Daily Looks: Week Ending 12.8.23

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These are the weeks, I like to remember to wear any Christmas items and make sure to dress for the season. The nice part is while we’ve had cold mornings, it’s warmed up during the day.

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Dress: from Just Be Youtiful~~Vest: Gigio-Just Be Youtiful~~Boots: Donald Pliner-thrifted

I’m helping out at a fashion show for Just Be Youtiful, my favorite local boutique, and put together this outfit with items from the store from last year and this year.

The dress has an interesting ruching and shape, but I wanted a little more warmth, so I added the faux leather vest (you saw it with leather pants not so long ago).

Even the necklace is from the boutique and I think a contrasting color really makes the look more interesting. If I had accessorized with browns or blacks, the look would be flat.

My boots were thrifted, and I always love this sock-like style because they look great with dresses but are tight enough to be worn with jeans and pants too.

I am wearing my faux ponytail too.


I shared this scarf hack in my daily email last week, so I wanted to try it. The only way I’ll remember one of these tricks is to do it myself many times, so it’s part of my memories.

And this scarf/shawl is one that I hand-knit over 10 years ago. I call it my retirement shawl because I was working on it when I sold my practice. The thing is I rarely wear it because I haven’t figured out a great way to style it. So this option worked perfectly. Because a lot of time and energy went into knitting this piece, I usually have it draping down the chair in my bedroom for decoration. But it’s even better if I can wear it too.

I will say that wearing a scarf like this isn’t good if you are planning on cleaning or need to move your arms a ton. But for computer work, hanging around, or at a party, it’s fabulous.

My velvet jeans have been showcased on the blog over 5 years ago. The sweater was a PR item from Mott & Bow. It’s a wonderful quality, piece. I wouldn’t consider it a sweater, but a nice thick top that works under other things.

Then my leopard hi-tops are ones that I added faux fur around the inside and top because they were rubbing against my ankle.


Jeans: Transformed by Una Blue~~Cardigan: Express-thrifted~~Boots: Journee Collection-PR item

It’s dog training day, so it’s casual, yet spiced up for the holidays.

These jeans were transformed by a company that I reviewed 2 years ago. She’s not doing this creative transformation anymore, but I still adore how the jeans were updated. It also made me realize that I could do that same kind of thing (in all of my spare time, haha).

I picked out the shoes next because the jeans are a tad long. These combat boots have been a fabulous addition to my footwear. I love the extra height for jeans such as these, and they are modern.

I pulled out this red, cashmere, hoodie cardigan that I thrifted over 6 years ago. And to make it seem more upscale, I layered some pearl necklaces.
Not only did I layer my necklaces but I added a girl brooch to give it more sass. These girl lobster claps brooches can be found at Just Be Youtiful. Check out her FB page and ask her what she has in stock. They are under $25 and use code Jtouch15 for a discount.

Insider tip: I used hair claw clips (like this) to keep the necklaces together at these lengths. Otherwise, the one pearl necklace that is doubled tends to ride up around my neck.

And bring out the holiday earrings, right? You can find a fabulous selection of these on Amazon.


Skirt: Bizzy- thrifted~~Cardigan: no label~~Sneakers: Goodwill

This outfit came together because we had Tai Chi in the morning and then we needed to run errands afterward. And I always hate to go out wearing a workout look. So I figured out how to make my Tai Chi outfit transform into an everyday look.

BTW, we have done this trick twice on the blog. Once in the winter and once in the summer. It’s easy with Tai Chi because I don’t sweat in class.

I’m wearing my black, fleece leggings and if you don’t have any, you should immediately buy some now.

Then I wore my sequin tree, long sleeve T-shirt from Draper’s & Damon’s which is a company I recently discovered. My shirt is sold out, but this one is similar.

I was just going to throw this long cardigan over the look and finish it off with these floral sneakers, but then I remembered this stretchy velvet skirt and figured, it would be perfect.

And that black thing behind me? That’s Vern, our robot vacuum. I’ve even written about him before.


Pants: Target~~Vest: French Mauve-won in giveaway~~Sneakers: Cariuma

My green pants are ideal for the season and considering I succumbed to another pair of Cariuma sneakers that happened to be the same color, I just had to pair them together. (In my defense, Cariuma keeps sending a $30 off code, so I couldn’t let it go to waste. I assume they do this to all existing customers, so once you get $30 off through my link, you’ll have more discounts down the line too).

You can see in the top photo, that I added my fabulous Christmas earrings made by one of my readers, Kris. But I didn’t want my entire look to be red and green, so I wore a lilac long vest instead and incorporated all kinds of colors in my necklace.

I finished off the look with this green & pearl beret that used to be my friend’s mother’s.


Skirt: Allegra K~~Sweater: I knit it~~Boots: Macys

For some reason, my hand-knit sweaters tend to feel frumpy to me. I’ve tried to analyze why and I think it’s because you don’t see them all over the internet. Who knows, but I still want to wear them. So I’ve been trying to combine them with something other than jeans.

Today, I paired this hand-knit sweater (that I wore years ago here), with my silver pleated skirt. I’ve been surprised by how much I wear this skirt after doing some comparison shopping with like items from different stores in an article.

I chose tall burgundy boots with the skirt, and I “tucked” my sweater into a belt that was hiding underneath. The sweater is too bulky to tuck into the skirt waistband, so I came up with this trick. I’ll share a video about how to do it soon.

And I wore my faux ponytail. I just love how it looks after I painted it darker.

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