Daily Looks: Week Ending 2.17.23

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Funny how oranges and browns dominated the week. But I was successful in wearing more skirts and dresses. Yay, me!!

Print Mix Challenge

After being inspired by an outfit photo recently, I wanted to have a print mix challenge. I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, but I hope you give it a go. Even just a small print scarf with leopard shoes would count. It doesn’t have to be all-in-your-face print mixing.

Anyways, I will include everyone’s photos in next Saturday’s Daily Outfit post, so please, please, please join in and add them to the comments of this pinned post on my FB page. Please don’t leave me hanging. I would love to have at least a dozen entries and right now I only have 2.

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Dress: Cottage Garden in Glendale~~Jacket: Target~~Boots: Target

If you saw the email on Monday, then you saw the inspiration for this outfit. I have worn this summer dress on the blog before as a practical option for Arizona summers.
And this was the inspiration for my Print Mix Challenge!!

So basically I winterized it with a wool blazer (that is over 10 years old since I wore it while working as a dentist), and I even belted it. I don’t think to belt my blazers often, and maybe this wasn’t the perfect one to add the belt with, but you never know until you try.

I had a facial today, so the hat is meant to help with how crazy my hair looks after it.

These white cowboy boots have been the best purchase this year. I feel like I wear them so much, and because they are taller than traditional cowboy boots, they are warmer which is so nice.


Jeans: LOFT~~Top: AMB~~Vest: Belong Lifestyle USA~~Sneakers: Madden Girl-thrifted

I’m working with the company that makes these tops. It’s called AMB and they have this version called poncho tops as well as a totally different style on their site. Even though they are more expensive than I normally promote, they are very sustainable in that they only make the tops once an order is processed. So there is no extra waste. Considering “Sheer” is a spring trend that I have been seeing a lot, you should definitely check them out.
And the nice aspect is the tops have 2 layers to them so you don’t have to worry about see-through.

BTW, this poncho is Kyoto. And code TOS25 gives you 25% off.

Since this style top is more flowy and voluminous, I paired it with white skinny jeans. And even though the sleeves aren’t fitted, they can work with some vests too.

If you love tops like this, it’s exactly the reason not to chuck your skinny jeans. You need them for the balance outfit issues I discussed recently.


Dress: Banana Factory Outlet~~Sweater: Rachel Roy-Preloved~~Boots: Macys

I went with unconventional colors for Valentine’s Day. This slip dress was in the same order that I found the best basic t-shirt for only $15. Granted it was too cold to wear the dress without layers.

So I added a fuzzy sweater over top. You’ve seen this sweater many times on the blog. Here when we went to a fashion show and here for a holiday look.
BTW, I had to use a hack to keep my sweater tucked up so the proportions were better. I don’t have the video edited yet, but I’ll share it in one of my upcoming emails. (Another good reason to sign up for my emails. I share a lot of extras in them)

I usually wear that blingy necklace with it, so I switched things up by layering 3 different necklaces today. One of them has a heart pendent, so I thought that was appropriate.

I love my tall snakeskin boots to give me warmth and cover some of the opening of the leg shown with the slit.

That incredible ring is from my friend’s Etsy shop. It’s not a ring you wear while working around the house, but it was perfect for going to high tea!


Dress: G by Guilani-Turnstyle~~Blazer: My mom made it~~Boots: G by Guess

Another day, another sweater over a dress! I love this maxi dress because it has sleeves, but it’s still not warm enough right now to wear by itself (I’ve worn it for winter before in this article).

The orange sweater (still available and only $25 in this color) was a recent find at Banana Republic Factory using my rewards. Then I layered a blazer over it so I’m print mixing too. This fabulous blazer was sewn by my mother. I’ve worn it before here.

Then, of course, I wore tall boots to keep my legs warm, but I could have easily worn tights too.

Kudos goes out to Violet who suggested that I wear the corset top that I knitted (back on Friday of this Daily Outfit post) as a scarf. Since there is elastic sewn in, I had to pull it together in the front and attach it with my Maggie’s magnets (hard to see, I know, but it’s there).


Pants: Banana Republic Factory~~Sweatshirt: Banana Republic~~Sneakers: Jambu “” c/o

I worked on another layering necklace project. It did change from what I showed here because I liked it better hanging on the outside of the shirt neckline instead of inside. I’ll hopefully get the video put up on FB sometime soon. But it involved creating a necklace out of a necklace and bracelet. AND creating a necklace out of two necklaces.

A good reminder that we are the boss of our clothes.

The plaid pants are ones that tend to only get worn around Christmas, but that’s silly. I wore a plaid skirt lately, so why not these plaid pants?

The sweatshirt is fleece and incredibly warm. In fact, I almost purged it when we moved to AZ, but I’m glad I didn’t. Especially because we will be outside exploring today.

The are one of my favorite pairs from them. Not only comfortable, but I love the zipper on the side which makes them easy to get on and off.

Insider tip: I will be working with Jambu again this spring, so I will have a discount code to share.


Skirt: Miou Muse~~Sweater: Hand knit by me~~Boots: Donald Pliner-thrifted

I feel bad for all of my hand-knit sweaters that don’t see the light of day much. That’s why I pulled out this one and paired it with the recent tulle skirt purchase that was on sale at the boutique next to the tea house we visited on Valentine’s day.

Shockingly (or not) I have boots that match perfectly. They are starting to wear out and I was wondering if I should purge them, but I’m thinking I might need to try to repair them instead.

The sweater is mohair and cropped, but I still tucked it in and kept it in place with the brooch at the waist.

I also wanted to add some print mixing so the head scarf gives a nod to that.

Thank you

My goal with my daily looks post is to find things that help inspire you with my daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life. I truly think that clothing is our way to express our personality visually.

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