Daily Looks: Week Ending 12.1.23

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It’s the best month of the year only because it’s my birthday month. There was a time in my life when I didn’t think celebrating a birthday was very important, but now I do. Life is too short not to celebrate any and every moment that makes us happy. And I’m nothing but excited to get older.

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Dress: Old Navy-thrifted ~~Jacket: Alembika c/o~~Boots: Journee Collection, “Maebry

I wore this dress the time we were inspired to dress like “Elf“. To me, it’s the winter edition of the t-shirt dress. Easy to wear and can be dressed up or casualized.

This bright green just seems to go with animal print so well, which is why I paired it with this cheetah shrug. You’ve seen this jacket worn with many other items and even transformed since it’s oversized. This time I added a gold belt over the jacket which created a peplum effect.

Then I added in my ivory combat boots and ivory rancher hat.


Jeans: Target~~Blazer: Zara-thrifted~~Sneakers: Medical Scrubs Collection-PR items

Today is dog training day and since we walk to class and it’s a casual day, I wanted to wear this new pair of sneakers that I received as a PR item. It’s not a company you would think to shop but it makes sense they have comfy shoes.

The clunkier sneakers are all the rage with the young kids right now, so I decided to have fun with this look. I’m incorporating some sparkle, some edgy yet professional vibes and then a bit of eclectic came into the picture.

Here’s how I put it together. I chose these jeans (you’ve seen them years ago) because they would show off the fun pink sneakers more. Then I decided the blazer has the same colors as the sneakers and it would upgrade a casual look.

Confession. I thrifted this blazer years ago yet hardly wear it. I love it, but for some reason, it doesn’t get pulled out much. But I’m here to change that, haha.

I wanted to print mix with the jacket which is basically a tweed (seen better in the top photo) so I grabbed this top that I won in a giveaway.

Instead of wearing no-show socks, I pulled out these fun leopard print socks and folded them down a bit. It’s the eclectic part that I consider fun.

The brooch and belt are both sparkly since we all need bling in our lives.
The belt is still available, and I have to admit it’s one of my faves.


Pants: Vintage~~Jacket: My mom made it~~Boots: Goodwill

I always feel that the pants sold during the winter are all so drab and muted. That’s why I had to buy these bright pink, suede pants when thrifting last fall. I was surprised I hadn’t worn them on the blog except in my Daily Outfits.
But all three of us did style bright pink pants for wintertime last winter. Obviously, I have more than one pair of bright pink pants. Doesn’t everyone? LOL

I decided to pair brown with the pink pants, and so I grabbed this tweed jacket that my mom made me years ago. It’s been showcased on the blog before, even layered UNDER a fur vest.

I decided to print-mix by wearing a brown plaid top under the tweed and even wore the same belt as yesterday. It just works wonderfully with so much in my closet.

The pants are a tad on the longer side, so I wore them with these pink ankle boots that I thrifted years ago.

I was excited to wear my extensions today and I thought the flower earrings (handmade by my friend, Gurmeet, and sold on Etsy as part of a necklace set for only $25) looked great.


Pants: Old Navy~~Gold Top: Ann Taylor~~Booties: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles)

Today’s outfit is basically the same color scheme as yesterday, but lighter. I wanted to showcase how a pastel look would work for winter. The idea started when I was looking at Old Navy and noticed how almost all the pants for winter are dark and drab.

And then I saw these. Since I had rewards to spend, I basically got them for free, but I love that they are 1-cargo pants, 2-light pink, AND 3-they came in petite sizing.

I’ve had this gold sparkly top since my working days, and I always wore it under a blazer. Today I tried layering it over a lacy white turtleneck.

And don’t laugh, but yes, I’m wearing the same belt for the 3rd day in a row.

I don’t usually, show my purse in my daily outfits but I wanted to prove that mixing metals is cute, modern, and fun.

The snakeskin booties are what I consider a neutral that goes with everything (as I proved in this article), and then my faux fur earring finally came out for the season.
I consider these a fabulous winter earring for anyone and they aren’t expensive on Amazon.

BTW, the only reason the pants are cuffed is because they came that way. Soon I will wear them rolled down.


Skirt: no label-bought in Palm Springs ~~Sweater: I handknit it~~Sneakers: Cariuma

I had to buy this skirt when we saw it last Christmas in Palm Springs. It received its debut on New Year’s Day and there’s just no reason not to wear it for an everyday look.
I realize most women wouldn’t dress up for themselves, but I always say that I have cute clothes, so I might as well wear them. The days I haven’t dressed up and stayed a slob don’t make me feel good at all.

Enough of my soapbox. Anyway, I paired the skirt with one of my hand-knit sweaters. This one is from 15 years ago. I had to felt it because it was originally too big. If you wonder how that can happen, sometimes your knitting just grows, haha.

I wore this AMB Designs sheer top under the felted cardigan and then white sneakers.


Shorts: The Fifth~~Sweater: The Limited~~Boots: Just Be Youtiful

I was inspired by Claudine for this outfit. If you get my emails, then you saw Claudine’s look. She’s much bolder than me in her style, but I knew I could recreate the look and still have it be “me.”

I’ve worn these shorts in the summer, but I have to admit, I like wearing shorter shorts in the winter more when I can wear tights and tall boots to seem more covered.

The long sweater was worn ages ago too with white jeans. Did you notice I’m combining navy and black? It’s NOT a faux pas. And I am print mixing with the blouse under the sweater.

I’m in love with these silver cowboy ankle boots that are a deal on Just Be Youtiful’s website. They are comfy (I sized up a half-size) and even come in gold or white. Use code Jtouch15 for an even better deal.

The necklace? It’s actually one of those metal belts. I used one of my clear elastics to hold it together in the middle.

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