Daily Looks: Week Ending 10.27.23

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We were laughing with our neighbors that this “fall weather” is basically what we had in Colorado during the summers. The mornings are chilly in the 60s while the days are so pleasant in the 80s (with no humidity) so it doesn’t feel hot.

The best part for me is I can still be bare-legged and not freeze my tookus off. When I lived in Colorado, I never could understand not wearing hosiery or tights with dresses and skirts after August. Now it all makes sense. I just needed to be in the right location to comprehend it.

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Shorts: Express-thrifted~~Vest: GiGio from Just Be Youtiful~~Sneakers: Angel

It was still a warm day, so I wanted to pair my cargo shorts (also seen worn this summer here) with a more feminine top (notice the ruffles).

Since the outfit seemed so dark, I figured the white faux leather vest would be a perfect addition. I just found this vest at Just Be Youtiful, and it’s hard to see in this photo, but it has a sheer layer at the bottom. Seriously, this is a great option to layer even over other jackets. If you need it for your closet, reach out to the store’s FB page and make sure to use my discount, JTOUCH15. BTW, the vest is featured on her page if you scroll through so you can see it in all its glory. And it’s very affordable.

I added this pink stone magnet to the front of the vest (thanks to Marl for the fabulous gift). I wouldn’t use a brooch pin on the item because it would create a hole.

Then the pink, patent leather sneakers were a gift from my friend, Catherine when she found this brand going out of business.

Insider detail: I ended up cutting off the ties on the neck of this blouse by the end of the day. They were annoying and really not needed. Some fixes for the things we don’t love about our clothing can be done easily, so remember, you are the boss of your clothes.


Dress: from Belong Lifestyle~~Kimono: given to me by Laura~~Booties: Penny Loves Kenny-DSW

Today we are attending the FairyTale Tea which is an event held yearly to help support women going through cancer. This year we are sitting at my friend, Laura’s table, and her theme for the table is Arabian Nights. That’s why I thought it would be perfect to wear this incredible kimono she brought back for me from Jordan.

In fact, you just saw her on the blog earlier this week when we wore other items from her most recent trip to visit her husband’s family.

This belt was a hand-me-down from another friend over 15 years ago and it even has a matching necklace. Obviously, I need to wear it more because it’s so unique and beautiful.

I bookended the look with my rose gold booties and Gurmeet’s newest designs for earrings. (Make sure to check out her pendant/earring sets on Etsy. They are incredible and so affordable).

Insider tip: My kimono is “attached” to the dress with magnets along the shoulder line because it wanted to move around too much for my liking.


Dress: My mom made it~~Top: Ann Taylor~~Sneakers: Adidas vs Cariuma

First, make sure to compare the shoes. Can you see the difference?

At our event on Sunday, my friend was wearing a skirt in a material that was similar to this dress. It reminded me that I should pull out the dress and casualize it. The dress was made by my mom about 20 years ago from an Indian sari.

It’s one of those dresses that seems like you’d only wear it for fancy (which I have in the past). Which made me think I should challenge that thought.

So I layered a striped t-shirt underneath it (that I’ve had for over 12 years) and then added sneakers.

I tried on both brands of white sneakers to show the difference. My thrifted Adidas sneakers have a much higher vamp and the tongue almost covers my ankle. Whereas my Cariuma sneakers are more low-cut in that respect.
Do you think one looks better than the other?? For me, I don’t mind the higher vamp with pants, but I like the lower vamp with dresses for some reason.

I also borrowed my husband’s hat to make the look seem even more “every day”.


Leggings: No label but they are ruched in the back~~Top: Peach~~Sneakers: AKK

Not the normal for me, eh? Today I was going to the Exercise Coach to film video content for their marketing purposes. I’d never heard of the Exercise Coach before, but it’s a really cool concept. It looks like they are all over the country, and their machines have bio-sensitive training techniques which means you’re only supposed to have to go for two 20-minute workouts a week.

I wore leggings that have the ruching in the back. Once I tried these kinds of leggings (you can find them on Amazon), I was not sure I wanted to wear the old-fashioned kind. This ruching makes my butt look so much better. If you check the Amazon site, I’m sure all of those models have rear padding to make them look like that. My rear isn’t quite that round, but it’s a nicer look than how the normal leggings flatten my rear.

Then I wore a bright-colored workout top and grey sneakers.

Nothing earth-shattering, but you should seriously consider these types of leggings if you wear them for working out. You may think it’s weird (I know I did at first), but once you see it in person, you’ll understand.


Dress: Express~~Jacket: CB-Goodwill~~Boots: Willa-Just Be Youtiful-use code Jtouch15

This was the outfit that I wore to an influencer event and I was consequently asking everyone’s opinion in my email about if you buy a new outfit for events.

I’ve worn this dress on the blog back in 2019 with sneakers. For today, I added a light blue leather jacket (recently thrifted) and my silver cowboy ankle boots.

I swear the silver boots received all the attention at the event. They are still available on Just Be Youtiful’s website for under $50 and even come in gold and ivory. I recommend sizing up a half-size for the toe box, but they are super comfy since they are basically flat. PLUS with my code Jtouch15, you save even more.

Metallic footwear is one of those things that go with anything and everything yet make a fun statement.

I wore a pair of earrings from my Erin McDermott giveaway win, and I love how they are big yet lightweight.


Joggers: Zenana~~Jacket: DKNY jeans~~Sneakers: from Belong Lifestyle years ago

Today was a stay-at-home day, yet I still wanted to look good for a couple of calls.

I recently bought this lilac jogger/tank top set at Just Be Youtiful and the funny thing is the pants have the label in the front. At first, I put them on with the label in the back, but the pockets are situated on the front panel, so I realized they were made incorrectly. I think I’ll have to relocate the label because otherwise, I’ll put them on the wrong way every time.

I decided to “autumnize” the lilac with olive green. This is not the first time I’ve put these colors together. For some reason, I must be drawn to them as seen in this post about color combinations with olive green.

This olive green jacket has been in my closet for over 10 years and can be seen in that olive green color combination post with my lilac jeans. It’s funny how we tend to pair the same colors together.

I wore my animal print sneakers along with cactus earrings.


Jeans: Oliver Logan~~Shrug: Nike~~Loafers: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles)

I bought this rust-colored shrug from Nike (and it’s on sale here) thinking it would be great for our Pilates class. Yet I hate to categorize it only for workouts, which is why I wanted to style it for every day.

I’m not sure I would have thought to pair a cami like this with a short shrug except I’ve been seeing many of these “sets” lately. And I like the look.

The brown and rust together seemed very fall-ish, and I lightened up the look with some ivory wide-leg denim.

I felt the need for a print shoe and ended up with these spotted loafers. They are from last season, but you can use my discount, JODIE10, on any footwear on their site. It’s the best combination of style and comfort along with hard-to-find sizes.

I also accessorized with a necklace from a recent giveaway that I won. And can you see my earrings in the top photo from this day? They are my friend’s designs where you can switch out the posts to make them unique. Her designs are on Etsy and incredibly reasonably priced. They come in copper, silver, gold, or aluminum.

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