Daily Looks: Week Ending 11.11.22

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November days show how I can wear dresses, shorts, and jeans all in one week. I love creating variety in my daily looks this way. I did notice a lack of yellow this week. I’ll have to make up for that soon.

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Dress: Gap-Goodwill~~Shacket: Southern Soul Collectives ~~Boots: Target

I picked up this polka dot dress at Goodwill for $1 this summer but because it’s long sleeved- it was just too hot to wear. So I was excited to be able to wear it now. Of course, now it’s cool enough to layer it, so you see a Halftee turtleneck under it and my shacket over it.

I wanted to “belt” the shacket closed, so I used the ties from the wrap dress and tied them in the back. Cute, right??

Insider info: Halftees give you coverage without bulk in the midsection. Use code Jtouch20

And another way to keep warm is with tall boots. These white cowboy boots have been worn tons lately.

PS. Notice the fabulous new bracelet I purchased from Ideas Valyen. I won a purse from the small business earlier this year and just love her products.


Dress: ASOS-thrifted ~~Boots: Betsey Johnson~~Jacket: Vintage dyed by mom

We are off to the symphony today, so that’s the perfect reason to get all “dolled” up. This dress I wore this for my birthday outing last year. You can see it with snake-print boots here.

This time I added a short-cropped jacket that was handed down to my mom by a friend. It has the label “Kahn’s Oakland” in it which is very vintage. When my mom showed it to me, it was an ivory color but very discolored and stained. So we decided to dye it. (We use this method). We used a grey dye and this is the result. It’s almost a light blue depending on the lighting, and now it doesn’t need to be in a landfill.

The ankle boots are a favorite being an iridescent color of greens and purples.

Then I also wore my shoulder-scraping earrings (made by my friend, Judy) and a glitter barrette (seen in the top photo).


Dress: Banana Republic: Goodwill~~Tee: Halftee code Jtouch20~~Boots: Dolce Vita-DSW

Even though I’m not wearing pink daily for breast cancer awareness, that doesn’t mean I can’t every now and again. This dress is a tad snug at the top, so wearing my Halftee was the perfect layering option to be able to still see the entire dress.

I thought I would wear the scarf in my hair, but after putting on the dress, I realized it needed a belt, and the scarf worked perfectly as a belt.

Scarf: It’s a square scarf that I folded diagonally, and then folded up into a thin rectangle. It’s held together with my magnet because I didn’t want to scrunch it with an elastic or poke a hole in it with a pin.
BTW, the scarf is from Naomi & Ruth’s Boutique, but I don’t see them online.

The booties are leopard print, so I am print mixing to a small degree.


Top: Elana Kattan~~Jeans: Oliver Logan ~~Vest: from Naomi & Ruth Boutique

We saw the last bit of the Voice last night and one of the girl’s tops reminded me of this one that I’ve had for over 10 years.

I usually would pair it with white jeans, so I decided to alter that a tad with my ivory wide-leg pants. Since it was chilly in the morning, I threw on a sweater vest and matched the lime green with my shoes and glasses.
There is lime green in the pattern when you’re up close but it’s not as obvious from far away.

Not only that, I had fun print mixing with my belt (from Goodwill for $1). I was vacillating between my blue beret and the ivory ranch hat. This ranch hat won out only because I felt the wider-leg jeans needed a wider-brim hat. Maybe that’s overthinking it, but hey…

BTW. this hat has been a winner. Under $20 and lightens up all my looks. While Amazon isn’t my favorite place to shop, it sure has proved to be good for some things!!


Blue Topper: Just Be Youtfiful~~ Shorts: from Goodwill ~~Boots: Impo

There’s a lot going on in this outfit and I love it all. Wearing shorts in the winter is one of my favorite things to do once I realized I can pair them with tights (these are fleece lined), and tall boots.

You just saw these boots styled with many options of clothes. And wearing them with shorts is the best way to make them the star of the show.

I love the idea of faux leather shorts and was going to wear a long cardigan with them, until I bought this interesting topper at my favorite local boutique yesterday. My boutique even has an online store that has a different selection offered. If you check it out, use my code Jtouch15 for a discount.

The wrist warmers are not connected to the top. They are separate, and available on Amazon in a bunch of colors. I know you’ll be seeing them a lot.

And the earrings have a “J” on them. They are handmade by two sisters in Florida who make such a cool variety of earrings for any event or holiday. They have a Facebook page where you can purchase them.

BTW, the wrap’s ties are connected in the back with one of my magnets. I tied it first but wasn’t sure it would stay so the magnet makes it flatter and more secure.


Jacket: Just Be Youtiful~~Jeans: Kancan from Belong Lifestyle USA~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox”

I’m a melting pot of small business products today. This fabulous jacket is from my recent foray into Just Be Youtiful. Her online site doesn’t have the same items, but sometimes if you go to her Facebook page, she will ship things. But check out her online store too.

The t-shirt and jeans are from Belong Lifestyle USA which is going out of business. So I’m going to help her spread the news that anything left on her site is 40% off. Use code allgone40 to get some great deals. BTW, these are some of my favorite jeans. They may be skinnies, but I wear them a lot.

My feet are nice and toasty because not only do these Walking Cradles combat boots have fleece inside them, but I’m also wearing my fleece Sheec socks.

And this fabulous ring is from my friend’s Etsy site where she sells beautiful Indian jewelry.

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