instead. You can see my remix of it here.

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The faux leather skirt is relatively new, and I’m not sure I would have thought to put olive green with it otherwise.

I added some pink accessories for my goal to wear pink for the rest of the month.

There are a bunch of different pins scattered on the vest because Terri’s jacket had a bunch of patches on it.


Dress: Just Be Youtiful~~Cardigan: Bibelot~~Shoes: Vivaia

I’m going down to Tucson to help the owner of Just Be Youtiful with a pop-up sale. Hopefully, I’m going to give a short presentation on ways to transform this dress. The dress is one from her online site (use code Jtouch15 for a discount)

The pink cardigan is from my working days. I always loved it because it has a fun texture and even some bling (that is hard to see from far away).

I did add one of my bling pins to the waist.

And a pair of knitted mules from Vivaia which I added my Sole Insoles (found on Amazon) since we would be standing a lot today.


Pants: From Fashom ~~Jacket: Peach~~Shoes: J.Jill

This was a hang-around-the-house day, so I chose a pair of pants that are super comfy. They are from my Fashom online clothing box a couple of years ago, and I’ve been surprised at how much I enjoy the service. YES, I do enjoy shopping on my own, but these companies have a unique selection of items that you can’t find elsewhere.

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I wore these linen blend pants with a t-shirt and an olive green jacket. The jacket is from the brand Peach and is very lightweight.

Since I am all about mules for this time of the season, I found these pink mules 4 years ago. Worn with my mule Sheec socks too.

Not a lot of extra accessories today because I’ve been dealing with a headache these last two days. Ugh.


Jumpsuit: from Fashom~~Jacket: Forever 21~~Shoes:

I tried 3 times to get a photo without my supervisor, but she wanted in on the action, haha.

Pink and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations, and I was working on my print mixing skills. I know this is a busy outfit, but some days call for the outfit to match the events!

The jacket was a hand-me-down from my cousin and it’s much more suited to Arizona because it’s quite heavy, yet has short sleeves.

The taupe sneakers are from Jambu over 2 years ago. They have the same style available, called the “Erin“, but it’s been upgraded. The foam padding is better in the insoles and there is a cushion at the heel (I know this because my mom got them last year, and Lesley got them this year).

Discount for Jambu until 10-26-22 is Style20.

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