Daily Looks: Week Ending 4.21.23

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You can probably tell which days we were visiting Denver (where it was chilly) vs. the days we were home in Arizona. You’re also getting an extra day since it wasn’t included in last week’s post.

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Jeans: Gap-thrifted ~~Vest: I knit it~~Boots: Mix No 6-DSW

Today was the day we traveled down to Buena Vista to see some of my knitting friends at the knitting retreat there. This was an event that I attended twice a year for almost 20 years before we moved to Arizona, and I do miss the women so much.

The weather is still winter in Colorado, and the retreat is very casual. That means layers and heavy items for me.

So I wore a pair of bootcut, thrifted jeans with my pink combat boots.

This fleece sweatshirt is super warm, and you can see a peek of another shirt under it (so I wouldn’t have to wash the sweatshirt). Then I layered one of my hand-knit vests over it. It’s a knitting retreat, so it’s only appropriate to wear knitted projects, right?
If you get my email, then you saw the group photo of a couple of the women that were there. When the retreat was in full swing years ago, we would have almost 20 women there knitting. It’s about half that now, and I don’t know everyone like in the past.


Jeans: Mott & Bow “Mercer” ~~Jacket: Forever 21-Poshmark~~Boots: Mix No 6-DSW

Today we hung around Denver, with my stepmom and met up with my bestie who just moved into a new place. The funny thing is we were enjoying each other so much that we forgot to get photos. Needless to say, we both wore our white jeans!

I was excited to wear these white jeans again because the “real” summer in Arizona is too hot for them. These are the boyfriend cut from Mott & Bow and I like how they aren’t see-through and tight.

I layered my navy & white sweatshirt over a sheer pink blouse (seen here from years ago) and then wore my fuzzy pink jacket for a pop of bright color.

And see? I do wear the same footwear twice while traveling, haha!


Skirt: Banana Republic Factory~~Jacket: Fade~~Socks: Go2 compression socks

This is my travel outfit for the trip. You saw it in last week’s Daily Outfit post with the boots on and without the jacket and scarf. I always take a scarf on the plane with me, but I really didn’t need it this time…shocking.

But I layered up before we left because it was much colder. All of these layers came off when we landed in AZ. And I didn’t put the boots on yet because I thought I’d show you the compression socks.
Both Rob & I try to always wear compression socks when we fly. Even on short flights. It doesn’t always happen, but we try.

I’ll tell you, I thought this dress was my favorite airplane outfit ever (when I discovered that wearing a skirt/dress was more convenient for bathroom breaks), but I think this skirt has taken over that title. Because this skirt is faux leather, it repels dirt and stains. And this material (not all faux leather) is super thin which makes it easy to move.

I did add my pink, velvet baseball cap to cover up some bed head.


Pants: from Just Be Youtiful~~Top: from Nordstrom Rack~~Shoes: Chinese Laundry

And just like that we are back in the warm weather. The pants I bought at Just Be Youtiful last year and I wore them in a Daily Outfit post at least once. They are the exact kind of pants you need if you live in a hot area as we do. They are flowy, there is a slit that creates air circulation and they are beautiful. The only thing I would change is the material. But since they are so loose, it’s not as big an issue.

Then I paired them with a yellow top. I’m sure you would think to wear white, green or navy with them, but don’t forget you can combine other colors too. My yellow shirt has been worn lots, and once with pink in an article about family reunions. One of the nice aspects about this top is the smocking in the back creates some shaping, but it’s not tight in the front.

There is a ruffle at the bottom of the yellow top and I thought it would be interesting with the ruffle on the pants. I left it untucked at first, but the tie made it stick out too much. That’s why you see the half tuck which was easy because this blouse material is very thin.

These sandals are super old, and a little higher than my normal lately. But most of the day will be spent blogging, so I can be sitting.

I included a close-up of the title photo to show the accessories. Normally I would choose either dark blue or green accessories, but I like how the lighter necklace looked. The woman who made this cross necklace, Maison de Camille, is a Canadian designer and offers my readers 10% off with the code, Jodie20.
I think this is a great example of how you don’t have to match for it to look good.


