Daily Looks: Week Ending 12.15.23

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Personally, it was a hard week, so I tried to use my outfits to make it happier, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday. Did it help? Maybe. Maybe not. But I felt better than being in sweats and dark clothes, that’s for sure.

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Skirt: from JBY~~Top: Chicos~~Boots: Journee Collection “Kayden

I fell in love with these boots that came as a PR item and I had to put together an outfit around them.
Even though the skirt would be considered “summery”, I wanted to show how it could be worn for the colder temps.

This skirt can be worn in a ton of ways as we showcased last summer. I paired it with a blouse that had the same colors in it and then layered my new Chico’s faux leather mix pullover over it.

I was going to tuck in both tops, but since the blouse matched the skirt so well, I decided to leave it out. But then I had to tuck under the pullover, so I used my belt trick that I recently showed in a video.

If you haven’t tried Journee Boots yet, they are an inexpensive brand (under $100 even for tall boots) that has all kinds of fashion shoes. Most tall boots even come in wide calf versions and some even have extra wide calfs.
These Kayden ankle boots are super sexy and come in various colors. I figured this interesting green color would be something unique.

Not super easy to see, but my earrings are holiday-decorated cacti. Tis the season!


Pants: Pilcro-Goodwill~~Duster: Draper’s & Damon’s~~Boots: Just Be Youtiful website

I took inspiration from Lesley’s tree in her house which is decorated in blue and silver.

This duster is the one from my recent post about Draper’s & Damon’s and I wanted to get more bold with it by print mixing. You could consider it quite busy with the camo and print, but that’s how my brain is right now with the house-buying situation as well as dealing with a sick cat.

These camo jeans are velvet and I paired them with this mohair sweater I hand-knit over 18 years ago.

Silver metallic is huge this season so these booties have come in handy. And since these are skinny jeans, I think the boots add a modern vibe.

I wore my blue cross from a Canadian jewelry designer called Maison de Camille (and she offers my readers a 20% discount, use code Jodie20). The earrings are ones that used to be my Aunt’s and were clip-ons until I made them into posts.


Pants: Venti6~~Topper: Draper’s & Damon’s ~~Boots: Journee Collection “Meg

Another blue for the holidays looks only this time on a warmer scale. I pulled out the other topper from Draper’s & Damon’s and made a triplet set (you know, like a twin set only 3 pieces–yes I made that up but it makes sense, right?).

The faux leather joggers are great for a longer duster like this. Then I found 2 other tops with the same teal colors in them and layered them. You’ve seen the bow tie blouse many years ago worn with a lacy cardigan (although I didn’t like that look so much).

I know brooches have a frumpy stereotype but I thought the outfit needed some bling. The brooch is really a hair barette but since it has metal on it, I was able to use it as a brooch with my Maggie’s magnets (you can see the magnet balls on the top and bottom).

These navy tall boots are a recent item from a PR company. They are Journee Collection and have a great foam insole. These are the standard calf size, but they are available in wide and extra wide in this style too. Plus they come in a variety of colors.

These clear earrings aren’t the ones to wear when I put up my hair because you can’t see them. That’s why taking a photo before heading out the door is a good idea.


Skirt: Ninexis-won in giveaway~~Sweater: I knit it~~Boots: Mix No. 6-DSW

I needed a cheerful outfit to counteract the sadness because we made an appointment for tomorrow to put down our beloved Spookie kitty.

The inspiration for the tulle skirt came from my friend, Mireille, who just purchased one recently. You may think it’s a silly thing to wear every day, but once you try it, you realize how sassy it makes you feel.

The sweater is one of my first hand-knit ones from over 20 years ago (you can tell because it’s cropped which was the style back then). The coolest part is the back design, which I shared in my email.

I’m super glad I bought these pink combat boots last winter because they are a nod to dichotomy. The pink is feminine while the combat boots are edgy and grunge.

The necklace was a thrifted find years ago and I kept my earrings small but shiny.


Cords: Madewell-thrifted~~Sweater: Givenchy-thrifted for $2~~Boots: Target

A bright outfit for a sad day. That’s why the lack of a smile. I wanted to wear this thrifted Givenchy sweater that I scored for $2. I styled it 2 years ago with 6 different color combinations but this is a new color pairing. The orange pants pop against the light pink sweater in my opinion.

Then I added my favorite furry dickey (from Just Be Youtiful) along with my white cowboy boots and white fuzzy headband.

I am wearing candy cane earrings since it is the season.


Dress: Ann Taylor-thrifted~~Vest: preloved~~Boots: Journee Collection “Jayne” c/o

I found this sweater dress while thrifting last winter, and I love how it’s not a dark and muted color. I layered a striped blouse under it first. Since that caused some lumps and bumps, I figured this sweater vest would come in handy over top. (You’ve seen this vest years ago with jeans).

The morning was ch-ch-chilly, so tall boots were the perfect companion. These grey, flat boots are from the Journee Collection and they have very generous calf sizing. If you struggle with tall boots for that reason, this style (and many others) has a wide and extra wide calf portion). My boots are the standard calf size and are still very roomy.

Since the boots are darker, I added a darker necklace and earrings. And my faux ponytail is part of the look too.

Happy Birthday to Me

Jeans: Oliver Logan~~Vest: Hand knit by me~~Boots: Journee Collection-“Maebry

This is my car riding outfit up to Prescott today (and I’ll be wearing the same thing on the way home). I usually like the idea of wearing a skirt or dress but since I was going to wear these jeans other times on our trip, I decided to wear them for the car ride.

The wide-leg jeans are from a sustainable company called Oliver Logan and I knit the vest. Funny story because my vest started out being knit as a sweater, but then I decided to forget the sleeves and make it a vest instead.

I wore a turtleneck under the vest and a t-shirt under the turtleneck (so I don’t have to wash it as much).

The combat boots are a PR gift but they have been such a favorite of mine this season. I love how comfortable, budget-oriented, and modern they are. And they come in other colors too.

Thank you

My goal with my daily looks post is to find things that help inspire you with my daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life. I truly think that clothing is our way to express our personality visually.

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