Daily Looks: Week Ending 3.2.23

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Let me start by saying the obvious. I’m wearing hair extensions some days. If you get my emails then you’ve heard about them. It’s not something you would think I would purchase at a home show, but hey, you just never know what you will find at those events.
I really want to get them trimmed shorter and styled to work with my haircut, and then I’ll be wearing them more.

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Blazer: Kay Unger-thrifted~~ Jeans: from Marshalls~~Boots: Mix No 6-DSW

I started this outfit with a longer blazer/jacket but wanted a lighter color and a shorter one.

And since we were discussing ankle pants last week on the blog, I grabbed this pair of cropped flares (basically the same thing as ankle pants with a little sass)

The jeans are a VERY light pink and in some lighting look ivory. I’m still working on my print mixing skills, and this yellow, cactus tee is something I just found on Poshmark.

We are walking around a home show today, so I needed comfy shoes. You may not think combat boots qualify as comfy, but when you find the right ones, they are.

I am wearing glitter hair clips too because older women can wear what they want!!


Cardigan: FDJ jeans-won in a giveaway~~Jeans: LOFT~~Boots: Betsey Johnson

Today was a chilly day so it was the perfect opportunity to wear this new cardigan that I won in an Instagram giveaway.

Even though the cardigan is colorful, it seemed dark when I paired it with blue jeans. That’s why I chose my white jeans and a light-colored top under it.

These booties are definitely a favorite of mine because of their color and shine. If you don’t know Betsey Johnson’s items, they tend to be flashy and whimsical. The funny thing is I would never have used those words 10 years ago to describe my style, but now I do.


Dress: Banana Republic ~~Sweater: Nordstrom Rack~~Boots: Naturalizer-won in giveaway

I was dreaming of lime green so I pulled out this sweater I bought earlier this winter. Of course, I want to pair it with bright colors too, but this brown dress has been neglected, and I thought it would be a good combination.

The dress is actually sleeveless, so I added my long sleeve, Halftee under it to fill in the v-neck and add a layer to my arms.

Insider tip: Halftees are a fabulous way to layering to the top half without the bulk around your middle. They come with sleeves, higher necks, and all kinds of varieties. Use code Jtouch20 since I am an ambassador for the company and love its products.

I almost wore my white cowboy boots, but I wanted to wear my ancient riding boots that don’t get as much love. They may not be at the top of the trend list anymore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wear the things we own.

Check out my necklace layering. I started with Katia’s Designs necklace that makes layering easier because you can adjust the two layers with the lobster clasps. Then I added 2 other gold link necklaces, both in different weights.

BTS: I was just approved to be an affiliate for Katia’s Necklaces. 10% off when you sign up for newsletters.


Sweater: Naomi & Ruth code Jodi15 ~~Jeans: Ragged Priest-Savers~~Boots: Target

I just found these jeans on our thrifting day last week at Savers. I just loved the design, and the fit is absolutely perfect. When I googled them, they are a UK brand and under $100.

The star sweater is from Naomi & Ruth a couple of years back. She doesn’t still have it for sale, but she has 2 very similar ones. Just go to her site and search for “star”. This one is even on sale. Don’t forget my code Jodi15 (although I’m not sure it works on sale items, but it can’t hurt to try).

The sweater is oversized, so I styled it 5 ways 2 years ago when I first bought it. Today I used the “knot” trick by pulling up part of it from the inside with my clear elastics.

What I really loved is pairing the orange sweater with a bright pink turtleneck. And my earrings from Lil Shop of Ours go perfectly.

For today’s outfit, I grabbed my white sock booties. They are wearing out quite a bit, but I thought they gave the outfit a modern look.


Dress: Mom made it~~Sequin top: no label-Savers~~Boots: New Bella code Jodie15

I found this sequin top at Savers and wasn’t exactly sure how to style it. When that happens, I usually try something usual and tame. Which is why I tried to layer it over this dress my mom made me YEARS ago.

The top and dress almost match, but maybe that’s not a good thing. Then you don’t really focus on one or the other. But as I always say, this is real life, and I will show both the good and bad.

I did want tall boots because of the temperatures today, and I decided to go with a contrasting color. The funny thing is I don’t have many colorful boots, so bright pink it was.

Having made that decision, I tried to incorporate pink in other places, like my brooch and head scarf.

Next time maybe I will wear this bronze sequin top with white?


Skirt: H&M-Savers~~Hoodie Vest: Naomi & Ruth use Jodi15~~Sneakers: Jambu “Sandy” use Jtouch20

I found this amazing sequin skirt on our thrifting adventure last week, and there’s no way I’m saving it for a “special” day.

So I paired it with a sweater vest hoodie and did the half tuck on the side. I know many of you don’t like the half tuck in the front but this is another option to change the proportion and create an asymmetrical hemline.

This sweater hoodie was from Naomi & Ruth last season. I tend to get many of her things when they go on sale, so they aren’t always available when I wear them down the road. However, she is having some sales on her website right now if you’re interested. My code Jodi15 may or may not work on sale items, but definitely try it.

Doesn’t it look like the hoodie has trim around the neckline? That’s a necklace that picks up the same colors in the skirt. It’s from Just Be Youtiful, and she has fabulous items on her FB page or website. Use code Jtouch15.

I needed tights today and these are the fleece-lined sheer tights from Amazon. Then my favorite pair of Jambu sneakers named Sandy finished it off. Jambu has come out with their new spring styles, so I can offer a 20% discount code, Jtouch20 until the end of April.
The Sandy sneaker is still available and one of the best features (besides comfort) is the zipper on the side to get on and off.

Did you notice the bracelets? I would say that is #3 from my article about bracelet layering yesterday.


Skirt: from Savers~~Jacket: Piano-Savers~~Sneakers: Adidas-Goodwill

Today’s look is brought to you by my thrifting expedition last Friday. The only thing that wasn’t thrifted that day is the yellow-striped top. Heck, even the hat was found at Goodwill (it needs some hat tape because it’s a tad big which I will order from Amazon ).

The skirt is stretchy material so super comfy to wear. I rolled up the waistband to make it shorter for today’s look and then covered it with the belt (also from Goodwill).

I know many women steer clear of belts, but they can be helpful in many regards.

Want to see my entire thrifted finds from the day? Here is that video.

The orange, sheer jacket is very unique and I vacillated about getting it. But I caved because of the embroidery on the front panels.

I added a scarf around the hat brim because the material on it was a cool ivory and looked weird with the outfit.

Then the Adidas sneakers were a Goodwill find. These types of white sneakers are all the rage among influencers lately, so I wanted to give them a try.

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