Daily Looks: Week Ending 2.1.23

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You would think I’m still styling for the bright color challenge (except on Wednesday). But you gotta love all of the colors for the upcoming Valentine’s holiday. I never used to think much about the holiday until we got married on that day. Now it’s a fun celebration for Rob and me.

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Dress: Derhy-thrifted~~Sweater: Naomi & Ruth~~Sneakers: Angel

I wanted to incorporate a summer dress worn for winter and this dress is one of the items I thrifted in Palm Springs at Christmas. It was worn right after we returned from our trip with a micro sweater over it on Wednesday in this Daily Outfit post.

The sweater has the same color baubles in it as the dress so I thought it would be a fun print-mixing project. You can see the sweater worn under a jacket on Wednesday in this Daily Outfit post. I’m actually wearing the sweater backward because I wanted to show off the dress in the front more.

These sneakers are patent leather and I can only wear them with my Sheec socks. Otherwise, they are too uncomfortable.

BTW, this sweater is still on Naomi & Ruth’s site in a M/L and I’m now an ambassador for the boutique which means you can use my discount code (Jodi15) and I will get a small commission with any purchase.


Jeans: Flying Monkey-Naomi & Ruth~~Blazer: Banana Republic~~Boots: Penny Loves Kenny

I was off to a Galentine’s party but we are going to be making our own scrubs so we were told to not wear anything too nice.

I figured I would remove my pink blazer and can roll up my sleeves on this flannel plaid shirt. Can you see that I tucked in my shirt crisscross style? It’s the same trick that my friend, Susan used for a wonky cardigan in this post.

I found another advantage of skinny jeans. They are easy to cuff up so I can show off my ankle boots.


Shorts: H&M~~Sweater: Naomi & Ruth~~Sneakers: Jambu Sandy” c/o

Wow, not so much different than yesterday’s color combination, right? Funny how that happens.

I just purchased this sweater from Naomi & Ruth when at the Galentine’s event yesterday, so I figured I should wear it. And I realized that I hadn’t worn these sequin shorts yet this year. (You can see how I styled them in different ways in this video). I consider them perfect for showing off fun tights.

For today’s tights, I am wearing the fleece-lined sheer black ones from Amazon and this fishnet pair over them.

I added the scarf to cover up the workout top that I’m wearing under the sweater (it’s so I don’t have to change as much when we go to Pilates this afternoon). The thing you don’t see is the magnets holding the scarf in the front (and the other end in the back). I did this because I hate having to fiddle with things throughout the day, and I knew the scarf would move around otherwise.

And these black sneakers have been a treasure. They are from Jambu from last fall’s collection but are still available. I like the different textures on it AND the zipper on the side so I don’t have to tie them each time.


Skirt: Express-Goodwill~~ Sweater: Handknit by me~~Boots: Target

Well, at least I paired pink with a different color today! My goal this week was to incorporate more skirts and dresses, thus I found this fringe number that I picked up from Goodwill this summer.

I’m also working on wearing my hand-knit sweaters before it gets too warm. I knit this one over 20 years ago. I layered it over a sheer pink top that my mom made, and the original blogging models wore here (because my mom had a lot of the material).

My tall boots are perfect for skirts and dresses to keep my legs warm. And I have my Heat Holder socks on in the boots. If you haven’t tried out the Heat Holder company, they are almost like a roving yarn (which probably makes sense only to you fiber people). I did sign up to be an affiliate for Heat Holders, so I will get a small commission if you purchase anything through my link. Thank you for any and all of your support.

These glasses have been complimented so many times. I got them through an online glasses company called Glasses Shop. They gave me a discount long ago which makes them, even more, budget oriented. Use GSHOT35 for 35% off.
These are the “Lee” style but it’s not easy to search for them. I usually search by color to find what I want.


Blouse: Naomi & Ruth~~Vest: LOFT~~Jeans: Gap~~Boots: Bleeker & Bond-DSW

If you get my emails, then you saw this heart blouse worn for our date Tuesday night. Since it wasn’t really dirty, I wore it again for my blogger’s meetup today. I do that a lot with clothing: rewear before washing.

I’ve become an affiliate with Naomi & Ruth and can offer you a 15% discount with code Jodi15

I decided to pull out the black vest that I used to wear to work ages ago. And I tied the ends of the blouse into a knot.

This pair of jeans is the bootcut pair that you saw when I talked about the best jeans for us older women and compared them side-by-side. Funny, how I’m wearing the same booties as I did in that post.

Since I wanted the focus on the blouse, I wore my clear Isly-NYC earrings and even used a barrette to pull my hair back on one side.


Skirt: Jealous Tomato~~Top: Naomi & Ruth~~Wrap: Just Be Youtiful-online~~Boots: Matisse-Goodwill

I purchased this skirt a couple of years ago from an online boutique that has since gone out of business. You’ve seen it with the matching top here. I wanted to pair it with something besides the matching top, so I grabbed this faux leather peplum top from Naomi & Ruth last year.

Then I topped it with this interesting shawl with sleeves found on Just Be Youtiful’s online site here (code Jtouch15 for a discount). There are 20 different colors available-this is the Fiesta.
What I love about this piece is how you can wear it in different ways. I might even make a video about it.

I wore my tan cowboy boots with the look, a statement pearl necklace (because we might as well wear the fun things we have, right?), and colorful earrings.


Dress: from Horizon thrift~~Corset: I knitted it~~Boots: Mix No 6

When I was first putting this outfit together in my closet, I was thinking I would wear leopard booties with it. But then this morning, I realized the look needed booties with a pop of color. This is why I also added the red lippie, earrings, glasses, and head scarf.

I keep wanting to wear this furry corset top over a white button-down blouse, but somehow I grabbed this dress instead. Interesting, right??

If you missed all of the hubbubs regarding this hand-knit corset top, I wore it under a blazer here. But it was not easy to knit. When I first knit it, it ended up being huge (you can see that here), and then I took it to the sewing machine shown in this video.
Since there was so much angst in making it, I really wanted to make sure to wear it before the summer temperatures hit.

Doesn’t it look like my hair is short? It’s not. It’s just tied up in the head scarf. I was going to have the scarf ties hang down my back, but then I decided to tuck them up instead.

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