Daily Looks: Week Ending 4.2.22

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Considering our weather has been very springlike meaning it has been warm and then cool with even a day of rain (shocking), I think I incorporated a lot of variety into the daily looks.
And I finally pulled out the sandals.


Shorts: Joe Fresh-thrifted ~~Boots: Jambu~~Halftee

I was playing around with one of my new Halftees. This is my FAVORITE one ever. I mean, just look at those sleeves.

Insider tip: I am an ambassador for the company because I think they are brilliant items. Therefore you can get 20% off with the code Jtouch20

Instead of layering under something, I wanted to see how it would look over an item. Maybe this isn’t the perfect example, but it’s definitely interesting.

This olive top is cut quite low (seen here with my cami bra under it) and if I am going to layer over it, I didn’t want to cover the buckle. So in theory, it works.

Check out how the boots mirror the colors and flowers perfectly. They are an older pair of Jambu boots (see how I styled them with olive jeans here). While this pair isn’t still available, my discount code is still good with Jambu until May for 20% off (Jtouchs22)

BTW, these shorts are my first ever piece of camo. I’ve styled them 5 different ways here.


Skirt: LuLaRoe~~Jacket: Naomi & Ruth Boutique~~Top: BR Factory~~Shoes: M & S

Today we had massage appointments so I needed something easy on/easy off. This LuLaRoe skirt had been neglected lately so I pulled it out (worn here 6 years ago with black).

I have embraced the graphic tees and this one with the pup on it is adorable. It gets worn often as seen here on our Caribbean cruise.

The jacket came out only because inside the massage place is COLD. I was going to wear my yellow jacket but it seemed too long, so I opted for this cropped jacket (worn with 5 different options here).

Print mixing did play a part with the yellow print shoes, and do you remember me borrowing Lesley’s hat for this recent photoshoot? Of course, I had to find one similar, and Amazon came through. It was less than $20 and comes in all kinds of colors.


Pants: Talbots-thrifted~~Sweater: Zaras~~Cami: Roka’s Boutique~~Earrings: The Bias Cut~~Shoes: Pielini

This is an outfit that came together because of recent purchases.

But I do blame my friend, Sally, for the idea that I needed a bright color pair of pants like this, haha!! I found these at Clothes Mentor for $2, and they still had their original tags on from Talbots.

The micro cardigan is definitely on the shorter version of the cropped cardigan styles we are seeing for spring. But I think it can be super fun to give warmth to the arms yet not cover up the entire torso.

While the two pinks aren’t exactly the same color, I like how they brighten up the day.

The sweater cami was part of a two-piece sweater set seen on Tuesday’s look here.

The shoes are from my working days, and I even wore a pin (it’s a fish seen in the up-close photo at the top of the post.)
A shout out to the Bias Cut for these earrings. This company is UK-based and making strides to conquer ageism.


Overalls: Old Navy~~Cardigan: Bellelily~~Sneakers: Jambu

Today was a rainy, cold (by my standards) day, so I pulled out the overalls again. I figure I might as well wear them while I can because they are somewhat thicker denim.

Since the overalls and t-shirt were muted in color, I grabbed my colorful striped cardigan (seen styled here) that is from one of those “young girl” sites. I wouldn’t say it’s great quality, but I did love their graphic tees and scarves.

My new Jambu “Jenny Knit” sneakers were a perfect match and I had to add an “extra” on the belt loop? It’s actually one of Rob’s pocket squares.

Insider tip: You can borrow a bunch of things from the other members of your family. Don’t forget I styled one of Rob’s shirts here. And a pocket square is basically just a small scarf that can also be used as a purse decoration.

The Alison & Aubrey earrings were another great colorful addition and the hat is keeping the hair hidden.


Duster: Caite & Kyla-won in a giveaway~~Dress: Adrienne Vittadini-thriftted~~Shoes: Walking Cradles

We were off to the art museum to go on a docent tour, so I had to get creative, right?

The funny thing is the last time I wore this dress, I also layered a denim piece over it (seen here). I’ll have to figure out a different color combination next time.
However, the best part of this duster is the back design which you saw here. I thought since I’d be at an art museum, it would fit in nicely.

I needed comfy shoes, so of course, I grabbed Walking Cradles, and thus created “double stripes” (even my purse was striped so, in reality, I wore triple stripes).
Mules are one of my spring favorites for footwear!

Then the headware is a slouchy beret I knit (which I’ve shown in more detail on Instagram here),


Sweater: handknit by me~~Top: Banana Republic~~Pants: Altar’d State~~Shoes: Franco Sarto

Today is an upside-down, backward type of day, and a request by Roberta to see the same pairing of clothes without the boots from my travel outfit here.

Of course, I needed to switch it up to be more weather appropriate PLUS I wanted to make it a tidge different.

First I grabbed these gold sandals and cuffed the pants.

Insider tip: I had to add moleskin (found on Amazon) to the inside of these sandals where they crossed over.

Then I picked a short sleeve lace blouse which is actually being worn backward so it’s more scooped at the neckline.

The piece de resistance is how I made my long cardigan a cropped version. See the short YouTube video here and make sure to follow me on the platform and give it a thumbs up!!


Skirt: Old Navy-thrifted~~ Jacket: Paparazzi~~Shoes: Pashion~~Hat: Amazon

I finally finished decorating this blazer. It’s not super obvious from far away by I added color to some of the decoration that was already on it.
Don’t worry, it will be shown on the blog one of these days so you can see it in more detail.

The skirt was worn in my daily outfits recently, and I just love the color contrast with the darker jacket.

These sandals are the ones I won in a giveaway where the heel can come off to make them flats!! It is the coolest idea ever.

The earrings are my first item from Pam Neri, and I have many of her pieces because they are all lightweight and very unique.

I wore my new favorite hat (from Amazon) because I am off to get my haircut!!

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