Daily Looks: Week Ending 11.25.22

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I notice that even though I love color, my outfits tend to be darker in the colder months. It’s something I want to try to change. There’s just no reason to snub certain colors just because it’s cold outside, right?

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Jeans: WHBM-Goodwill~~Cardigan: Steinmart~~Sweater: I knitted

I’m print mixing X 3 today. I wish I had tucked in the shirt under the sweater, but otherwise, I love how it turned out.

When I knit this sweater, I would only wear it over solid collared shirts. But now I find it’s fun to layer it over print shirts too.

Here’s a time when I styled it over chambray.

The cardigan is from Steinmart (seen here for a fall transition look).

It’s hard to see the texture of the jeans, but they are velveteen, and blend into the boots. I did that on purpose and you’ll see this look again next month.


Shorts: the Fifth~~Jacket: Willow & Clay~~Shoes: Walking Cradles “Osmond”

I think I like wearing shorts more in the wintertime than I do in the summer because the way I do it, you’re more covered.
While I could have chosen black tights so they’d blend in, I decided on grey tights so you could see my legs.

I have on 2 fuzzy tops. The pink reindeer one has been worn years ago here, and the jacket is one that both Nancy and I have (she’s wearing it here).

The shoes are actually sneakers that could be considered ankle boots. These are the Walking Cradles “Osmond” and come in 6 other colors.


Dress: the Limited ~~Jacket: thrifted from Uptown Cheapskate~~Loafers: NewBella-won in giveaway

This is the time to wear my long sleeve dresses, and this is an oldie but a goodie. In fact, you saw it as part of our Alaskan cruise attire from 4 years ago.

I styled it with a blue teddy bear jacket which is one of the ways I styled my pink teddy coat in an article I updated recently.
Notice the fabulous magnet pin on the coat. These coats are a perfect time to pull out your brooches and pins.

Insider sale: If you are looking for an inexpensive teddy coat, my friend who is closing down her site has a pink one in small or medium still available. Everything is 40% off, so it would be under $25.

For my footwear, I thought about boots, but it was going to be very temperate today, so instead, I opted for my chunky loafers. These are a pair I won in a giveaway and I have been impressed with the brand New Bella. In fact, I asked if I could have a discount in case anyone is interested. Use code Jodie15.


Skirt: Ann Taylor-thrifted ~~Sweater: Astr~~Boots: Macys

This spotted blouse is one I bought with the 40% off closing sale from Belong Lifestyle USA. It’s only available in Large right now, but there are many other great deals if you’re interested.

I decided to keep the look all neutral with browns and whites, but add in some print mixing. You should see the other options of toppers that I also tried out with the foundational outfit.

This micro sweater is one that you saw in the article ways to wear jewelry when I showcased brooches. I had someone reach out and ask about it. Do you know that I found it on Amazon for half the price that I spent?? And depending on your size, it also comes in ivory. It’s a beautiful thick sweater and comes with a tank top. BTW, I’m wearing this micro sweater backward today and the tank can also be worn backward.

Insider tip: Remember many of our items can be worn backward if they seem too low.

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Dress: From Fashom~~Sweater: Seasalt CornwallCarbis Jumper“~~ Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox”

I was sent this sweater through a PR firm from the company Seasalt Cornwall. As a knitter, I have to say, it’s a very nice quality especially because it was not that expensive.

And then I requested a Fashom box because I had some credit remaining, and this dress was part of it. I thought the two pieces worked fabulously together.

The dress has a tab in the front where a scarf is meant to go through it. But I decided to forgo the scarf (REMEMBER: We are the boss of our clothes, and just because a piece comes with something, doesn’t mean you have to wear them together).
Instead, I added a sheep pin right above the tab so you don’t even see it.

I’ve rarely worn these huge fishnet stockings, and since it was warm today, I thought they and the combat boots would give the look a bit more edge.

The combat boots are Walking Cradles “Knox” and I think they are a fabulous option because they aren’t as clunky as most combat boots. Plus they have a zipper for easy in and out.


Dress :MM Couture-thrifted ~~Cardigan: Belong Lifestyle USA ~~Boots: Matisse-Goodwill

I found this to be the perfect outfit for Thanksgiving. The dress is very flowy so there’s no worry about moving when getting dinner ready, or tightness when eating.

The cardigan was great when I needed warmth, but easy to pull off when I was too warm. The other thing about the cardigan is that it contained the dress’ bell sleeves while I was eating.

I vacillated between the tall white cowboy boots and these and finally decided that these hadn’t had as much love lately.

As for jewelry, I wore a green bling pin and earrings that pulled in the animal print from the dress.

Check out the title photo to see how these glasses from Glasses Shop even matched perfectly. (Use code GSHOT35 for a discount)


Jeans: Kancan -won in giveaway ~~Sweater: Love By Design-won in giveaway~~Duster: Caite & Kyla-won in giveaway

I thought I’d wear a dress and jeans, so this shirt dress got styled as a duster. Both the teal turtleneck and teal jeans are not super fitted, but I think the duster camouflages that detail.

Since the clothing is all solid, I added in a print scarf and even pulled out my floral combat boots.

The scarf was a head scarf that came with my circle skirt (seen here), but it works as a normal scarf too.

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