Daily Looks: Week Ending 4.26.24

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What a week. I thought my headaches were getting better but I was still struggling. Finally, I decided to go a different route and am starting physical therapy.
I go by that motto that if you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result, that’s the definition of insanity.

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Dress: Almost Famous~~Kimono: Adore~~Shoes: Rag & Co-DSW

I was supposed to help out at a fashion show with Just Be Youtiful, and this is what I was going to wear. However…I woke up with a headache that only got worse throughout the morning. So I stayed home.

The white dress is preloved by a friend, Sonya. And I decided to pair it with green.

I’m still trying to wear my closed-toe shoes until it heats up too much, so I pulled out my favorite mules. (worn with half Sheec socks).

Then I added this thrifted green belt and preloved kimono.

The earrings are cacti from Just Be Youtiful. (Her website and store have totally different products so the advantage is that you get 15% off at 2 places with my code Jtouch15)


Pants: From Just Be Youtiful~~Top: From Just Be Youtiful~~Sneakers: Cariuma

There’s a theme with my choice of color so far, haha. But in my defense, I recently picked this top up at Just Be Youtiful and wanted to wear it right away. It’s the best kind of shirt for summer: 100% linen, not fitted, and colorful (and I think she has more in other colors. Use code Jtouch15)

Because the shirt is so boxy, I tucked it in in the front only, and then used a shawl clip (like these) to hold extra material together in the back at the waist.

Wearing pants like this is like wearing no pants. Seriously. You don’t feel them against your skin and they are light as a feather. Plus, aren’t they fun?

This was not the first pair of pants I tried on. I originally had on a colorful print pair which is why I chose the white sneakers. But the original pants didn’t look right in my selfie.


Skirt: A New Day-Target~~Top: Skies are Blue-Fashom~~Sneakers: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) “Orleans”

Nothing like matching the artwork, eh? I had to move over because the sun was streaming in too much.

This top was in my latest Fashom box and while it looks like a plaid shirt, it’s so much more. First, it has embroidery at the top, and second, the material is a blend that drapes and is lightweight.

Since the plaid is somewhat masculine, I thought I’d pair it with a silk midi skirt for dichotomy.

Silk midi skirts are very versatile. I wore this same one with boots in the winter before.

And then I got creative and used my bra as a styling tool. This creates a great proportion with the longer skirt and makes the shirt more interesting. However, my first comment on that video was anyone over 20 shouldn’t do this. Of course, I don’t subscribe to that thinking.

We are off for massages today, which is why you see the ballcap.

My silver glitter sneakers made an appearance since we will be running errands later this afternoon.


Dress: Express-Your Revolving Closet~~”Cami“: Ruby Ribbon bra~ ~Sneakers: Guess-Goodwill

I knew when I tried on this dress from my Revolving Closet box, I’d need a cami under it for modesty. At first, I thought I’d wear one of my Halftees until I pulled out this bra.

Ruby Ribbon is one of my three favorite brands of bras because they don’t constrict and I don’t have that feeling that I need to peel it off at the end of the day. The secret is the large band around the body that is stretchy (not clasped).

Here’s the article where I shared about Ruby Ribbon, but I almost always order the demi bras instead of the full camis.
One time I wore my leopard Ruby Ribbon demi bra as a cami.

The color of this dress is so bright and right up my alley.

To continue the flower theme from my bra/cami, I wore these thrifted sneakers and my flower earrings.


Dress: En Saison-Your Revolving Closet~~Boots: Just Be Youtiful website~~Hat: Anne Klein-thrifted

With the warmer weather, I announce that it’s dress season. This was another fabulous dress in my Your Revolving Closet. It is not hugely different in style than yesterday’s dress.

It was higher in the front, but my Ruby Ribbon light blue bra still acted as a cami.

I kept the overall look lighter with the silver booties. And because of the silver booties, I wore silver earrings.

The darker pink hat acted as a contrast to the lightness of the outfit and kept my too-long bangs out of my face.


Dress: Gilli-Your Revolving Closet~~Jacket: Forever 21-preloved~~Sneakers: Cariuma

ANNNND another dress from Your Revolving Closet. What you don’t see is my Tai Chi outfit underneath it. I had a haircut appointment right after Tai Chi, so I had to be dressed cute.

This dress is such a great color and perfect for the spring and summer. I love how it’s long enough to cover my legs, but not to the floor.

I wore a short-sleeved jacket over top that my cousin gave to me.

I might have worn sandals except I needed sneakers for our Tai Chi class. And since I have yellow sneakers that are comfy (these are the Cariuma brand that is also sustainable), I wore these.

Everyone needs a pair of statement metal earrings that aren’t heavy for outfits like this.


Jeans: Old Navy~~Vest: I knit it~~Shoes: Ann Taylor

These are the same peach jeans I wore recently in our Pantone color prompt. Since I was going to physical therapy today, I needed pants instead of a skirt.

And this pair is fabulous for the hotter weather. They are lightweight and because they are wide, they don’t feel like I’m wearing pants.

I finally finished knitting this two-toned vest. I started it to be a simple project for our knitting Zoom calls and it’s done. It’s not even blocked yet.

Insider info: Blocking means shaping it when it’s wet to make sure the ribbing stays down and it’s the size you want.

I layered the vest over this polka dot blouse (seen years ago with wide-leg pants).

And these shoes?? They are my first online shoe purchase from over 12 years ago when Ann Taylor had a flash sale on them for $20. I’ve loved them to death and am wearing them with my Sheec no-show socks.

I wore a gold necklace that says “Jodie & Rob” with my gold/white earrings.

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