Daily Looks: Week Ending 4.14.23

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We can finally say that it’s warming up here in Arizona. I switched out my shoe collection and got a pedicure so I can wear my sandals now. But the last photo? We were on our way to Denver, so it looks like it’s winter again, haha.

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Shorts: Sadie & Sage- Roka Boutique~~Top: Nantucket ~~Boots: Nordstrom-Goodwill

It was one of those days when it was cool in the morning and supposed to warm up, so I grabbed these sweater shorts and paired them with my thrifted green cowboy boots.

I’ve had this linen top for over 10 years and it is what I used to consider a tunic (as worn here back in 2015 for our travel series). I really wouldn’t consider it a tunic now, well, maybe. But it was the longest top I had back in the early days.

My cactus earrings brought up the green from the boots and added the required bling to the look.

Happy Easter

Dress: eShakti~~Shoes: Walking Cradles “Porsha

Happy Easter! When we were living in Denver, I could never get away with wearing an Easter dress and sandals like this. There would always be layers and most likely boots involved. But living in AZ has changed all that.

This is a dress from eShakti. I talked more in-depth about this company in my article about favorite websites. It’s still incredible to me what a deal you can get on their site for custom-sized garments especially considering how much I see that Chicos is charging for dresses and such now.

Insider discount: If you go through my link, you get $50 off your first order of anything on their site. There is a minimum payment of $25, but that’s still a fabulous deal because it could include shipping.

I might have chosen more colorful sandals except I haven’t pulled out all of my sandals from the other closet yet. But these metallic ones I took to Puerto Rico on our trip so I figured they were perfect.

I figured it was the perfect time to wear an Easter bonnet and I’m sure my mom will comment that I stole this hat from her.


Skirt: B_envied-Savers~~Top: Banana Republic~~Sandals: Michael-preloved

I found this skirt on our thrifting adventure recently. The material is lightweight and super soft so even though you can tell it’s been worn a lot, I figured I too, would wear it loads. Besides, it was the perfect length as well as under $5.

Today, I paired it with a silky light blue top. I really like the dichotomy of the silky top and cotton material of the maxi. But because the silky top moves around, I held it in place with 2 Glamour Maggie magnets, so you wouldn’t see my bra straps.

Insider discount: Use code 15Jodiestyles for a discount on any Maggie’s magnets.

One of the magnets is also holding the end of the scarf in place, so I don’t have to fiddle with it all day.

The scarf is tied in the knot in the middle, then I put the knot at the top and tied the ends in the back in a bow because it was so long. I used two bobby pins to secure it and then draped one end over my shoulder.

Notice in the top photo how I’m wearing two different earrings. I wanted the dangly one for the side without the scarf, but I needed a shorter one for the other side. So why not wear them unmatched??


Shorts: Cowgirl Tuff Co-thrifted and cut off~~Top: Main Strip-thrifted~~Sandals: Unisa

My outfits for a hot, casual day. The jeans shorts are ones that I cut off myself. Talk about the easiest way to get them the length you want, right?
You’ve seen them styled with my white cowboy boots in the past.

This top was an incredible find while thrifting. It was new with the tags still on and cost only $4. It’s also a “Large” which isn’t usually my size, but it’s a good lesson to check other sizes. Sizing is not standard. Besides for the summer heat, I don’t mind my pieces a little bigger. And the best part is it’s cotton.

Insider tip: If you don’t love adding necklaces and accessories, then choose tops that are already decorated like this. You get the interest without all of the work.

I thought it would be fun to add in another color, so I wore yellow sandals, and yellow earrings, plus I had a yellow purse for the day.

These sandals are ones that I used the velcro technique to make the ankle strap easier to use. If you look closely, you can see the black velcro, but I think it also just looks like a shadow. Of course, you could buy white velcro instead.

I did add a wrist party with 1 multistrand bracelet and one large cuff bracelet.

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Pants: Banana Republic~~Top: Entro-Naomi & Ruth~~Shoes: Vince Camuto-Goodwill

I saw a woman on IG with this same top, so we decided we would collaborate and showcase it at the same time on IG next week. The top is from Naomi & Ruth and I’ve worn it with pink pants in the past.

Insider discount: Don’t forget Naomi & Ruth is going out of business and has everything (except sale items) on sale for 50% off with code Closing50.

The blue linen pants have that wide-leg silhouette so I thought the shorter top would be a good proportion with it.

I opted for silver flats (worn with my ultra-low no-show Sheec socks).

The beret was found thrifting, and I’m also wearing the most amazing earrings from a local jewelry designer. She will have her jewelry on Etsy soon, and I’ll keep you in the loop when that happens.


Skirt: Banana Republic Factory~~Sweater: Apt 9-thrifted~~Boots: Matisse-thrifted

This is my airplane outfit but there are a couple of things missing. You’ll see them on Sunday in next week’s daily outfit post. Right now it’s too warm to put them on, haha.

You’ve seen this skirt as part of a winter funeral outfit. It’s one of the softest leathers I have and I just love the flow of it. I can’t tell you how much I prefer skirts and dresses while traveling. They don’t puddle on the floor when I go to the bathroom, and if I get too warm, I can pull them up for some circulation.

The lime green sweater is a recent thrifted find (which you will see soon on the blog). I layered it over a long-sleeve t-shirt since the airport and Denver will be chilly.

I’m wearing my cowboy boots to help hide the compression socks (which I try to always wear when traveling). You saw them in my Puerto Rico post.

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