Daily Looks: Week Ending 12.9.22

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I have so many sweaters and heavy-weight clothes that I’m trying to wear for the next three months. Top of the list is my faux fur things and boots! I need to also start pulling out my hand-knit sweaters.

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Skirt: Banana Republic Factory~~Sweater: Target~~Boots:

This outfit started with all different elements and evolved into this. Some days are like that. I was going for a unique green and red pairing because did you see those fabulous earrings in the top photo? Those were made by a wonderful friend, and I was so excited to show them off.

The skirt you saw recently for a funeral outfit. And this ruffle sweater was a find from Target last winter. I was really impressed with how the ruffle portion stays put and isn’t too overwhelming.

This belt is a stunner and was given to me by a friend because she wouldn’t wear it. There’s a matching necklace too which I should wear more often.

And the faux fur wrist cuffs (from Amazon) are my latest obsession. I just love anything faux fur and these are such a fun way to add spice to a sweater or shirt. BTW, they come in a ton of colors and are under $15. AND they are warm, so if you need warmth, you should try them.


Skirt: Sequin material ~~Top: no label~~Boots: Macys

This is one of those outfits that you are probably wondering, what the heck she is wearing, haha. My friend, Catherine saw a woman make a dress out of a piece of sequin material, so we were going to replicate that.

Needless to say, my yard of sequin material (found on Amazon and touted as a table runner) worked better as a skirt because it’s a tad see-through as one layer. Even here, I wore a lace slip under it so as not to expose most of my leg. Yet I wear shorts in the summer, so I’m not sure why that bothered me.

Anyways, I wore the large pin that I just found at the Mesa Museum. I needed it to hold the material together.

The beret was a recent purchase at Nordstrom rack. I have been loving berets lately, and even though I don’t have a lot of this lime-green color, I thought it would be fun.

I realize I wore these faux fur cuffs yesterday too, but the sleeves were too long on my shirt, and since they really keep me warm, I thought they would be fun.

Snakeskin boots because they go with everything, right?


Dress & Topper: from Just Be Youtiful~~Boots: NewBella-won in a giveaway

I’m helping out at Just Be Youtiful for one of their in-store events, so I am wearing 2 items purchased from her store. I layered this topper over the leopard dress and tied the ties in the back but UNDER the topper.

This topper is a good example of being the boss of your clothes because, with the ties, you can do multiple things with them including tying them in front.

Insider tip: The other trick with collared tops like this is you can tuck the collar under to have it hidden. See how I did that in this video.

These boots are on repeat because I just adore the bright pink color. It’s nice that they are tall so add warmth, yet the heel is low. Right now you can use code Jodie15 for a discount from NewBella.

What you don’t see is a small pin holding the V-neck together so it doesn’t open as much. If you don’t have a pin that blends in, sometimes a post-earring works.


Jeans: Express-Goodwill~~Sweater: Antonio Melani-thrifted ~~Hat: French Knot PR item

Today was my sinus procedure so I didn’t want to wear a necklace or large earrings.

Instead, I opted for this magnificent beanie. You can see it in more detail in this video. I’m sure it is something I could knit, but I didn’t. This brand, French Knot, has such gorgeous items that are ethically made and not super expensive (considering I know how much work went into them).

The jeans are suede on the front and just normal, black denim on the back half. It’s funny that I have a pair of ankle boots the exact same color, right?

And then I wore this bright pink sweater (that you saw 2 years ago at New Years‘). This time I wore a lacy turtleneck under it.


Leggings: Old Navy~~Sweater: from Fashom~~ Boots: Naturalizer-won in a giveaway

I found another tool that can help in certain situations. That longer burgundy piece is called a PeekaBoo Shirttail and is only the bottom half of a shirt. The owner even gave me a discount code if you’d like to check them out, JODIE20.

Basically, it’s a way to add layering without the bulk and makes you feel more covered with some of the leggings or skinny jeans styles. I always love these options. It reminds me of Halftees except for the bottom half. They are something you won’t wear daily, but they can help out at times.

It’s funny because I wore this around all day, and then we took photos in the afternoon both with and without it. And when I took it off, I felt positively naked, haha!! I’ll be showing the photos with it and without it on Instagram if you’re interested sometime soon.

I don’t wear these boots much anymore, but they were one of the first things I won after I retired. They are a classic style, so I’m glad I’ve kept them over the years. I wore them with a girly dress about 7 years ago on my site.


Jeans: Dear John~~Vest & Sweater: from Naomi & Ruth~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox”

It’s a lot going on, I know. But that’s how I like things right now. I wonder if it has to do with our lifestyle and environment. I liked things much simpler clothing-wise when I was stressed with owning a dental practice.

What I couldn’t wait to wear is this faux fur dickey. I found it at my favorite boutique, Just Be Youtiful. For some reason, I love the faux fur embellishments lately. Obviously, since I’m wearing my detachable faux fur cuffs too (found on Amazon).

I layered a sweater vest over another sweater with a pair of corduroys and my Walking Cradle combat boots. Can you see my faux fur earrings too?


Skirt: Southern Soul Collectives-won in a giveaway~~Jacket: Forever 21-Poshmark~~Boots: Mix 6-DSW

One of my friends said maybe she should wear her tulle skirts every day until Christmas, so I thought I’d break mine out. And I decided to be “pretty in pink” after receiving this fuzzy pink jacket from my friend’s Poshmark closet.

I wanted something darker or print under the jacket, so this thrifted cowl neck seemed perfect. This is something I’ve had for ages and would have worn to a winter wedding as seen here.

Now the choice of shoes and tights was mainly because we are going to an outside Christmas lights event tonight. But I do love the dichotomy of the combat boots with the tulle skirt.

Normally, I wouldn’t wear tights or at least darker ones, but I chose these because they are fleece lined (on Amazon). And now that I’m seeing it, I like how the darker tights show the flower print under the tulle. I also think it bookends the darker stripes in the cowl neck top.

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