Daily Looks: Week Ending 3.11.22

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Dress: Old Navy~~Coat: thrifted

We are off to the airport today for a quick trip to Denver for a friend’s 60 birthday party.

I bought this long sleeve, midi dress soon after I realized how much easier it was to travel in a dress like this. In fact, I wrote about it here.
This one is a long sleeve, sweatshirt material (and super soft) so I consider it my winter airplane dress option.

I am wearing a t-shirt under it so I can wear it on the return flight.

Since we were going to a cold, cold place, I wore my OTK boots which allowed me to wear my compression socks. (Same ones that I wore here)

Of course, I’m bringing a scarf because they are much needed for me on the plane. If I don’t need the warmth, I use it for a back pillow or neck pillow. Actually, I have an extra scarf in my tote in case I need two!

If I weren’t traveling, I would have added a brooch to my jacket. My earrings and glasses are both turquoises for more color!


Top: Anthropologie~~Pants: Banana Republic ~~Boots: Bleecker & Bond

Today was the birthday party, so this is the outfit I chose.

The velvet top was a recent purchase when Anthropologie has an instore 50% off their sale things making this top only $15. I figured I better wear it in Colorado because it’ll be a tad warm in AZ now.

I added the faux leather pants (worn here before) to keep warm along with my snakeskin boots.

Insider tip: I wrote about 6+ ways to wear snakeskin boots here.

I am accessorized with pearls, blue earrings, and grey, sparkly bracelets. Of course, I had the light blue scarf and faux fur jacket with me in case it was too chilly.


Dress: Old Navy~~Coat: thrifted~~Shoes: Tiosebon (worn here)

So one of my traveling tips is to wear the same outfit when arriving and departing from your destination. Therefore, this outfit may look VERY similar to Saturday’s look.

EXCEPT, I changed my shoes. Even though we were pre-TSA going out to Denver, my boots cause me to beep going through the metal detector and I had to remove them.

Therefore, I decided to change into the sneakers that I had packed for the trip home.

I still wore my compression socks, but what I may do in the future is buy some solid pink compression socks for cases like this.


Overalls: Old Navy~~Blouse: Target ~~Shoes: Rag & Co.

Today was going to be a home day. The day we get back from traveling always seems like a catch-up day.

I had recently purchased these overalls from Old Navy, so I figured it was the perfect time to try them out. SO far, I LOVE them.

They work great with the bishop sleeve blouse (worn 5 ways here) and my green crochet mules (bought using my birthday rewards from DSW).

There is an elephant brooch on the front of my overalls along with fun earrings made by my friend, Judy.


Skirt: Southern Soul Collectives ~~ Jacket: Live a Little~~ Shoes: Jambu

I was SO excited to win this pink tulle skirt from Marsha and Southern Soul Collectives. We were going to a St. Pat’s party in our neighborhood, so I needed the pops of green.

The afternoon will warm up enough I will probably take off the jacket, which is why I also have the mint green accessories.

And I’m print mixing with the flower design in the skirt, the flower design in the top, and the polka dots in the jacket.

These sneakers are my Jambu “Lilac” pair that Lesley wore here in navy.


You’ll see the entire outfit soon but I wanted to give a shout out to the women who created these fabulous earrings.

Her company is called Tak Creations and her site just launched. I hope you’ll check it out. Her website also has some home decor and clothing. It’s just starting, so check back often.


Overalls: Old Navy~~Tee: Halftees~~Booties: Mix No. 6

I know you already saw these overalls, but I’m one of those outfit repeaters. Besides, I want to wear these before it gets too hot to wear jeans.

I also wanted to showcase this wonderful new Halftee (can you see how it doesn’t cover my entire midriff. While they aren’t meant to showcase your middle, I just wanted to show how it’s made. That’s why I covered up with the faux fur vest.

But these sleeves!! Aren’t they fabulous?? I am an ambassador for Halftees because I think they are SO slick. They give you coverage where you want without the bulk.

Use code Jtouch20 for 20% off and you can see where I’ve worn them for summer and winter in the past.

I added another brooch to the front pocket of my overalls because why not?? And the red ankle booties make the jeans look a tad sexier, I think.

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