Daily Looks: Week Ending 2.16.24

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The weather this week has been getting warmer, which has been ideal for starting to get the outdoor patio decorated and putting things in their place. I was excited to be able to wear skirts and dresses this week instead of just pants and jeans.

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Pants: Venti6~~Jacket: Express-Your Revolving Closet~~Boots: Top Moda-Just Be Youtiful

It was cold, we were going to church and then running errands plus a ton more of unpacking. So I needed something to fit all of those needs.

Both the sweater and jacket are from my latest Your Revolving Closet box. The longer jacket is ideal for the chilly temperatures this morning.

And the faux leather pants tend to be warm too because the material doesn’t “breathe”.

These silver booties were one of my best purchases last year from the Just Be Youtiful website. Considering they were under $50, they are comfy (I sized up half a size) and go with everything.

Insider tip: Use code Jtouch15 to get a discount on anything in Just Be Youtiful’s store, FB page or online.

I layered a light-wash denim shirt under the sweater. It’s so light that it looks white. I’ve had the shirt for so long that it started tearing under the arms, so I cut off the sleeves to make it sleeveless. That detail makes it a wonderful layering top.

The earrings pick up the colors of the sweater yet still contrast against my hair.


Jeans: Banana Republic~~Jacket: Jasambac-won in giveaway~~Boots: Rocket Dog-Gordmans

With all of the craziness with our move, I’d almost forgotten that this week is Valentine’s Day. The reason I LOVE V-Day is because it’s our anniversary, and I don’t mind wearing pinks and reds. Today I wore the two colors together.

It’s a dog training day, so another day of jeans. I think this was my first pair of coated jeans and I fell in love with the fact that they don’t attract pet fur.

Then I wore my fuzzy pink sweater with the new blazer I won in an IG giveaway. This wasn’t the necklace I thought I would wear, but it’s the one that was on top of the pile in the necklace box, haha.

These floral combat boots were my first pair of combat boots (I now have 6 pairs). They aren’t the most comfy pair but I keep them for the times we aren’t doing a lot of walking since they add whimsey to any look.


Dress: Cabi-preloved~~Sweatshirt: JCPenney~~Boots: Mix No 6-DSW

Lesley was cleaning out her closet and gave me this black sweater dress. It’s a Cabi brand and nice and lightweight, so I thought it would be perfect for layering under other things.

Like this whimsical sweatshirt that I found in the kids section.

Since it’s chilly this morning, I paired my plaid tights with it and my pink combat boots.

Other times I’ve worn these items:
Sweatshirt: Showcasing color combinations with green
Tights: 3 outfits with these tights
Boots: Worn with a tulle skirt


Skirt: Catherine Maladrino-Macy’s ~~Sweatshirt: Banana Republic~~Sneakers: Adidas-Goodwill

My mom talked me into this skirt when we were shopping at Macy’s (and she graciously took off 4 inches in length for me), so I thought it was perfect for our anniversary brunch on Valentine’s Day.

I wanted to casualize it with a sweatshirt and picked this lips sweatshirt. The red shirt under it added a color contrast and gave me something around my neck.

But the sweatshirt is long and loose, so I used my belt trick as I showcased in this video. The belt of choice is a black wide elastic one so I could tuck the sweatshirt in all of the way around.

I thought it ended up looking great with the red peplum sticking out.

Wanna see these items worn before?
Sweatshirt: Worn with a sequin dress. You can see how loose and long it is
Red, sleeveless top: Husband-styled outfit with yellow skirt
Sneakers: Wearing them with all kinds of outfits


Joggers: Forever 21-thrifted~~Cardigan: Old Navy~~Sneakers: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) “Orleans

Today was Tai Chi in the morning and then errands plus unpacking in the afternoon. So the outfit worked perfectly for all day.

These velvet joggers have been a fun purchase even though I wasn’t sure about them when I first brought them home (the advantage of thrifting or renting items).

I found this bright yellow cardigan on a fabulous sale at Old Navy recently and even though it’s an XL, I thought I could have fun with it. I played around with buttoning the bottom button with the top buttonhole. If I needed to take off the cardigan during Tai Chi, I could easily pop it over my head instead of figuring out the buttons.

These sneakers are the style I have 6 different prints of because they are so comfy. This print isn’t made anymore, but Ros has a ton of different ones (and some are even on sale).

Insider discount: Jodie10 will give you a discount on Ros’ entire site through March 31, 2024.

You’ve seen this sheer top ages ago paired with a leather skirt on our Alaska cruise.


Dress: eShakti~~Boots: Fierra

Today we are running more errands (we go to Home Depot and Ace Hardware daily, haha) and I wanted to prove once again that I could wear this summer dress in the winter.

The first time I wore it in winter, I layered a sweater over top (and the sweater was upside down). This time I wore a hoodie t-shirt under the dress and then knotted the dress at the waist.

This pair of denim boots is from 40 years ago. Yes, you read that right. I bought them when visiting my dad in Denver when I was still in high school. They were SOOO expensive to me at the time ($50) and I have never been able to part with them. Luckily I still have the same size foot and I am still enamored with them.

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