Daily Looks: Week Ending 11.18.22

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You may not see the title photo as part of any outfits for the week because I changed outfits that day. Some days I end up changing outfits because I’m putting together a video about different ways to wear the same thing.

And that’s what happened with that yellow plaid top. You’ll see a video of how a plaid shirt doesn’t have to mean “lumberjack” style. The video will be on Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and Tiktok, so make sure to follow me on at least one of those platforms.
You’ll see one way I style it below on Tuesday.

BTW, the above earrings are from Wild Cloud which makes sustainable and lightweight earrings.

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Pants: Banana Republic Factory~~Sweater: Time & True-Poshmark ~~Sneakers: “Sandy”

I see many bloggers with pants like these around Christmas, but most of the time I see them paired with black. And you know I like to lighten up my outfits. So I decided to have fun with print mixing and yellow.

There’s even a polka-dot blouse under the sweater but it’s not as obvious.

You’ve seen this sweater with blue jeans before when I talked about half-tucking. It’s a longer sweater, and unless I’m wearing it with leggings, I like it shorter. This time I belted it underneath to keep it tucked under.

These black sneakers have gotten a lot of wear even though I don’t wear much black. They are the ” and I just love how comfortable they are.

Bare ankles are possible because we had some nice weather PLUS I’m wearing my fleece Sheec, no-show socks. OMG, they are amazing (I need to update my favorites on my Sheec page).


Skirt: from Just Be Youtiful~~Top: Ann Taylor~~Boots: Betsey Johnson

This was my outfit for the FairyTale Tea which is an event to raise money to help with finances for moms with cancer.

I recently found this skirt at my favorite local boutique, Just Be Youtiful. You may not think you have many opportunities to wear a tulle skirt, but any party or celebration is a time to shine, right??

The gold turtleneck is from my working days so over 10 years old. I knew I wanted to wear one of my grandma’s hats, so I thought I would add in the blue belt, and iridescent boots to pull it together.

At the last minute, I grabbed my lilac faux fur jacket (seen here) as many of you saw in my email where I included photos from the event.


Joggers: Forever 21-Goodwill~~Jacket: Phillim Lim for Target-Uncommon Closet~~Shoes: Walking Cradles “Marley”

Today mom and I were off to one of her doctor’s appointments, so I wanted to add a jacket and heels. You might not think joggers (especially velvet ones) could work in a professional vibe outfit, but I liked the outcome.

I struggled with the proportions because it’s more of a half-and-half proportion. But I decided not to obsess about it and just keep it fun.

The white sweater has this sheer layer attached which I thought was neat to have it hang below the jacket.

If my hair wasn’t a mess, I wouldn’t have the scarf on my head. But it’s all good.

These pumps are Walking Cradles brand called the “Marley”. I’ve worn them in the past to showcase how they can work in casual outfits too. Just like I don’t believe in throwing out your blazers when you retire, I think you can still wear your heels. If they are comfortable, of course, and trust me, these are!


Dress: Banana Republic Factory~~Shirt: Target~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Shine”

One of the ways I was thinking that a plaid shirt could be instead of the “lumberjack” style is sexy. Of course, everyone’s definition of sexy is different, but I layered this over a tight dress.

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I used this plaid shirt as a jacket and belted it to give it shape. Notice that I also tucked the collar under so it showed more of the “v” of the dress.

Let’s talk about the necklace and shoes. First, the necklace is a ring from my friend’s Etsy shop (linked here). It’s actually a large ring, that I used as a pendant on a silver necklace.

Then I included my leopard booties to add another print and a small heel. These are the “Shine” bootie from Walking Cradles.

The belt is one of those wide elastic ones that I found at a thrift store.
BUT, in the top photo, I wore this top with my new Wild Cloud earrings which are lightweight and sustainable.


Dress: Lularoe~~Jacket: Steinmart~~Boots: NewBella-won in a giveaway Jodie15 for a discount

I pulled out this dress because it’s one that doesn’t get worn that much. It’s a Lularoe which you just don’t see much anymore. Didn’t they go out of business?? You can see how I wore it for a winter wedding in the past (and I still have the cardigan and boots from that look).

The pink boots were won in a giveaway and I just love how they are like sock boots. This length is fabulous to wear with dresses, and yet they will fit under my wider jeans too. I’ve been really impressed with this brand called NewBella. Granted, it’s not as quality made as Walking Cradles, but they are very fashion-forward.

I scored this pink moto jacket when Steinmart was going out of business. It’s faux leather and gives an edgier vibe to the look (compared to my wedding look with the cardigan).

And it’s hard to see, but the earrings almost match the dress perfectly. =


Jeans: Zara-Goodwill~~Jacket: from Just Be Youtiful~~Boots: Embassy London won in a giveaway

I wore this fabulous, soft blazer from my favorite local boutique (Just Be Youtiful) last month. At that time, mom wore a similar top with brown, Lesley wore a similar kimono with red/burgundy, and I wore my jacket with yellow. So I wanted to try a different color combination.

I found these silver jeans (because doesn’t everyone need silver jeans, haha) for $1 at Goodwill this summer. I thought they would be perfect for the holidays.

Now I could have worn grey or silver footwear, but I decided to copy the turquoise that is in the jacket (although it’s more evident from the back view seen here). These amazing turquoise boots I won in a giveaway last spring, so they haven’t been worn much. Their shoes have a ton of personality, and I might need another pair.

To make the turquoise look intentional (which you don’t have to do, it’s also fun to have a pop of color with your footwear), I wore a turquoise necklace, earrings (by Sally Hoffman Designs), ring, and glasses.

BTW, at first, I tucked the jeans into the boots, but they poofed a little. So I ended up tucking the extra material under. With tight skinny jeans that trick works great (another reason that skinny jeans are advantageous).


Now I realize no one talks about this much, but have you noticed that most older women have flatter (instead of round) butts?? I’m sure it’s because of our lack of butt-shaping exercises. Yet when I tried the ruched leggings, I think they are the answer.

You’re all going to say, I don’t want people looking at my rear. I know, I know. But trust me, people do. So why not make it cuter?

Anyways, I only want to get these kinds of leggings in the future. And since the time of year when we think about working out more is coming up, I wanted to share. (and they aren’t expensive, which is a plus).

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