Daily Looks: Week Ending 10.28.22

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I had fun incorporating more and more pink into my daily looks. I feel like that’s a wonderful challenge for almost every week. Find a color and see how to put it into your outfits.

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Blazer: Banana Republic Factory~~Joggers: Naomi & Ruth~~Shoes: New Bella

It was a jogger kind of day. And these joggers are proof that they can be stylish and cute. Not all joggers have to be sweatshirt material.

I paired my first ever Chico’s piece with them. This tank top was one that I wore under blazers at work all of the time. I remember thinking it was expensive at the time because it was $50, but I’ve definitely gotten more than 50 wears out of it.

The blazer is part of a suit that I recently purchased with my BR points. I was excited because it’s a petite so my mom didn’t have to shorten the sleeves.

And I tried out my new pair of shoes that I won in a giveaway. They are from a company called New Bella, and I was pleasantly surprised at their comfort!! I showed all the details in a quick FB live.


Vest: Naomi & Ruth~~Pants: Banana Republic~~Shoes: Angeli

I needed something easy on and off since today I had a facial appointment. You’d laugh at how intimidated I was when I first bought these pants (and wore them here). Yet, now I think nothing of mixing prints with them.

I decided to wear my pink accent with my shoes and “pin”. Can you tell that my brooch is really 2 earrings? Why not wear your earrings as decoration on your knit pieces?

The only reason I wore a hat is that getting a facial involves messing up my hair. So this bucket hat was a perfect option.

Both the hat and vest are from the grand reopening of the boutique Naomi & Ruth, and you can find her online too.


Coatigan: from Naomi & Ruth~~Dress: Target~~Shoes: Vince Camuto from Goodwill

It was a chilly 55 degrees when we woke up, so it was a perfect time to grab this new coatigan from the grand reopening of Naomi & Ruth. What I love about the sweater (besides the bright colors) is I can remove the label and make it reversible. Plus, it has pockets!!

BTW, she didn’t have time to put it on her website, but she had 2 of them left when we were there. I can easily reach out and ask her if you’re interested.

The dress is an oldie but goodie and is a grey and white pinstripe (you’ve seen it here in the past when I tucked in the straps).

I layered the dress over a pink crop top. YES, women my age can wear a crop top. That doesn’t mean you have to show midriff, but they can be wonderful layering items.

I even added a bling pin (thanks to Just Be Youtiful for gifting it to me) to my dress edging (you can see it better in the top photo) and wore colorful earrings. The earrings don’t match per se but pick up some of the pinks and yellows to coordinate.


Skirt: Kay Unger-thrifted~~Sweater: Sundance-thrifted~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox”

I was off to a dental appointment, so I wanted to give off a professional yet whimsical vibe. How’d I do?

Because it has cooled down but it’s not super cold, I layered a turtleneck Halftee under the sweater. And that amazing magnet pin?? It was a gift from my friend, Marl.

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I thought these Walking Cradle “combat boots” (but they aren’t as clunky as most combat boots) were a perfect boot choice. They act as neutral shoes, keep me warm with the faux fur lining and make the look less serious.

The beret was needed because my hair is a tad wonky and I didn’t feel like messing with it.


Dress: G by Guilana -thrifted~~Sneakers: Jambu “Lilac”

I’m not sure I would have worn these sneakers and this headscarf if I hadn’t been concerned about wearing pink every day. Yet I like how it turned out (sorry for the haze. I’ll have to figure that out).

I am wearing a long-sleeve Halftee with this dress to get more coverage. In fact, if I wanted it higher on my decolletage I could wear it “backward”.

Insider discount: Halftees are great for coverage but no bulk in the midsection. Use code Jtouch20.

This dress was found thrifting, and I love how even though it’s long, it has shape. It really doesn’t show my leg that much, but it has a nice flow when I walk.

We were having a day date at the art museum so sneakers were a good choice. These are Lilac style and with code Jtouch30FF, you get 30% off any Jambu purchase until October 31st.

I just love Gibby’s headscarves but she’s not making them at the moment.


Overalls: Old Navy~~Top: Sister Bird Boutique~~Boots: Mix No 6-DSW

This is the top from a recent giveaway when I selected the mystery box. I probably wouldn’t have chosen this top, but I love it. The smaller print will be good for print mixing.

Today, I was super casual working from home. Yet I still incorporated pink into the look. The top has pink and rose flowers on it, and then I wore my pink combat boots (which are lightweight) and the pink slouchy hat that I knitted.

I didn’t even add a lot of extras because I have a slight headache, and decided to go more minimal today.


Dress: Horizon thrift~~Jacket: Casual Corner-thrifted~~Shoes: Walking Cradles “Sloan”

I’m off to a doctor’s appointment with my mother today, which is why I chose this look. I always try to look professional when we go to a professional appointment.

This “blazer” is a soft knit blazer which I’ve decided to call a Blazigan!! This white dress is long-sleeved, so perfect for the cooler day.

I added a bling pin to the lapel and wore my leopard heels from Walking Cradles. If you still like wearing heels, then your feet need the comfort of this brand. I swear, it’s like you really aren’t wearing heels.

Notice the hair accessories too. Just because I have short hair doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in them!

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