Daily Looks: Week Ending 2.9.24

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It was a week full of jeans and pants since we were moving houses and doing all of that stuff. You also don’t see many accessories because they are all packed away, LOL.

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Skirt: Express-Your Revolving Closet~~Sweater: Cabi-thrifted~~Boots: Target

Since I missed the psychedelic times from the 60’s, I’m having fun revisiting them. I couldn’t pass up adding this skirt to my closet when I saw it on Your Revolving Closet and I knew I would wear it more in the winter with tall boots.

The belt is part of the skirt, but I decided to put it on top of the sweater since you wouldn’t see it otherwise. Holding up the belt end is a tie clip of my dad’s. I could have used a magnet. Usually, I use a clear elastic, but that would make the material bunch up.

I’ve worn this sweater in the past, and the coolest part is the asymmetrical hem and the interesting back. Check it out here with leggings.

The hair was ready to be washed, so I covered it with the beret. And my fabulous shoulder scraping earrings are perfect with the colors of the skirt.


Pants: Old Navy~~Sweater: Wooden Ships-won in a giveaway~~Shoes: Esprit-Macys

Today we are heading to the new house to clean, paint and all those kinds of things. This may not look like an outfit for those activities, but then we are also going out to lunch in Scottsdale and picking up some hangers from a friend. So I have to look presentable.

When I’m working at the new house, I’ll take off the sweater (there’s a graphic tee under it) and take off the shoes.

The sweater is oversized, so I used one of my scarf clips to hold up one side to make it more interesting. These little clips are wonderful for t-shirts too.

I love these faux leather pants that I recently used rewards on at Old Navy. AND they are on sale. I’d totally recommend them because they are soft and are like wearing pj bottoms.

The shoes are another pair that my mom and I bought together at Macy’s. One of these days we will be twinsies in them.


Jeans: Kancan~~Vest: Miss Me-thrifted~~Boots: Bleeker & Bond-DSW

Dog training day, and then off to the new house to clean before the movers come tomorrow.

This outfit is easily transformable to cleaning since I have a t-shirt on under the sparkle sweatshirt and my Pilates socks in the booties.

Yes, the jeans are skinny, and that’s not the trendy style right now, but too bad. In fact, I would have worn this exact outfit years ago, and I still like how it looks. Everything is old, old, old.

BTW, this reminds me of the “trendy clothing aesthetic” I’ve been seeing all over Instagram called “Mob Wife Esthetic”. It goes to show I was on the cusp of this trend years ago, haha.

Moving Day

I didn’t have a chance to take photos, but I wore the same thing “recipe” as Monday.
Same jeans (because it was easy to have my phone in one back pocket and scissors in the other back pocket. Scissors come in handy for opening boxes).
Different t-shirt and jacket AND sneakers.


Jeans: Madewell-thrifted~~Sweater: I knit it~~Sneakers: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles)

Luckily we had a chiropractor appointment the day after our moving day. Because we were heading over to the old house to clean, paint, and fix things, I needed relatively grubby clothes but still wanted to look cute for public viewing.

This pair of cords were thrifted and I love them as a brighter color in the winter.

I wore a graphic tee and this hand-knitted sweater. The yarn from the sweater is from friends who bought the yarn in Iceland.

Once I was at the old house working, then the sweater came off.

Then spotted high-top sneakers that are very, very comfy for a long day of work.


Leggings: Tinsel~~Cardigan: Hailey & Co~~Sneakers: Target-DIYed by friend

This morning was Tai Chi and then back to the old house for more cleaning, painting, and fixing things (this is a recurring theme for the week).

The leather joggers were worn recently for a night on the town. They are perfect for painting days because any splattered paint will come off easily.

Then another graphic tee and cardigan (that comes off when I’m working). I wore leg warmers because it was chilly in the morning.

These silver sneakers were painted for me years ago by a friend, and I showcased them when they were brand new.

And that silver decoration on the pants? That’s a magnet used entirely for pretty.


Pants: Desigual~~Hoodie: Grey Slate from Your Revolving Closet~~Sneakers: Cole Haan-thrifted

I found these pants when unpacking (shocker), and thought they would be perfect for a day of cleaning the old house since you’d never see dirt and paint on them.

I’ve had these pants for over 11 years and wore them when we were first experimenting with print mixing (back when I wasn’t as bold with prints).

This hoodie sweatshirt is from Your Revolving Closet. Have you tried it yet? Because you get a free 30-day trial which I think everyone should try and then cancel.
Interesting because when I “added it to my closet” I didn’t realize it had the splotches on it. Yet it too is perfect for a day of cleaning.

I added bright colors with my sneakers, glasses, and the craziest scarf. I bought this scarf off of Poshmark thinking I could never knit it myself. Yet I’ve never worn it before. It’s a little weird, I admit. But I just need it for the morning when it’s chilly.

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