Daily Looks: Week Ending 2.3.23

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

Not only do you get the daily looks for this week, but also the two days before we left for our trip to Puerto Rico.

And it’s the last week for the bright color challenge. I really appreciate everyone who joined in and added their looks to my Facebook post. It certainly wasn’t a hard challenge for me since I have many, many bright colors in my closet, but there were some days, it really made me think differently about my combinations.

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Pants: Target~~Jacket: Just Be Youtiful~~Boots: Jambu c/o

These mint green jeans are perfect to wear in the cooler months because they are too thick for the summer here. They are also good for pedicures because they can be pulled up easily (yes I’m getting a pedicure today).

I thought this jacket would be a great way to winterize the mint green and would you believe the top is a pajama top?

I added a brooch to the jacket, and since it was somewhat heavy, I pinned it through both the top and the jacket. Again with the faux fur cuffs (found on Amazon) because it was under 40 degrees this morning.

For the morning, I grabbed these lug boots and even wore a pair of hand-knit socks to fill the space between pants and boots. I’m not sure it’s my favorite part of the outfit, but that’s what I wore.


Jeans: Flying Monkey from Naomi & Ruth~~Vest: Old Navy ~~Sneakers: Walking Cradles “Orleans

I’m trying to pull out my hand-knit sweaters before it gets too warm, and this one got the cameo appearance today. I’ve worn it on the blog before when we were talking about pearl necklaces.

The vest is a SUPER warm one from the kid’s section of Old Navy. Their XL and XXL of girls can easily fit a woman’s small. And they tend to have brighter and more whimsical items in the kid’s section (which is why I always check the kids’ section at thrift stores too).

I stuck with black jeans, but to make it more modern, I grabbed this distressed pair. Even if you don’t like holes in the knees, having a raw hem can look very stylish.

Then the glitter sneakers have been a favorite of mine for years. They are from Walking Cradles and were so popular that they brought the style back this year. There is black glitter AND silver glitter (I happen to have both because glitter is always in fashion). In fact, there is slip-on silver glitter if you like that style better.
EITHER way, use code Jodie15 for a discount. BTW, the company stopped their affiliate program so I don’t get a commission anymore. However, I still believe in the company and they said they would continue my discount for my readers.


Jeans: Chicos~~Jacket Vest: Cabi-Poshmark~~Boots: Target

I hadn’t worn this blue and white sweatshirt all winter yet, so I decided to see what kind of outfit I could create with it.

This is the time to wear white jeans here in AZ, so they were an easy option. This pair is from Chicos, and one of their no-stain options of white jeans. What you don’t notice is that these jeans are cropped since I tucked them into my white cowboy boots.

I decided to print mix with the sweatshirt by layering it over a green and white blouse. To me, it’s not super obvious, but I like how it pulls the chartreuse color of the jacket/vest together.

You’ve seen this jacket/vest before when I made it more fitted with a belt.


Skirt: Express~~ Jacket: Mom made it~~ Boots: NewBella-won in giveaway

I just love this mohair jacket that my mom made me from leftover material (see the blog post here). I’ve also worn it even before that. Today I paired it with a button-up blouse and knit skirt.

Since it was still Bright Color January, I wore my fabulous pink boots to stay warm (I won these in a giveaway). I carried the lighter pink from the boots to the brooch and the earrings.

What you don’t see underneath are the knee-high socks to keep my feet warm!!


Pants: from Naomi & Ruth~~Sweater tank: I knit it~~Booties: Truffle from ASOS

I realized I hadn’t worn much red for the Bright Color challenge, so it was time to remedy that. At first, I wasn’t sure about the color of pants with my “vest” because it blended. But I decided to go with it.

The “vest” is actually a hand-knit tank top that I knit over 10 years ago. I used to wear it under my blazers for work.

This red sweater has brown faux fur attached to the collar and it’s an Italian sweater that I thrifted at least 20 years ago. When I brought it home, I noticed a small hole in it that I darned and can’t even find anymore.
It’s funny because I don’t wear it much anymore. Maybe because I did when I first bought it. But here is proof that I have worn it for the blog in the past.

