Daily Looks: Week Ending 3.22.24

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Now I understand what people mean about “spring.” Even though we have been living in Arizona for almost 5 years, it finally feels normal.

In Denver, spring meant snowstorms, so I must admit that I like Arizona’s spring weather much better. Bare legs, mule shoes, and lighter layers.

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Dress: Tabitha Brown ~~Sneakers: Rocket Dog

Can you believe I purchased this dress for $1? It was in some bins in the back of a shop near us. I think they were Target stuff (like maybe they were overstock or the Target truck got stolen, haha).

I didn’t even try it on, but I figured with that much material, I could do things with it.

But it fits great. Sure, I should probably shorten it a tad. But it’s fine belted and with my platform sneakers (that are ages old–you saw them here).

It was too chilly to wear the dress alone, so I layered it over my grey turtleneck (worn a long time ago here). I realize that grey isn’t a great color for my complexion, but I think the blue from the dress, the blue from my glasses, and the yellow/green from my headband make up for it.

I wasn’t planning on wearing a belt but it helped shorten the dress enough so I wasn’t tripping on it. For some reason, it almost looks like a jumpsuit in this photo.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Pants: Merona~~Sweater: Faherty- Your Revolving Closet~~Sneakers: Guess-Goodwill

There is no shortage of green in my closet, and I figured it was time to wear these green pants again. I know the silhouette is more of skinny jeans, but I like it.

This sweater is from Your Revolving Closet but it’s not a great sweater. It’s not soft like sweaters should be. I’m not sure if it was like that from the start or just from their washing methods.
But it is a beautiful color, so I wore it with a floral shirt under it.

This shirt was actually my mom’s but was too small (ordered from a China company YEARS ago-see her wearing it here). So she gave it to me to wear. It’s not one I would have chosen myself, but gosh I end up wearing it a lot, especially under sweaters.

Then I wore 2 necklaces. I was vacillating between them and decided why not wear both? The girl necklace is one of those that everyone should have. Just Be Youtiful always has a great selection (they are all different), and they are reasonably priced (under $25). They’d be a great gift for Mother’s Day too.

These floral sneakers have been a surprising find. I feel like I wear them a ton, and I wasn’t sure about them when I thrifted them. They aren’t walking for hours comfy, but good enough for a day of errands.


Jeans: Oliver Logan~~Dress/Duster: Area Stars-Your Revolving Closet~~Shoes: Espirit-Macys

I went with the same color scheme as yesterday but switched it all around on purpose. I think it’s fun to see different ways to wear the same colors.

This pink duster is from Your Revolving Closet and is a dress. It felt a little short on me so I unbuttoned it and wore it as a duster.

The ivory jeans are a nice alternative to white jeans and the green cropped top is from Just Be Youtiful. It’s athletic wear, and I wore it because I can keep it on for Pilates today.

I wanted print items for my accessories, thus the multicolored belt, shoes, and earrings.
The earrings are also from Just Be Youtiful and even her website has whimsical options (and one pair very similar). Use code Jtouch15 for a discount.


Jeans: Old Navy~~Vest: Alembika c/o~~Shoes: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) c/o

I’m off to a facial today and then a ton of errands. The hat helps hide the messy hair after a facial and takes the focus off the fact that I am not wearing makeup.

I took my friend Kim’s idea about wearing a dress as a top just by pulling it up. Granted her dress was a silky one so it draped better, but I still like how this worked.

The mustard jeans were my first pair of jeans from Old Navy, and I wore them as part of my color recipe years ago. I wasn’t a fan of this style of jeans because they sagged, but luckily that didn’t curtail me from trying other styles there.

The vest became part of the look because I know that I’m always chilly when we go to Trader Joe’s.

And mules are perfect for this time of year here in Arizona. Did you know that Sheec socks have half socks? I would never have thought to wear socks with these kinds of shoes, but it’s SO much more comfy. They have a non-slip bottom and then your feet don’t sweat.


Pants: Banana Republic~~Sweater: Old Navy~~Mules: Ccocci-Goodwill

Okay…I did tuck in that piece of cardigan hanging out after this photo. Seriously, it’s the advantage of taking a selfie every day to see all of those things.

These pants are probably 10 years old. The print was popular at the time and I saw a lot of bloggers wearing it. I just love them, so I kept them.

The textured blue shirt is from Just Be Youtiful and while it matches the colors in the pants, the texture makes it more interesting to me.

Then I wore my cardigan upside down to crop it. It seemed sad and droopy worn the way it was intended. Check out the video of how I did this.

BTW, I bought the cardigan bigger on purpose. It’s one reason you should ignore the size of things.

These mules were a great find at Goodwill yet I vacilated whether to buy them. I’m so glad I did because I wear them a lot. WITH my half Sheec socks that make wearing mules so much more comfy.


Jeans: Flying Monkey-Your Revolving Closet~~Vest: Forever 21-thrifted~~Loafers: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) use code

Today is dog training, so that means jeans and comfy shoes. While I love the idea of distressed jeans, I don’t have a bunch in my closet. So I thought trying them from Your Revolving Closet would be the way to go.

Our dog training will be outside at a park today, so I wanted long sleeves for sun protection. This cropped top works perfectly with these higher-waisted jeans. I don’t have to figure out if I should tuck it or leave it untucked because it ends right at the waistband.

And then I always love a topper. Especially since the jeans are a tad tighter than I’m used to wearing lately. The longer vest covers my rear and pulls the looks together.

Heck, I’ve had this vest for ages. We showcased long vests back in Denver in 2016 and I was wearing this thrifted one.

The loafers aren’t available anymore but they have a newer version that is perfect if you have narrow heels (they work for all sizes of feet, but narrow heel women will adore these). I have a discount code until 3/31–use code JODIE10.

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