Daily Looks: Week Ending 10.21.22

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I’m still working on incorporating pink into each and every day until the end of October. Sometimes it’s small bits of pink, and other times it’s a whole lotta pink.

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Jeans: Flying Monkey-Naomi & Ruth~~Top: Kut from the Cloth~~Boots: Impo

You can tell that it has cooled down since I’m wearing skinny jeans. I paired them with a flowy top that I’ve had for years. And a pair of OTK boots which you will see in a couple of weeks.

I was working on print mixing with the boots and top and then added in some black accessories to make the spring-colored top seem good for the fall season.


Jeans: Marshalls~~Duster: Trina Turk~~Shoes: Newport News

This duster is actually a shirt dress that I’ve had for over 10 years. In fact, you’ve seen it styled here worn with leggings. I bought it as a dress, I’ve worn it as a dress, but I really like it as a duster better. Because it has long sleeves and I bought it in November, I thought of it as a winter dress. Yet I had trouble styling it because I was never warm enough in it without layers.

But now that I think of it as a duster, and can roll up the sleeves, it isn’t hard to style. In fact, it would be a great option to layer a skirt over it too to make it a top.

You might notice in the older photos of it, there is a stand-up collar, which I tucked underneath for today. I wore a belt just for an extra.

And these shoes are just as old as the dress. In fact, if you notice the brand, you’ll recognize how old. I am wearing my ultra-low Sheec socks with these pumps. Hard to believe they don’t show with this kind of shoe, but they are amazing.

The pants I found at Marshall’s for $1. They are a cropped flare and very light pink. I haven’t worn them too many times, but I knew they were too good a deal to pass up.


Skirt: LOFT~~Top: Naomi & Ruth~~Booties: Amazon

I put this outfit together for an upcoming Instagram color-blocking challenge. The hat doesn’t help the color-blocking, but it’s for that bit of pink that I’m working to wear for the rest of October.

This yellow skirt was an impulse buy over 10 years ago, and I have just LOVED it.

And the purple velvet OTS top is from Naomi & Ruth’s shop from 2-3 years ago. It’s meant to be off both shoulders, but I decided to let it hang off just one today.

As a trick to use instead of tucking it in, I used my clear elastic (found on Amazon).

Yellow booties may not be on your radar, but I lusted after a pair that my friend, Nancy had last year. And I found these on Amazon. I like the shorter heel and asymmetrical shaft plus they come in 6 other colors.
Of course, they are worn with my Sheec socks.


I wanted to see if I could wear this top another way. I’ve worn it with my backless bra (seen in this post), with a lace shirt under it, and now I tried it with a bralette (that I wore with my breast tape).
The other difference is I wrapped the ties around the front and attached them with my magnet (found on Amazon).

The ivory jeans are from a sustainable brand and are a recent purchase from the grand re-opening of Naomi & Ruth. It’s funny because they are considered wide-leg crop (which is why I didn’t need to shorten them) pants and they seem so wide when you hold them up. But when they are on me, they don’t seem as overwhelming.

No pink today, because originally I was going to wear a pink strappy sports bra under this. But it didn’t look right.


Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch-thrifted~~White Top: Naomi & Ruth~~Shoes: Jambu “Sandy”

I got my pink in today with this cardigan. This cardigan is from my working days and from the local boutique I loved in Denver (that has since gone out of business.–it’s a hard business which is why I keep trying to support them!)

I really love the extra fabric flowers on the side of the cardigan (I tried to show that detail in the very top photo), and then the back is sheer lace, which is so interesting.

The ruffle cami is faux leather and I love the smocking at the top.

I’m wearing a pair of shoulder-scraping earrings made by my friend, Judy.

I’ve been surprised by how much I love my black sneakers considering I don’t wear much black. These are one of the new selections from Jambu for the fall and winter (you’ll see them in more detail next week).
They are called the Sandy, and get 20% off anything at Jambu with code Style20.

Insider tip: These sneakers not only have mixed materials on them which is seen better on their site, but also a zipper which makes them SO easy to get on and off. PLUS they are super, duper comfy.


Tunic: WHBM~~Leggings: WHBM-Goodwill~~Shoes: Walking Cradles

This tunic came with a matching tank top that I’m wearing under it, but the funny thing is I’ve always worn it with other tops in the past.

Want to see the other ways I wore it? I styled it over white, with a blue dress, and even with shorts.

I actually tried it with a variety of flowy skirts today, but nothing was feeling right. So I grabbed a pair of velveteen leggings that I recently thrifted, and it’s funny because they are the same brand as the tunic.

Everything is funny today, LOL!

The shoes are a Walking Cradles loafer called “Wyatt”. The company has quite a selection of different loafers and of course, they all have tiny pillows and all the advantages of the dressy shoes we discussed lately.

My pink today is in the form of a darker pink hat and earrings. I thought the outfit needed some color to it.


Dress: Amoretu~~Jacket: American Eagle-thrifted~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox”

You just saw this dress in our Amazon shopping article, but I couldn’t resist wearing it with my new Walking Cradles boots (named “Knox”).

Even though the dress is tiered, I think you can layer over it just wonderfully. This denim blazer is over 10 years old and I used to wear it to work.

I wanted to wear one of my fun pins, but it was too crowded on the lapel with the statement earrings, so I just pinned it on one of the buttonholes!!

There are no rules stating where you HAVE to wear a bling pin, right?

The print of the dress, the earrings (made by Pam Neri), and the pin all have some pink coloring in them.

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