Daily Looks: Week Ending 3.17.23

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I was trying to alternate between pants and skirts/dresses this week and I did a pretty good job. I think I also incorporated many different colors so yay for me!

The weather here in Arizona this week was typical spring weather. What I mean by that is it was bipolar. The weekend was in the 80s and then in the middle of the week, it rained and was in the 60s as a high. That might seem warm to some of you, but to us it’s chilly.
I keep thinking I’ll put my boots away soon, but even next week has that drop in temperature forecasted.

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Pants: Vintage-thrifted~~ Top: from Just be Youtiful~~Boots: from DSW

I figured this will be the last month I can wear my “winter” pants so I might as well wear them. I just love these suede pants, but they are a tad big in the waistband. Yet I just bought some jeans in the kid’s section and they had an elastic part in them to make them adjustable. So I may look into doing that with these.

The brown hoodie is such a fun piece. The shape is very casual, yet the material makes it seem fancier. I found it at Just Be Youtiful (shown with the other things I just purchased in this video).

The hoodie has a zipper down half the front, so I used the zipper pull to hold my scarf together.

These earrings are the ones I painted with fingernail polish so they would show up against my hair better.

And I chose my leopard booties as my footwear choice.


Skirt: Eva Franco-thrifted ~~Tops: both thrifted~~Boots: Target

Today I put together a monochromatic look with 3 different pieces. For the top half, I’m wearing a sheer navy top under my one-sleeve velvet bodysuit (see with overalls here).

Then the skirt is a fun fringe skirt that I thrifted many years ago.

I tried to tie it all together with the scarf at my waist. The scarf wasn’t quite long enough to tie, so I used one of my Maggie’s magnets (you can still get 15% off with code 15Jodiestyle) on any of their products.) Because the scarf was silky, I also used 2 of the Glamour Magnets on the other side (can you see the small gold ball sticking out) to keep it in place.

Then I used the scarf’s colors for the rest of the look. My white cowboy boots for footwear, and my lime green beret. The beret doesn’t match exactly, but I still like it. Besides, it’s the same color as my glasses and my ring.


Shorts: from Roku ~~Jacket: Old Navy~~Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox

Since it’s going to get up to 80 degrees today, I opted for my sweater shorts. Then I put on this boho top that I styled earlier this winter (here on Tuesday) with a turtleneck under it.

This time I layered over the top with this moto jacket that I’ve had for years. And when it really warms up, I can wear the top alone, so I would call it an all-year top.

I thought about wearing my cowboy boots with the shorts but decided the combat boots would be fun. The boots are Walking Cradles “Knox” and I appreciate the fleece lining inside. Of course, I also wore socks and even let them show since they are a pair I hand-knit ages ago.

What do you think about the non-matching earrings? I didn’t really copy that color in other places (except the bracelet), but I still like it.


Skirt: Ann Taylor-preloved~~Sweater: Miss Me- preloved~~Boots: Matisse-Goodwill

I’ve had this sweater in my alterations pile for over a year, so I was ecstatic to finally get it done and wear it. The sleeves were too long, so I hand sewed them so they cuffed up, and tada, it looks great.

The entire outfit is secondhand. In fact, the mustard top used to be a dress but didn’t hang right, so I had my mom cut it off to be a top instead.

What you don’t see are the Glamour Maggies magnets holding the cardigan together. I just used one small bead on each side, and it keeps the two sides in place.

Insider discount: Use code 15JodieStyle for ANY of Maggie’s snaps products for a limited time.

I chose my tan cowboy boots for the chilly morning, and I had a bunch of compliments on them at Trader Joe’s today.


Joggers: from Naomi & Ruth~~Blazer: J. Crew-thrifted~~Sneakers:

A rainy day calls for faux leather because the rain will repel against it! These joggers are from Naomi & Ruth (these aren’t still available, but she has some great sweaters that are on sale, and then use code Jodi15 for a discount).

I found this wool blazer that doesn’t come out of the closet much, so I paired it with an orange/pink thin sweater. AND then I added my feather dickey from Just Be Youtiful. The last time I was at her store, she had reordered these, so I think you should contact her on her FB page and grab one. They are only $10, and are the best way to add sass to a sweater.

You’ve seen me wear the dickey with a v-neck sweater here, but it works just as great with a crew neck too.

I only wore the hat because I’m still dealing with my headache and couldn’t even think about my hair. It’s a bucket hat from Naomi & Ruth.

Then the sneakers are leopard high tops, but they rubbed against my ankle when I first bought them. Being the resourceful woman that I am, I added faux fur around the top using this fabric glue.
I just used the black faux fur in my stash, but I might find some ivory fur that will blend in better and change it out.


Dress“: Chicos (it’s a cardigan)~~”Cardigan“: It’s a scarf~~Boots: Mossimo-thrifted

So you can tell I was feeling better today because I used pieces and made them into other items (being the boss of my clothes).

The dress is actually a long cardigan (seen here). I did wear it as a dress in that article, but this time I used a different belt and such. In fact, those small gold balls? Those are Glamour Maggies to hold the piece together and a couple I used just for decoration.
Use code 15JodieStyle for ANY of Maggie’s snaps products for a limited time.

The wrap/cardigan is a large, knit rectangle scarf (seen styled as a scarf in this video), and I’m working on a video about how to wear it this way. Keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook page for that soon.

The boots are over 10 years old and thrifted. I used dark shoe polish to create more color blocking on them. They used to only be the tan leather and tan suede, so I added the polish to create some darker patches.

And these earrings are the same ones from Saturday. They are from Just Be Youtiful and I bet she’ll let you buy them if you reach out to her on her FB page. They are super lightweight so perfect for us older women!

St. Pat’s Day

Pants: Target~~Blazer: Gap~~Booties: Amazon (here)

Of course, I had to wear green today since it’s St. Pat’s day. Not that I’m Irish or anything, but back in dental school, a friend and I always had a St. Paddy’s party, so it’s tradition.

The outfit started with the green pants that have been in my closet for years.

Then, I wanted to wear this blazer that I’ve had for over 10 years (seen here on the blog with double stripes) and I was itching to print mix with it.
I usually wear a collared shirt with it but decided to go with a floaty, tropical print top instead.

Insider perspective: If I wore just the top and pants, the proportions would be half and half which isn’t always the best. Adding a shorter jacket can skew the proportions and change the focus of the look.

Adding the pops of yellow really brightens up the look in my opinion. If I had kept it simple with tan or brown shoes, it wouldn’t be such a happy outfit.
BTW, these booties are still available on Amazon. I’ve been happily surprised by their fit and comfort of them. They are by no means as good as my Walking Cradles footwear, but for the price, I call them good!! And they come in 6 different colors.

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