The faux leather joggers were a recent purchase from Naomi & Ruth and I wore them a couple of weeks ago with a different sweater on Wednesday in this Daily Outfit post.

The boots are my nod to adding some edginess to a look. I saw an influencer wearing them years ago so I found a budget-oriented pair from ASOS. If you’ve never shopped ASOS, you should. It’s definitely marketed to the younger crowd but they have good quality and free returns (at least they used to). Both my husband and I have many things from this online site.


Leggings: LulaRoe~~Cardigan: De Taille~~Boots: Mix No 6-DSW

I realize that I’m wearing two different footwear. The sock is because I know I’m not leaving the house today and what I’ll really be wearing. But I wanted to see how I’d wear the outfit if I did go out. Thus the combat boot.

These are Lularoe leggings so you know they are old. I didn’t want to wear a tunic so I wore them with faux leather shorts (thrifted) instead. I’ve had this cardigan for over 12 years and love how it’s asymmetrical as seen many years ago here.

If you receive my email, then you know all about these super thick, crazy warm socks. They are called Heat Holders and I wish I had known about them when I lived in Denver.
As for my combat boots. I chose them so my ankles would be covered instead of wearing sneakers or ankle boots.


Jeans: Paige-Goodwill~~Sweater: Wooden Ships-won in giveaway~~Sneakers: Billabong (DIYed with fur)

Even though the Bright Color Challenge is officially over, I still have a ton of fun colors to wear for the colder weather. This sweater is one that I won in an IG giveaway, and it’s a tad oversized. Today, I used the half-tuck for it and layered it over a pink leopard blouse.

These coated jeans are a pair I picked up at Goodwill for $1. They are the Paige brand which I know is a high-end brand. I wasn’t sure I should get them because I’m trying to curb my skinny jeans obsession, but then I figured I could somehow DIY them if I really wanted.

Insider tip: Do you know why coated jeans are the best? Pet hair doesn’t stick to them.

These sneakers are the ones I added faux fur around the ankle so they wouldn’t rub and hurt. You saw them with my orange pants when we talked about magenta as the color of the year. And yes, I am wearing Sheec no-show socks with them (my go-to for no-show socks that stay put).


Leggings: Kohls~~Sweatshirt: Target~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox

I just realized that you haven’t seen many dresses for this daily outfit post. I’ll try to remedy that next week.

These leggings are thin and not very warm. And while I was going with a casual look with the sweatshirt, I felt a little bare without anything covering my rear, so I added my Peekaboo Shirttail (JODIE20 gives you a discount). These are just the bottom half of a shirt so you don’t have the bulk up top.

I also added my latest legwarmers (yes, I’m reverting to the 80s). This pair is from Just Be Youtiful’s online site (used code JTOUCH15). I tucked them into my combat boots or should they go over the boots?? It’s been so long since I wore them, I will have to experiment!

The boots are from Walking Cradles and you can get 20% off on all boots until Feb. 5 with code Groundhog20. They don’t have an affiliate program anymore but I’ll still post about the shoes because they are my go-to for comfort and style. They allowed me to still have a discount code, but the 20% is better than my personal one.

I added a scarf at my neck and I’m keeping it in place with one of my Maggie’s magnets.

Bright Color Challenge

I was truly loving all of the women joining in for the Bright Color Challenge. And kudos to Kris who even commented on everyone’s looks also. Having women that support each other is the way we make the world a better place!

Even if you wore your brights and didn’t include your outfits on the FB post, I hope they made your day happier. I know Joanne even said that she received a bunch of compliments at the grocery store in her bright orange sweater.

Thank you

My goal with my daily looks post is to find things that help inspire you with my daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life. I truly think that clothing is our way to express our personality visually.

I hope I say thank you enough because your support allows me to continue this journey which I just LOVE!!!
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