Daily Looks: Week Ending 11.4.22

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Well, I must admit that it was nice to not worry about wearing pink all week long. For some reason, I feel so much freer when I can vary my colors and items to create different looks.
And boy, you can tell it’s really cooled down here. It may not be as cold as where you live, but anything under 75 (or what the room temperature is kept at) is cold to me.

You get both Rob and me in the top photo since he doesn’t get featured as often on my site anymore. The funny thing is we were both wearing hoodies.

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Jeans: LOFT~~Blazer: Boho Chic-preloved~~Shoes: New Bella-won in giveaway

We went to the celebration of life event for our neighbor this afternoon. Usually, I would be more formal for such an occasion, but the family is very casual, so I knew jeans would be fine.

The neighbor that passed away had given me this navy/white top when she was cleaning out her closet, so I thought it felt significant to wear it to her celebration.

I didn’t need the jacket by the time we went because it had warmed up, but in the morning, the jacket was very needed.

And I wanted to print mix by repeating the design (floral) but wearing different colors.

These loafers have become a fast favorite since they have sparkle, are comfy, and go with everything. I won them in an IG giveaway, and have been pleasantly surprised at the quality. When you look at their site, you might think it’s only for young kids, but they are more comfortable than my Marc Fisher pair of shoes that I won.


Dress: handed down from mom~~Cardigan: Jacket Society~~Boots: Target

I’m breaking a fashion rule of wearing flowy and flowy together. I would argue that it works because of all of the diagonal lines in the look.

I decided to try to wear the cardigan upside down (this is what it looks like normally), and then I used this amazing magnet (thank you Marl for such a wonderful gift) to keep one side attached to the other.

My mom had thrifted the dress but decided it showed too much leg when she sat down, so donated it to me. Since it was cooler, I wore it with my white, tall boots.

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I also wore my fuzzy earrings which usually get relegated to holiday times only, but I thought they looked cute.


Leggings: Peach ~~Sweater: Wooden Ships (won in giveaway)~~ Boots: Cecelia NY (won in giveaway)

I’m actually print mixing because the leggings have a subtle leopard print on them. If you’re an email subscriber, then you saw a close-up of the leggings (along with my supervisor).

It’s the last day of wearing pink for breast cancer awareness but I’m sure you’ll still see the color every now and then. I have been surprised at how much is in my closet because when I was working, there was close to none (it was too girly in my opinion back then.).

I won both the sweater and boots by entering Instagram giveaways. It’s always so exciting to win things, and has introduced me to brands and companies I wouldn’t know about otherwise.

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You can see how Spookie loves being in on the action some mornings!!


Skirt: Banana Rebulic-thrifted ~~Poncho: Banana Republic Factory~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox”

I decided on a monochromatic look today. That belt is the self-belt from my Amoretu dress (seen here) yet it matches the shirt under the poncho like they were made together.

You’ve seen the skirt here before and the poncho here before. Yet I would never have thought to pair them together normally. That’s why playing in our closets is a good thing.

I only tied the belt over the poncho in the front half (it’s under the poncho in the back half). It will be in a short video on YouTube or Facebook soon, so make sure to follow me there.

And the boots!! These are the new combat boots from Walking Cradles called the “Knox.” This is the milkshake color and they also come in black. I like that these aren’t as clunky as many combat boots you see out there. And then there is the zipper on the side that makes them super easy to get on and off. Plus they are fabric and leather with loads of stretch gore for comfort.

First-time purchasers from Walking Cradles can use Jodie15 for a discount.


Pants: LOFT~~Cardigan: Chicos-thrifted~~Shoes: Ccocci-Goodwill

This light blue bodysuit was another giveaway win from Sister Bird Boutique and I started with it for the outfit. Since it’s a bodysuit, I thought it would be perfect with a lower rise of jeans, and these tan cargo pants are from over 10 years ago (you just can’t see the cargo pockets under the sweater).

And this sweater always makes me feel so chic with the faux fur collar. It’s one of those pieces I will throw on after pilates class so we can run errands and I don’t look sloppy.

I vacillated whether to get these mule booties at Goodwill earlier this summer because they were a whopping $10, but I’ve actually worn them many times already, and I love the lighter color.

BTW, I don’t usually love grey and brown together, but I like how this outfit came together.


Sweatshirt: Southern Soul Collectives~~Leggings: no label~~Sneakers: AKK

I don’t usually showcase my workout looks anymore, but I had to share this sweatshirt. I saw it on Southern Soul Collectives in a t-shirt. But seriously, if I’m always cold, wouldn’t I want a warmer top??
So I messaged Meredith and asked her if it comes in a sweatshirt version. AND she created it for me. Isn’t that so cool??

She has it on her site now here, and yes it’s not super inexpensive. But I believe in supporting small companies, and I know I’ll be wearing it a lot.

Discount for Souther Soul Collectives for first-time purchases is Jodie10. (or you get 15% off if you sign up for their emails. If you do that make sure to tell her that I sent you so she knows that blogging marketing works!!)

The leggings are ones that are ruched (scrunched) at the back seam like this pair. I’m telling you, once I tried this kind of leggings, I would rather only have this kind. It takes a flat butt and makes it look shapelier. (Not much different than how some sports bras give you a monoboob, while others separate)

The sneakers are the kind that is very lightweight. I have a couple of pairs of different brands and think they are fabulous for working out. We showcased this brand almost 2 years ago (so I’m not sure if the discount code is still valid, but they are still inexpensive)

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