Daily Looks: Week Ending 4.22.22

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A week full of warm weather and mostly bright looks. I included one less colorful look just for variety!!


Pants: J.Jill~~Top: Naomi & Ruth~~Shoes: YiXin

I wanted to wear a new piece from the VIP shopping event at Naomi & Ruth. This top is the kind that my hubby calls me his “hippy chick” when I wear it.

Since it’s a tad longer, I wore my pink pants which are quite snug. In fact, I wrote an article called “Are my pants too tight? Style Solutions” wearing these exact pants for the options.

The shoes are forever old and have those pointed studs on them that could be considered dangerous!!

Happy Easter

Dress: Gigi’s Boutique~~Shoes: Franco Sarto (preloved)~~Hat: Liz Claiborne (my mom’s)

I bought this dress to wear for Easter, so wear it I will. You’ve already seen it since I’ve worn it before but that’s real life. We should rewear our favorite pieces over and over.

Because it is so bright and colorful, I think it’s one of those dresses that stands out and you tend to remember it. But I don’t consider that a bad thing.

I did change up the shoes this time and wore a pink hat (borrowed from my mother).

I also added the huge pearl necklace I picked up while thrifting at Savers for a collaboration.

The up-close photo at the top showcases the wonderful turquoise earrings from Sally Hoffman Designs.


Shorts: Sadie & Sage from Roka Boutique~~Top: from Naomi & Ruth~~Jacket: Tobi~~Boots: Embassy London

I won these fabulous turquoise boots from an Instagram giveaway and had to break them out before it’s too hot. They are an amazing company with such colorful footwear.

One thing you won’t hear on my site is apologizing for my pale legs or saying I need to use tanners. It’s taken me a long time to embrace my pale skin, and so what if my legs match my shorts??
In fact, I wrote about it years ago.

I wore a new fun top from my VIP shopping event at Naomi & Ruth Boutique (now that I have found some great strapless bra options written about here).

The other thing is this jacket. Do you remember when I wore it UNDER a shirt (on Tuesday’s look here)? That was a new concept for me. Sure, I’ve layered jackets under vests and other jackets, but why not under a shirt?


Skirt: Ann Taylor~~Blazer: Newport News~~Sandals: Pashion Footwear

Since mom and I were off for our dental cleanings, I like to dress a tad professionally. Granted I could never have worked as a dentist in this outfit because the skirt was too short.

But for laying in the dental chair, it will be fine. This blazer is from my working days, but I would have NEVER print mixed with it like I am today. But it works, don’t you think?

I added pops of orange (and even my purse is orange) for color.

These sandals are from Pashion footwear where the heel comes off so they can transform into flats. It can happen because the sole is a flexible material. The only drawback, is you have to carry around the extra parts. I wish it could be more James Bondish where the heel would disappear into the shoe, haha.


Dress: Thrifted~~Jacket: Kaktus-thredUp~~Sneakers: Target

We are off to the art museum today, so I thought I should look like a piece of art, haha!

The green dress is a recent find from our trip to Horizon thrift (where we showcased what to wear thrifting here).

This colorful jacket I bought ages ago from thredUp (an online thrift store). Here is when I wore it in the past with jeans.

Insider tip: If you are new to thredUp, you can use my link for $10 off (and I get $10 to spend too).

I’m wearing sneakers because of all the walking we will be doing, and in fact, I have some new insoles in these sneakers that you will read about soon. I’m giving them the test drive today so you will get the inside scoop.

Instead of tying a knot in the skirt at the bottom to make it smaller, I used the hoop earring trick. I’ll be sharing it on my YouTube channel soon, so follow me there!


Shorts: Old Navy~~Top: Naomi & Ruth~~Sandals: Italian Shoemakers

This was my second look of the day. You’ll see the first one sometime next month.

This strapless top is from Naomi & Ruth and I thought it was adorable. I paired it with pink/lilac shorts and bright pink sandals.

BTW, these Italian Shoemaker sandals are so nice for the hot summers here. Both Lesley and I have a variety of styles and colors because they are comfy and cute.

I added 3 different pearl necklaces and pink earrings. No bracelets today because I have a ton of computer work to do and they don’t always play well with my keyboard.

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