Daily Looks: Week Ending 12.30.22

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Announcement: Starting in January, I’m hosting a Bright Colors Challenge to inspire you to wear more than just the dark and dreary pieces that we tend to style this time of year.
There are 3 ways to join in that I’ll share at the bottom of this post.

You get 10 outfits in this post since it spans the last 2 weeks. I left out the outfits that you will see later on the blog. Our trip to Palm Springs had much warmer weather than our temperatures here in Arizona. Therefore you get a little bare-leg look plus layering.

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Dress: ~~Jacket: Pols from Just Be Youtiful~~Boots: Mix 6 from DSW

Today I was off for a facial, thus the scarf around my head. If you’ve ever had a facial then you know your hair is a mess afterward, and I wasn’t feeling any of my hats.

I was so excited to get this jacket from Lesley for my birthday. In fact, I shared my birthday gifts on Facebook if you’re interested along with the funny story about this jacket.

Usually, with a dress, I opt for feminine boots, but I decided to go with edgy boots today. Although my combat boots are pink, so that makes them more girly, right?

The huge pin is from our Mesa museum visit and was made by a local artist back in the 90s. I wore it once already to hold the sequin material together in this outfit.

I kinda look pregnant in this photo, don’t I? That doesn’t bother me. I am what I am!! (And no, I’m not pregnant, haha)


Skirt: thrifted from Horizon thrift~~Sweater: from Nordstrom Rack~~Boots: from Macys

I am trying to find brighter items to wear in the cold months, so this sweater was a no-brainer the other day.
I layered it over a pajama top from PrintFresh. The PJ top was a secondhand find at the Bee’s Knees here on Small Business Saturday and I’ve seen this brand on many of my friends. I decided it was a shame only to wear it to bed, so here it is as a blouse.

If you notice the pink cami between the top and sweater, that is to flatten the blouse so you don’t see the buttons through the sweater (I’ve done this many years ago here). I was trying to hide the cami, but it kept showing, so I decided to go with it and pulled it up to make it look more intentional.

Then I kept the bottom half lighter with a tan mini and OTK boots.

Don’t you love how my glasses (from Glasses Shop) match the sweater so well? If you ever order from their site, my code GSHOT35 saves you 35%.


Jeans: Oliver Logan from Naomi & Ruth~~Vest: Banana Republic~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Shine”

I still struggle at times to feel “hip and cool” in the wide-leg pants. I think the difference with these jeans is they are stiffer than some of my other pairs (like the 2 in this post).

For this outfit, I tried on 4 different pairs of shoes until I felt the best in these snakeskin booties. I love all of the layerings, and even though there is texture with the velvet vest, I love the bling pin and bling hair accessory (a birthday gift from Lesley).

For me, white jeans are the best in the colder months because they brighten up outfits. Too many times, our winter looks tend to be so dark, so the white jeans pop the darker colors. And the thing I loved about these jeans is they aren’t white…they are ivory.

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BTW, the white turtleneck is my halftee (seen here). This was a nice option since I only needed to tuck in the floral blouse this way.

Wednesday-Travel Day

Dress: Ann Taylor-Clothes Mentor~~Jacket: Pols-Just Be Youtiful~~Boots: Charlotte Rusee

Now here’s a color I don’t have that much of in my closet…lilac. And yet, it’s so lovely. This dress is a sweatshirt material and oh, so soft. I just picked it up thrifting with my birthday money from my mom. And it is the perfect road trip dress because it is like being in a nightgown.

I added my glitter jacket (worn on Saturday too) and a scarf as a belt. The OTK boots are olive green. It’s a favorite color combination of mine as showcased here.

Since we will be traveling all day, I wore lightweight earrings from IslyNYC.


Shorts: Jeans cut off~~Jacket: Old Navy-preloved~~Boots: Charlotte Russe

We really lucked out with the warm weather in Palm Springs. So I was glad that I had thrown in these shorts at the last minute. You saw these shorts (that I made by cutting off a pair of jeans) when we talked about wearing western style clothing.
You can see that I cuffed them today so there was bare leg showing between them and the boots.

I started the day with the jacket, but didn’t need it much after 10 am. The green and orange is a sweater vest so it was perfect for the day.

And can you see that I’m print mixing? The blouse under the vest is a gingham print.

