Daily Looks: Week Ending 12.22.23

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Tis the week before Christmas and all through Arizona…(I should have been an author, haha). This is the time of year that Arizonans love. The temperatures have cooled down, but it’s still not super cold and frigid. I can break out my sweaters and boots and have fun with layering, which I love to do.

Since we were celebrating “Christmas” with my stepmom and mother in Prescott some of the days, you can see my constant companion in those shots.


Jeans: Oliver Logan~~Sweater: I knit it~~Boots: Journee Collection “Maebry“-pr item

This was our day in Prescott, where we met up with an old friend, and did a bit of shopping (which I’ll showcase on Tuesday). These jeans were my travel jeans from Friday’s outfit in last week’s Daily Outfits.

I hand knit this sweater over 20 years ago yet I haven’t worn it in ages. It’s one of those thick cotton sweaters and since we were in Prescott where it’s 20 degrees colder than Phoenix, it was perfect.

I layered it over a mock turtleneck that is a different shade of purple and added my ivory combat boots and fuzzy earrings.


Leggings: no label~~Sweatshirt: Target~~Boots: Journee Collection “Maebry

Instead of changing clothes for the ride back from Prescott to Phoenix, I decided to wear my dog-walking clothes. I’m showing off my newest pair of long underwear (which I never thought I’d need in Arizona, but dang some mornings are ch-ch-chilly). Both Rob and I have this brand of long underwear and they are fabulous.

These leggings have been showcased on the blog as options with print leggings. They are fleece-lined, and so have been relegated to winter morning dog walking, yet I know they look fine out in public.

Again, I’m wearing my ivory combat boots which go nicely with the ivory sweatshirt that I have worn in a variety of ways earlier this year.

This headband was one passed down to me by my cousin’s daughter and is perfect to keep my ears warm.


Leggings: no label~~Jacket: Free People-thrifted~~Sneakers: Billabong

This is the jacket that I found thrifting in Prescott. It’s almost like a Chewbacca costume, eh? I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I just LOVE it.

The only reason I paired it with these leggings was that we went to Tai Chi today, and then were running errands afterwards, so my base layer is my Tai Chi outfit.

When I analyze the silhouette of this look with the voluminous jacket and skinny bottoms, it makes me think it would look better with a flare or wide-leg jeans so it wouldn’t be so lopsided.

What do you think? I know we have been taught to only have the volume on one half, but sometimes those guidelines should be changed depending on the situation.

The sneakers are a pair of high-top leopard ones that I added faux fur because they would rub on my ankles.
And the sequin baseball cap is my nod to messy hair day.


Skirt: H&M-thrifted~~Jacket: from Goodwill~~Boots: Target

I was off to take my mom to her dental appointment, and it was a rainy day. Why I wore white in the rain is beyond me, LOL. But at least if there is splatter, it will land on my boots which are easy to wash off.

I went with a white column of color and then added this light blue moto jacket that I recently thrifted this summer. I’m noticing that the sleeves are too long and bunch up, so I’ll have to see how I can fix that. I just love the color of this jacket and definitely want to make it work.

The heart top was from the Barcelona airport from the brand Desigual which I just adore. It’s a kid’s top so was a great deal.

Then I added my white cowboy boots and the turquoise glasses.


Pants: Old Navy~~Blazer: Old Navy-preloved~~Boots: Journee Collection “Kayden” pr gift

We were supposed to meet friends for lunch, but the date got canceled. I had put together a cute outfit, so I figured I might as well wear it anyway.

The faux leather pants are new from Old Navy since they were having a deal and I had rewards to use.

This green blazer is ages old and was my cousin’s back in the day. The furry corset top I hand-knit and even wore it last winter under a different color blazer. I keep meaning to wear it over a white button-down blouse, so be on the lookout for that soon.

Then I paired my sexy green boots (that come in many colors), the necklace I won from an Instagram giveaway, and my Santa earrings made by my reader, Kris.


Shorts: no label-Goodwill~~Jacket: Willow & Clay~~Boots: Journee Collection “Jayne” pr items

Wearing leather shorts in the winter is the perfect time to show off cute tights. I’ve worn these tights back in Denver, but at that time, I needed another pair under them to fight off the “real” cold.

The green leather shorts were a thrifting find when my “stylist” found them for me when we talked about expanding our style comfort zone. I have worn them in the warmer months, but they do keep you warm, so winter is the best time to wear them here in Arizona.

The black and white faux fur jacket is also old and my stepmom has the same one. I layered it over a graphic hoodie t-shirt. And the furry headband and earrings are quite festive.

I added these gray tall, flat boots from the Journee Collection. These are the standard calf but they come in both wide and extra wide calves. It looks like the grey color was very popular and is almost sold out except for the extra wide calf. They are available in black, brown, and taupe too.

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