Daily Looks: Week Ending 4.15.22

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You may laugh, but we considered it cool this week. It only got into the 70s for most of the days which means the mornings were downright chilly at 50.
Somehow I wore a lot of pink so now I need to pull out the blues and greens. And somehow I wore pants a lot. But you’ll be seeing dresses the hotter it gets.


You’ve seen this dress before and you’ll see it again. It’s from Gigi’s Boutique and since I bought it when it wasn’t on sale, I figure I need to make sure to wear it. I originally bought it for Easter (so you may see it again next week), but I thought it was perfect for my friend’s birthday brunch too.

FYI, I had my mom take off 10 inches from it so the length wouldn’t be too long. And this time I matched my footwear.

I added a Gibby’s headscarf (code Jodie20 gives you 20% off) and a thrifted, cropped denim jacket.

Insider tip: Cropped jackets are great with longer skirts like this because of the proportions. You can DIY one by just cutting off the bottom of a longer one. Leave the ends frayed, and voila, it’s modern and cute.

You can’t really see the earrings, but they are my LO-VE ones (on Amazon here).


Shorts: Kancan ~~Top: Francescas~~Cardi: Zara~~Shoes: Open Edit

Today was a stay-at-home day, so I pulled out the Bermuda shorts. I’m glad I played with them to show 5 ways to wear them because I knew this longer top would look good with them.

Then I had to pull out the micro cardigan once more since in a couple of weeks, it will get relegated to the other closet. (Cardigan originally seen here)
Am I the only one that wants to wear my new stuff once I buy it??

The necklace is from Pam Neri and is made of zip ties.

I’ve worn these sandals last summer. They don’t have a ton of support, but since we aren’t walking anywhere today, they are fine. Otherwise, I would add my Sole Insoles.


Pants: Target~~ Cardi: Cabi-thrifted~~Sandals: Walking Cradles

If you get my emails, then you heard how I worked on a sewing project this weekend. And this top is part of that project. (you’ll see the other part soon).

I wanted to wear the pink/orange print with something fun so I chose these cropped pants from Target (which I wore with two different color combinations in this short video).

These sandals are a new style from Walking Cradles. Search for the Nella and it also comes in brown. You’ll be seeing all three of us showcase an option with this same 1″ heel soon.

I have 2 different necklaces that have 3 attached strands each. Talk about a neck mess, haha.

And the earrings that you can see better in the top photo are from these wonderful sisters on Instagram where they will create custom earrings to what you want or you can buy what they have. Everything is hand-made by them.


Jeans: Flying Monkey~~Jacket: Ann Taylor-thrifted~~Vest & Top: Naomi & Ruth

I’m hosting a VIP shopping event with my favorite pop up boutique here in AZ, Naomi & Ruth.

SO I had to wear as many pieces from the store. The green vest (which you saw here) and the jeans and rust top are all from Naomi & Ruth.

This will probably be the last time you see me in skinny jeans unless we get another cold spell. But I have AC in the jeans and paired them with sandals and a crop top (a tiny bit of midriff showing).

The fun belt is from a recent collaboration with Savers thrift and the necklace is a souvenir from one of my stepmom’s trips.


Pants: Banana Republic~~White top: Naomie & Ruth~~Bolero: Knitted by Me~~Shoes: Betsey Johnson

I’m embarrassed to say that I forgot about these pants. I bought them at the end of the last summer season so I didn’t have a chance to wear them. And they are linen, so I should be able to get lots of use out of them this summer.

They came with a self-belt, but I decided to add a pink belt today.

The white OFS shirt is from my fun at Naomi & Ruth boutique last night.

I knit this bolero jacket many years ago but never thought to wear it off the shoulders this way. It’s held together with a gift wrapping ribbon!!

And these sandals are so whimsical. Not comfy, but for a day of doing nothing, they are fine. What makes them uncomfy is the plastic strap holding the flowers doesn’t stretch. (Although I’m going to work on stretching it today–wish me luck)

BTW, I’m wearing my new adhesive “strapless bra” (called the Lift and Pasty) that I bought for $10 from Perfect Sculpt. I wasn’t too sure about them when they came, but so far so good. I had to angle the top portion to be under my arm.


Skirt: sfera-thrifted~~Top: Fuyicheng~~Shoes: Walking Cradles

I would consider this an alternative to jeans and a t-shirt which means easy and no fuss to me. I am only wearing 5 things (6 if you include my glasses).

The skirt is an a-line shape which is easy to wear and this white top is far more interesting than just a white t-shirt. Plus I didn’t have to think about should I tuck it in or knot the ends. It already had an asymmetrical hemline.

(The top is from a company I decided not to work with because their offerings weren’t great. While I loved this top, the shorts were see-through and there were other issues).

I slipped into my newest favorite pair of sandals from Walking Cradles (search for Nella) and then just added statement earrings (from Pam Neri) and a turquoise bracelet.

Insider tip: The bracelet is a tad big for my wrist, so I added hat tape inside it to make it snugger.

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