Christmas-Travel Day

Dress: Ann Taylor-Clothes Mentor~~Jacket: Old Navy-preloved~~Shoes: Billabong

I was planning on wearing my boots today on the trip home, but it was just so warm that I wore these sneakers that I bought in Palm Springs instead.

When we travel, I usually like to wear basically the same thing to and from our travels because it’s one less decision. I did switch up the dress with the green jacket (for Christmas) and added a brooch in the middle.

I wore the beret because I wanted to flatten my hair a little, but it came off in the car when we started our travels.


Joggers: Skies are Blue-Goodwill~~Sweater: I knitted it~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox”

I knit this fabulous sweater when my friends Jean and Joanne brought me the yarn/pattern kit from Iceland. It’s a fabulous fair isle with the cutest buttons (that they bought to go with it).

I usually wear it with red, so I challenged myself to style it with a different color combination. Thus the burgundy and gold.

The gold joggers were a find from Goodwill and they are actually lightweight. So I had warmth from the sweater, turtleneck, and combat boots.

These combat boots are from Walking Cradles, called the Knox, and even have a fleece lining which makes them ideal.

BTW, I cuffed my joggers just so the elasticized area would be above the boot top.


Dress: thrifted~~Duster: Caite & Kyla~~Boots: Target

Today felt like I was wearing a nightgown and robe. Seriously, it makes me wonder why more women don’t wear dresses. There’s no waistband or crotch irritation. Of course, you need the right shape of dress, but they aren’t hard to find anymore.

Anyways, I wanted to wear the velvet dress as a duster but as you can see below it seemed big and overwhelming. So I used my Maggie’s Snaps magnets to pull the pockets to the back and it created a cape-like look with more dress showing under it in the front.

Here is the video to show how I did it.

The white boots lighten up the look and I added a brooch to carry that lightness up to my earrings.


Jeans: Banana Republic~~Sweater: the Limited~~Shoes: Jessica Simpson

I love this sweater but don’t wear it as often as I should. Usually, I wear it with white jeans (as seen here) but I decided to go with grey jeans today.

The sweater is a crew neck, so I’m always trying to find something to layer it over. And I’ve never tried it over this print cowl neck (that I just wore recently on Friday in this daily outfit post).

Don’t you just love the socks? They are a recent PR item from Love Classic. The funny thing is I purged most of my socks when we moved here because I didn’t think I would need them. So it was nice to get a couple of pair that I could show off.

Insider tip: Worried about what color socks to wear with outfits? Most of the time we think to try to hide them, but if you find a fun pair to showcase, then you can add that “extra” sass to your look.


Shorts: Goodwill~~Vest: Goodwill~~Booties: -many seasons ago

I’ve told my friend, Marsha, about wearing leggings as tights, so I figured these leggings would add color to my outfits.

The faux leather shorts were a steal from Goodwill. They are something to be worn in winter around here with fun tights or tall boots.

What I love about the white vest is that it is reversible. Today I’m wearing it quilted side out, and the other side is faux fur.

This is not the first time I’ve layered a vest over a jacket. The original models tried it here and it’s one of my favorite tricks.

And this pair of booties are a favorite from 2018 (see all three of us in them here).

Bright Color Challenge

I hope you’ll all join in somehow, someway. Even if you don’t share your outfit photos, just the fact that you are wearing bright colors will help your mood!!

Any bright color added to your outfit classifies. As well as the fact that each of our definitions of bright colors is different. So don’t worry if it’s not “correct”. This is all for fun!!
BTW, even white jeans are bright and a fabulous way to lighten up an outfit!!

If you want to join:
1-You can add your outfit in a comment on my Facebook page to the pinned post at the top of my feed. Each week will have a different pinned post, so feel free to add yours multiple times if you wear bright colors on different days of that week.
2-You can email me your outfit to jtouchofstyle@gmail.com
3-On Instagram you can share in a post or even in your stories. Just make sure to tag me at @Jtouchofstyle so I see it and include the #BrightColorJanuary with it.

I will share 6 favorite outfits in my weekly Daily Outfits post as well as share all outfits in my Instagram/Facebook stories. Make sure to share your handle if you want to be tagged.
Your “handle” is your name as it appears on Facebook and Instagram. For instance, my handle is @Jtouchofstyle.

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My goal with my daily looks post is to find things that help inspire you with my daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life. I truly think that clothing is our way to express our personality visually.

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It’s not just about me on this blog, but also about my mother and friend. We get to showcase not only different decades of life but also different body shapes and unique personal styles.

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