Daily Looks: Week Ending 2.24.23

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My husband wanted me to warn you that you will need your sunglasses for my Sunday outfit. This is exactly why you could call me a “magpie.”

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Both Dresses: thrifted~~Boots: Impo

Would you believe I’ve layered 2 dresses here? Everything is old from my closet and I’ll prove it.

The chevron dress I’ve worn with red jeans under it when I was talking about how to wear summer dresses in winter.
And the metallic dress I wore for a formal spring graduation post.

The boots I’ve showcased on the blog by wearing them with 7 different outfits.

Sometimes the idea to layer things comes when they are hanging next to each other in the closet. It can be the best kind of inspiration to pair things you’ve never worn together before.


Pants: Shop Tallulahlou~~Cardigan: from Goodwill~~Mules: Ccocci from Goodwill

I know, these pants are crazy and bright. I saw them on an Instagram story from the store Tallulah Lou and had to get them. They might be a tad big, but I can take them in at the waist. Although I’m not sure because they don’t have any stretch to them.

I added a white dot peplum top from Belong Lifestyle USA which is still available in a Large for only $13 after the discount. (50% at checkout).

I was going to wear a grey charcoal cardigan but it was too long with the looser jeans. So I opted for the burgundy cropped cardigan that I found at Goodwill for only $1.

The mules have a 2-inch heel and were also from a different Goodwill where I vacillated whether to buy them or not (because they were $8). I laugh at that because I’ve worn them quite a bit and love them.


Vest: The Limited~~Sweater: Banana Republic (Rob’s)~~Leggings: Tuff Athletics-thrifted~~Sneakers: Billabong

I cheated with the outfit because I am wearing my pilates outfit under it. The leggings are my workout leggings and I have my workout sports bra and shirt under the sweater and vest.

This sweater is actually Rob’s (which is why it’s so big), and don’t you just love it with this purple vest? The colors just tickle my fancy. At least I grounded those two bright colors with darker leggings!

The leopard print sneakers are the ones that I added the faux fur around the inside and edging to make them comfier so they wouldn’t rub.

My accessories included bright statement earrings as well as one of my Gibby’s headbands that she doesn’t make anymore.

Insider tip: Owning a business is hard, so if you ever like anything from the small businesses I help promote, it’s good to buy them right away. They may not be around forever. Heck, even the big stores go out of business, like The Limited.


Here’s an example of proportions with this dress and blazer. Now I’m not saying one is better than the other, but I happen to like the one on the right more. It wasn’t hard to change it because the dress has an elastic waist, so I just tucked the extra material up under the elastic. And then added the belt to hold it in place.

BTW, I layered this spaghetti strap dress over a white button-down shirt.

This jacket is boxy, so I tied the self-belt in the back to give it a fake waist.
And I wore my white cowboy boots to keep my legs warm.


Dress: Ann Taylor-Clothes Mentor~~Cardigan: Hand knit by me~~ Boots: Macys

We woke up to pounding rain and it was going to be chilly today, so I pulled out this sweatshirt dress. I was inspired to wear this dress with these boots by my friend, Greetje, who is a Dutch blogger.

One issue was my dress kept clinging to my boots, so I added this lacy slip, and love how it looks hanging out from under it.

Then I wanted to add this hand-knit cardigan I made years ago. It’s VERY oversized (in fact, Rob wears it most of the time), so I did a lot of tucking and used a scarf as a belt. I should have a video about it on FB within the next two weeks. Make sure to follow me there.

This headband is one that Lesley gave me after she bought a bunch from Amazon. These are not tight and can be worn all day.


Jacket: Forever 21-thrifted~~Dress: Peach~~Sneakers: Rocket Dog

We were off to go thrifting today, so one of my favorite tricks is to wear a dress or skirt in case I need to try on pants or a skirt (the Goodwills and Savers still don’t have fitting rooms open).

I’m wearing this fuzzy jacket UNDER my dress (you’ve seen the dress styled 2 different ways by me just this last fall).

Insider tip: Most of our items can be layered both over and under. It’s one of my secrets about creating new and interesting outfits. Over and under.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wear tights or leggings, so instead, I opted for compression socks. These are the Go2 brand and I just love how they don’t look like your grandma’s compression socks. I wore my green/blue pair on the flight to Puerto Rico.

The other essential for a day of shopping is comfy footwear. For that, I went with my white sneakers.

Print Mix Challenge

Thank you to all who joined in for the print mix challenge. I know this idea of mixing prints is not everyone’s favorite idea. And I understand. I remember when I didn’t think it was as fun as I do now. But hopefully, you will get a glimmer of inspiration to see how it can be done by normal women.

I want to share a comment that Kris made about Marti’s pants because I think we have all been there: “This is great! I remember having a pair of pants like that in navy. I sure limited myself thinking I could only wear a solid color top with them. And most of the time it was white. How boring I used to be!

  1. Kris-She layered a striped shirt under the tie-dye one and it looks like it was made that way
  2. Kris- Balck and white polka dots with the same shades in the floral jacket
  3. Kym from Just Be Youtiful (my first participant in the challenge) shows striped pants and a floral tunic.
  1. Marti-Plaid pants with a floral sweater and I love the pop of red with the boots and necklace
  2. Michele-Dark stripes with a dark leopard print
  3. Mireille-A colorful option of a striped shirt with a floral scarf.
  1. Terri-Plaid shacket over a yellow print sweater
  2. Tresi-The same recipe as Mireille, but different. Tresi’s scarf is wrapped around her neck with her striped shirt
  3. Tresi-Took the same striped shirt and then layers a colorful tunic over it
  1. Nancy-Striped shirt with a print jacket. Again, loving the pop of red with the footwear
  2. Cathy-Used the stripes and floral with color which I just love
  3. Lesley-I had to include Lesley even though you saw this outfit yesterday because this is outside her comfort zone. Yet she nailed it!!

Thank you

My goal with my daily looks post is to find things that help inspire you with my daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life. I truly think that clothing is our way to express our personality visually.

I hope I say thank you enough because your support allows me to continue this journey which I just LOVE!!!
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It’s not just about me on this blog, but also about my mother and friend. We get to showcase not only different decades of life but also different body shapes and unique personal styles.

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