Daily Looks: Week Ending 12.16.22

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Man, it got cold here in Arizona this week. In fact, we had frost a couple of mornings, so it is all about layers this week. I am surprised I didn’t wear as many dresses, so I’ll have to work on that.

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Skirt: from Fashom~~Vest: from thredUp~~Boots: from Target

This is my “dressy casual” attire for the wedding we are attending tonight. Sure, I leaned more toward the dressy, but hey, it’s a wedding. It’s an outside event (crazy, I know), so there are layers under the turtleneck, fleece-lined tights (found on Amazon), and an extra pair of socks.

I was planning on wearing this skirt with a matching top when I thought it was an inside wedding. But hey, a girl’s got to stay warm.

This pink turtleneck was a hand-me-down from a friend. And as I was putting it on, I noticed a hole in the shoulder. So I tried to mend it (not my forte) so the vest was an add-on to hide the mending.

I did try layering 2 necklaces too which I think worked okay. My favorite white boots on repeat because since it’s outside, I needed flat boots.

This vest is from 2017 when we worked with thredUp, (an online thrift store) and is one of those vests I wear quite a bit. In fact, I have 2 white faux fur vests in my closet, eeek!

Insider tip: If you go through my link for first-time buyers from thredUp you get $10 and so do I.


Jeans: Gap~~Sweater: NineWest-thrifted~~Boots: Baker-Goodwill

I was proud of myself with my necklace layering today. I try to wear this blue sweater every year at least once, and I’m in the habit of pairing my statement rhinestone necklace with it (proof here). So I challenged myself to try something different.

There are 4 necklaces in this neck mess (seen in this video), as well as I added one of the fabulous pieces I recently found at the Mesa Museum. When I bought the pin on my shoulder, I thought it was a brooch. But when I got home, I found it was a barrette. I was a little disappointed but realized I could still make it work. Heck, I could still put a safety pin through the barette portion.

But since this vest is open-weave, the barrette worked fine. Which is a tip for you all. Maybe some of those beautiful barrettes can be worn on our clothing?

Anyways, I wanted to wear this vest because my favorite boutique Just Be Youtiful had one very similar. Mine was passed down to me by a friend years ago. In fact, I wore it one winter in Denver over a leather jacket.

The boots are a totally different color than anything else in the outfit, but I thought that added some whimsy. And the jeans? A baby flare silhouette. They make me look like I have long legs, eh?

Penny asked about outerwear, so I included a photo of this outfit with my thrifted Cabi coat at the top (which you saw styled as a duster on Monday here). I love how the fur cuffs look like part of the coat.


Pants: Vintage from Composite Boutique~~Sweater: from Naomi & Ruth~~Mules: from Goodwill

Today, I am meeting some friends and Laura (from Scrub Studio Soaps) gave me this kimono from the country Jordan. Now it’s incredibly long, so I plan to alter it, but I wanted to see if I could make it work at the length it is.
So I took the front ends (that were dragging on the floor) and tied them up behind my neck which created a bubble look in the front.

I originally thought to wear this over a column of white, but then I decided to go with pink.

These pink suede pants are from our Small Business Shopping excursion and are vintage. I shortened them and had to wear my beltless belt (found on Etsy) to pull in the waistband slightly.

My necklace is actually a ring from my friend, Gurmeet, Etsy site that I put on a choker today.


Jeans: Madewell-Poshmark~~Top: no label-Bee’s Knees~~Shoes: Walking Cradles-discontinued

I bought this boho top on our Small Business Saturday escapade (at a shop called the Bee’s Knees) and even though it’s a summer top, I wanted to wear it now. SO I layered it over a teal turtleneck (even though there is no teal in the blouse).

I was searching for a tan or ivory skirt to go with it when I was inspired by the label on this top (which I shared in the email). That’s how the idea for the orange corduroys came into the picture. And I just LOVE it.

I bought these Walking Cradle teal pumps when they were on final clearance and I don’t even think I’ve worn them yet. Of course, I’m wearing my ultra-low Sheec socks with them.


Stylists talk about balance a lot, yet I think you can rationalize that term in many ways. Both outfits are the same except for the cut of the jeans.
Since I’m wearing an oversized shacket, you might think you need skinny jeans. But then again, maybe the flare jeans create more balance.

Remember there is no right or wrong. We get used to certain silhouettes and have preferences.
BTW, this shacket is an example of how to look in other sizes. It’s a large size when I usually take a small yet I love the oversized aspect of it.


Shorts: H&M~~Sweater: I knit it~~Sneakers: “Sandy”

Think anyone will know it’s my birthday today? LOL!! Not that I’ll wear the tiara all day, but I will at lunch and dinner!!

Since it was a day to celebrate, I pulled out the sequin shorts. I bought these because at the time my husband was giving me a hard time that I always bought things that I already had. So I figured, this was something I didn’t have!

And I wanted the red shirt to hang out the bottom to lighten it up. It’s funny how we think our layers should only show in certain spots. Like neckline or cuffs, so I thought it would be fun to let this hang out the bottom instead.

These tights basically match the snowflakes on my sweater. This is the hand knit sweater that is named “The $80 sweater pattern that should have been free”. It’s a long story but let’s suffice it to say that I didn’t realize that euros had a different value than dollars at the time.

I needed comfy shoes for a day of shopping and these sneakers are my that I showcased this season. I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve worn them considering I don’t wear that much black.

BTW, these are my green and red dress earrings made by my friend, Kris. Thank you, Kris!


Jeans: Express-thrifted~~Sweater: NY & Co-Horizon thrift~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox”

I was working on my print mixing with this outfit. It’s very neutral, but I think there’s creative elements. Besides the print mixing of the snakeskin jeans and argyle sweater, I also wore combat boots and then accessorized with pearls. So there’s some yin and yang to it too.

The turtleneck was found at Goodwill for $1 and it’s a bodysuit. But I just didn’t snap the crotch area and I have it tucked into my undies. In fact, all of the clothing pieces are thrifted.

The boots are the new combat vibe style from Walking Cradles this season called the “Knox”. My favorite part is the fleece lining inside for warmth because it has been chilly here.

I also layered 3 different pearl necklaces. One is a newer style with the links, one is my confirmation gift from my mom that are the pearls from her wedding dress, and the third one is from when I was the maid of honor at Stacy’s wedding. (Stacy has joined us on the blog before).

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