Daily Looks: Week Ending 3.10.23

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March is one of the ideal months in Arizona where the afternoons are finally warm enough to remove layers and even enjoy bare legs. I take my photos in the morning after I get ready for the day, so that’s why you still see some boots and sweaters.

What I SHOULD be wearing during these months is all of my slimmer jeans because, during the heat of the summer, those don’t see the light of day.

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Skirt: Montana-Savers~~Jacket: Carmin-thrifted~~Sneakers: Yes We Vibe

I actually started the idea for this outfit with my cross necklace. I showcased it in the close-up at the top of this post to show you how beautiful it is. It’s from a Canadian designer who I met on Instagram and have grown to be friends with.

Her site is Maison de Camille and she even offered my readers a discount if you are interested. Use code Jodie20 on anything on her site.

The other item that I wanted to wear is this skirt from my thrifting expedition recently. I try to make sure I wear the things I bought right away if I can. And this color of skirt is very spring-like.

Isn’t lime green and blue an interesting combination??

Instead of my white cowboy boots, I opted for these blue, print sneakers from Yes We Vibe. I don’t have a discount code for them anymore because they stopped their affiliate program, but they still have the most fun prints for sneakers.

What I didn’t say, is that I layered 3 necklaces for this look. Even the pearl necklace is an older one from Maison de Camille, and the other one I won in a giveaway.


Jeans: Target~~Sweater: Naomi & Ruth-use code Jodi15~~Booties: Penny Loves Kenny-DSW

Now if this isn’t a spring color outfit, then I don’t know what is!! These cropped pants are perfect for this time of spring when it’s still chilly yet warming up because they are thicker denim.

What I do love about the cropped pants is how you can appreciate my cute boots.

This sweater from Naomi & Ruth is oversized so I tucked some of it under my front bra band. That shortened it in the front, but it’s still longer in the back. Basically a front tuck but I didn’t want to tuck the hem because of the cute tie.

I layered 2 necklaces even though it looks like 3. One is Katia Designs which is the one I showcased in my email 2 weeks ago that can be changed so the multi-strands are different.

Instead of a gold bracelet, I wanted something different, so I threw on this white/turquoise one I bought from Ideas Valyen. She is a small business I found on Instagram that has very inexpensive purses and jewelry among other things.


Jeans: Banana Republic~~Top: from Savers~~Boots: Embassy London won in giveaway

I don’t normally wear the same top two weeks in a row, but Gail requested I wear it with some jeans, and I told her I would. She said “cool jeans” so I picked a pair of light wash, cropped flares because I consider “cool” something different that you don’t see on all of the other people around me.

Besides the cropped jeans then showed off my fabulous turquoise combat boots that I won in a giveaway last year. I didn’t wear them much at first.
Sometimes I think it takes me time to figure out how to wear a new style. So that rule about getting rid of things if you haven’t worn them in a year might not be the smartest.

I like the contrast of the turquoise against the bronze/copper color. Maybe I’ll choose orange next time?


Dress: Ribbon ~~Sweater: Target~~Sneakers: Adidas-Goodwill

Throwing a casual sweater over a fancy dress is one of my favorite style tricks. There is just no reason to let those dresses languish in your closets especially when you love the color of them.

So I grabbed this striped sweater, that I showcased with 5 popular ways to wear sweaters. Even though it doesn’t have orange in it, the colors worked nicely together.

I added in my white sneakers that I recently thrifted (but I found a bunch you can purchase in my spring trends post because these are being seen everywhere).

And for my accessories, I even wore the pearl necklace (from Maison de Camille-use code Jodie20) because why save our pearls?
I’m also layering bracelets as #5 from my layering bracelets recipe post.


Dress: Target~~Blazer: Sophia Eugenia~~ Loafers: NewBella-won in a giveaway

I was inspired by my friend, Andrea, with this color combination. I do like her example better with the lighter purple, so I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a jacket in that color.

This dress has been worn multiple times and was one of those impulse buys at Target that I’ve never regretted. You’ve seen it on the blog for summer at the farmer’s market.

I decided to print mix by layering a green and white blouse under it (the blouse can be seen better in this post when I was even sporting curly hair) before adding the purple blazer.
The blazer is from my working days so at least 10 years old. This means all three of these clothing items are old and shopped from my closet. Yet just by trying different combinations, you can come up with new looks.

The loafers were won in a giveaway from New Bella, and they are surprisingly comfy.


Jeans: Mott & Bow-Slim boyfriend jeans~~Cardigan wrap: Just Be Youtiful~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Shine”

Lesley and I visited our favorite local boutique, Just Be Youtiful yesterday and I came home with some new things. One is this textured wrap that just struck my fancy. What you can’t see are the pieces of yarn that stick out and that it’s very lightweight.

BTW, if you ever are interested in anything I have from Just Be Youtiful, feel free to reach out to her on her FB page and ask if she still has it and would send it to you. Her online store has totally different items. In both places, you can use code Jtouch15 for a discount.

Since the top half is darker, I chose white jeans. These are the Mott and Bow brand of slim boyfriend jeans. If you are like me, you don’t like your white jeans tight, and these are a great fit. The other great thing is you have the option of 3 different inseams: 28, 30, or 32. I chose the 28 and they are the perfect length for my 5’2″ body.

I wore my snakeskin booties from Walking Cradles. There is only one pair left of these Shine booties so if you’re a 9.5 WW then you’re in luck because they are deeply discounted.

I even wore my pearl necklace again since it contrasted so well against the magenta top.


Jeans: Old Navy~~Jacket: Peach~~Shoes: Walking Cradles “Samantha

This may seem like a fall color palette, but I am an equal opportunity color pairing for any time of year.

These mustard jeans, I’ve showcased with my color recipe in the past to give you ideas of other colors to pair with them.

I added the olive jacket over the red print top because the morning was chilly. It’s funny because I wasn’t feeling too cute in the outfit, so I added pointy-toe shoes. For some reason, that always makes me feel good.

These shoes are Walking Cradles pumps that are not only stylish but comfy. It’s the tiny pillows in their shoes and the way they take into account so many different sizing that make them so fabulous.

And the piece de resistance is the scarf in my hair. I just love this trick.

Insider tip: I use 2 bobby pins to hold the scarf in place at the back of my head.

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