Daily Looks: Week Ending 4.12.24

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Spring in Arizona is what I always imagined spring to be. Warm, flowers (on the cactus) and birds chirping. If you get my emails, you saw the fun blooms that we see on our walks.

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Leggings: Peach~~Cardigan: Drapers & Damons~~Sneakers: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles)

We were off for a day of thrifting and shopping, so I planned this type of outfit in case there weren’t fitting rooms available.

These are the essentials for thrifting in cooler weather:
Leggings so I can try on jeans or skirts over them.
Snug t-shirt for the same reason.
Easy on-and-off shoes that are comfy for all of the walking/standing.
What you don’t see is the sling bag for hands-free shopping.
I also kept my hair back in a clip so it wouldn’t get in the way when trying things on.

But this T-shirt? Isn’t it hilarious? You should have seen Rob’s. His shirt said, “With a body like this, who needs hair?”. This company is on Amazon and they have a ton of funny t-shirts for men, women, and kids.

I also wanted to add some sass to the t-shirt so I used my scarf clip to style it instead of just letting it hang.

My sneakers are an older style of Walking Cradles shoes. The new company that took them over is called Ros and they have the lower-rise sneakers called “Orleans” still available. Use Jodie10 for a discount.


Pants: thrifted~~Sweater: Pol-Just Be Youtiful~~Sneakers: Vintage Havana-Macys

One stop on our shopping trip from Saturday with Mireille and Cathie was to support my favorite local boutique, Just Be Youtiful.

I saw this sweater on Just Be Youtiful’s feed when she went to Vegas for her boutique shopping, and I called dibs on it. Luckily she ordered it and I’m in love. The best part is there is a loose yet elasticized wristband so the sleeves don’t feel too long.

She has a couple left, so if you want to twin with me, just reach out on her FB page (linked above) and ask her what she still has left. She will ship to you in the US plus you can use Jtouch15 for a discount.

I wore it with my bright pink pants, white sneakers with the star on them, and fun accessories.

Speaking of accessories, this pearl necklace is from Maison de Camille, a Canadian jewelry designer with budget-oriented items, and will give my readers a discount. Use code JODIE20.

I’m also wearing a “special” headband that is supposed to be comfy for all-day wear. At first, I wasn’t sure it was that good, but I did wear it all day with no issues. I need to try it a couple of times before deciding because if I don’t like it, I’ll send it back. It wasn’t cheap.
The company has embellished headbands, so I added my clip-on earring for decoration.


Dress: Lush-Your Revolving Closet~~Boots: Target~~Belt-Goodwill

This dress came in my latest Your Revolving Closet box and I was excited how perfectly it fit.

If you haven’t tried the rental service yet, I recommend it for the free 30-day trial. I’ve learned many more brands that fit me well. Besides you have the option to purchase the clothing. For example, if I wanted to keep this dress (and I was vacillating), it would only be $11.50.

I was going to go with all red for my look and wear red ankle boots, but it seemed like too much leg showing. So I chose the white tall boots, which ended up being super cute.

This red belt was a thrifted find from our Saturday outing.

And this headband is a fabric one, so definitely comfy for all day.


Another great find on our Saturday shopping expedition was this magic skirt from Just Be Youtiful. The blog crew wore them last year and they can be styled as a dress, or a vest, and it’s reversible so it can be worn either way.

If you are interested, they aren’t expensive and come in a ton of different color prints. Just reach out to Kym on her FB page. She will ship in the US, and use code Jtouch15 for a discount. Then if you want the paper that shows the 12 different ways to wear it, I’m happy to email it to you.

I thought the blouse worked perfectly with the underside of this skirt. The other side is a brighter purple print. The ruffle blouse is from Your Revolving Closet and it’s not a common color in my closet.

I wore these beige mules which I ended up wearing a ton. Yet I remember vacillating whether I should buy them at Goodwill. Gosh, I am sure glad I did.

Then I added a clip-on earring at the “v” of the blouse and I have on 2 gold “J” necklaces (better seen in the title photo).

However, the day became too warm for the blouse, so I switched it to this cami from my Fashom box. The bra straps blended in just fine so I didn’t change to my adhesive strapless bra.


Jeans: Express-Your Revolving Closet~~Sweater: DYI~~Mules: Rag & Co-DSW

These jeans are such a fabulous fit from my rental clothing service, but I already have so many jeans, so I’m not going to purchase them. I’m trying to convince myself, haha. Because a great fitting pair of jeans isn’t always easy to find.

While they are the perfect length, the weather will warm up enough that I will want to cuff the jeans.

And I wore a cactus t-shirt (found on Poshmark) as well as this tan athletic sweatshirt.

These mules are always a crowd please and I’m wearing my half Sheec socks with them.

The earrings stand out against my hair color, right? And it’s been a while, so I put in my extensions. I love how they are easy to put in and it matches my hair so perfectly.


Pants: Banana Republic~~Vest: Old Navy~~Shoes: Ulite-Poshmark

It’s going to be a warm day, so linen was my choice of wear. Plus, I am just LOVING the structured vest trend. I bought this one last year, but they are selling the same style again because it’s so popular. This season they have it in tan, black, and red (and yes, I did buy that red one).

The mule espadrilles add spunk to the look and I added in the same bright colors with my earrings and scarf in my ponytail.

These shoes were a recent purchase on Poshmark, and I knew when I bought them, I would need to use my Sole Insoles to give them some arch support. I think I will just keep this pair of Sole Insoles in the shoes and purchase another pair to use in my other shoes that need them.

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