Jeans: Oliver Logan from Naomi & Ruth~~Jacket: Decree-thrifted~~Sandals: Betsey Johnson

Another trip to the chiropractor and another day for white jeans. These white jeans are a tad different than Saturday’s. First, these are more ivory, and they are wide jeans. The ones on Saturday are white and boyfriend cut. Can you see a difference?

The other HUGE difference is this pair is half-price because Naomi & Ruth is going out of business. Granted the sizes are limited, but head over there to see if you can get a deal on these great jeans. They also come in black or denim. Use code Closing50 for the discount.

Details about the jeans:
1-This brand is known to be a sustainable brand
2-Wide jeans are trendy
3-Great price for jeans of this quality
4-Easy to cut off if you need to shorten them (raw hem)
5-In fact, down the road, you could even cut them off to make them shorts at the length you prefer.
I’m wearing my normal size 25 (measure your waist). There is lycra in them so they have a nice stretch.
I’m 5’2″ and didn’t shorten them at all.

I did pair them with a shorter top that I thrifted last month, and a neon orange jacket thrifted last year.

My shoes are the most whimsical pair from Betsey Johnson, but they are NOT comfy. In case you’ve never tried plastic shoes, there is no give. I wear these when I know there is no walking for the day.


I bet you weren’t expecting this kind of outfit unless you get my email. The day was all about cleaning out the garage, so I went with grungy clothes.

My supervisor wanted to be part of it too, and she even posed with me to show her tail in the second photo, haha. The only reason I’m showing the rear view is that I think EVERY woman should try this kind of leggings. They were all over TikTok for a while, and I found these when thrifting. They were my first pair of ruched leggings like this, and now I wish all of mine were made this way.

For older women with flat butts (mine included), this gives amazing shape to your bum. I would consider it the best thing since sliced bread. Otherwise, our backside in leggings reminds me of the uniboob that my friend detests so much! Most of these I find on Amazon, but I’ve also seen them on ASOS.

The t-shirt is one of my favorite messages “A Little More Kindness, A Little Less Judgement” which I’ve shown worn 5 ways.


Dress: Banana Republic Factory~~Jacket: LucyParis from Naomi & Ruth~~Sneakers: Adidas-Goodwill

I had a comment about when I wore this slip dress in multiple ways that I only wore it with heels. Thanks, Sally, for pointing that out. SHAME on me. Of course, this (or any) dress can be worn with flats, and right now it’s trendy to style them with white sneakers. (And no, I still haven’t steamed the wrinkles out, ugh)

Insider tip: This length would be the same as some cropped pants, so any shoe would work. Maxi skirts are similar to wide pants, and then shorter skirts would be like capri pants.

I wore a strappy bralette to act as my bra (although I did use a small piece of breast tape to give more support under it), and then this fabulous eyelet short jacket over top.

This eyelet jacket is going to be worn tons this summer. It’s lightweight enough for our weather but covers my shoulders to protect me from the sun. I found this at Naomi & Ruth last season.

Sale alert: Naomi & Ruth is closing so use code Closing50 to get 50% off anything full price.

The sneakers are my Adidas ones that I found at Goodwill, and I accessorized the look with turquoise blue instead of going matchy-matchy with white or orange.


Skirt: H&M-Savers~~Top: LucyParis from Naomi & Ruth~~Sandals: Target

Even though a sequin skirt is something you think about more around the holidays, I’m wearing it for an everyday look. I found this thrifting and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that I also wore it as a top (you can see it in an upcoming video. Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and make sure you are following me there).

This ivory top is faux leather and from Naomi & Ruth from last season. As I discussed yesterday, she is closing her doors, so check out her site and get 50% off all full-priced merchandise. with code Closing50.

I wore bright pink sandals with an ankle strap that I changed out to velcro. If you haven’t tried that trick yet, here are the video and the blog post.

I wore one of my Katia Design necklaces. I am an ambassador for her necklaces since I have 4 of them now. I love how they are interchangeable using the lobster clasps so I can make one strand longer and one shorter or just have it at one very long necklace. (This one says “Live in the Moment” on the back of the pendant). I’m disappointed that many of her newer pendants have cuss words on them, but there are still many that don’t.

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