Daily Looks: Week Ending 4.29.22

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With our hotter temperatures this week, you can see how the dresses are starting to take over. I honestly would reach for a dress every day, but I’m trying hard to incorporate variety.


Dress: LOFT-thrifted~~Cardigan: Blue Blues~~Shoes: Shoedazzle

Today’s outfit took 3 tries, so I liked how it was photographed. It’s seriously interesting how an outfit will look okay in the mirror, but doesn’t seem right when you take the photo.

I almost reverted to a solid cardigan/jacket with the dress, but I was hellbent on print mixing with it, haha!

Needless to say, I had to “adjust” this striped sweater. It’s actually a wrap sweater, but I didn’t want it that way. SO I tied up the ends (even the long ties) into knots at the bottom corners to make it a cardigan.

Insider tip: Remember, we are the boss of our clothes. Just because it’s made to wear one way doesn’t mean we can’t change it up.

I also added a dress extender under the dress to feel a tad comfier in it.

There was a request for hair accessories lately, so I am wearing a navy barette.

Insider tip: You can wear hair accessories without them showing up by choosing ones that “match” your hair. Light hair color=light hair accessories. I’m wearing navy which blends into my brunette hair.


Shoes: Walking Cradles~~Top: ~~Hat: Amazon

You get the rearview today because to me it’s the fun part.
You’ve seen this top with a lace top underneath it this winter.

And I was SO excited to wear it in the warmer months since I discovered Gatherall bra.

The pants are a wide leg pair with buttons on the front (seen here) which I wasn’t sure about when I first bought them, but I have found them to be so fun.

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This hat has been such a favorite, especially considering it was under $20 on Amazon.

And I accessorized with turquoise. There is a turquoise necklace around my neck, and both a turquoise statement ring plus earrings. (showcased at the top photo).
Those earrings are Sally Hoffman design originals-make sure to check out her site.


Dress: eShakti~~Shoes: Italian Shoemakers ~~Cardigan: I knit it

I tried twice to get a selfie without my supervisor, but she was very clingy this morning. So I gave in and added her to the look.

This dress is one from eShakti which I purchased to use up some gift cards. While it’s one of those dressier dresses, I still think it can be worn for a casual day.

Discount: I do have a discount to share with first-time eShakti shoppers…you can get $50 off your order through my link. That means most dresses would be $25 with shipping. It’s a great deal.

I added a hand-knit sweater over it for the cooler morning and wore colorful sandals.

The headscarf is from Gibby’s Frillery, and is one of the original ones with longer tails so I tied then on top. Discount of 20% at Gibby’s with Jodie20.

And the sandals are one version of Italian Shoemakers that both Lesley and I love so much.


Dress: Target~~Cardigan: Handknitted by me~~Sneakers: Jambu

I’m off to get a pedicure (hopefully) today, so I always try to think of items that are easy for that activity. Usually, I end up wearing cropped wide-leg pants, but today I went with my green dress that has a flared skirt.

The cardigan is just for the cooler morning and I knit it a couple of years ago. It’s one that didn’t turn out great, so I had to add crochet edging on the back area.

Insider info: It will be featured on a YarnDay Saturday on my Instagram soon, so make sure to follow me there too.

These are one of my favorite Jambu sneakers, called the Lilac.

Sale alert: Jambu is having a 30% off sale. Use the code INTHEFAM


Shorts: Macys~~Top: Kate Spade (thrifted from Gild the Lily)~~Shoes: Walking Cradles~~Cardi: Hand knitted by me

It was a stay home day so I went casual with a touch of style. I struggled with the cardigan because it’s never fit great.

So I decided to try the upside-down trick and then used a stick pin to hold it together. I’ll be sharing it on Instagram (follow me there) one of these days, so you can see how it started and how it ended up like this.

The colorful top underneath (because let’s be real–that cardigan won’t be on after 11 am), is the one you saw here layered over a bomber jacket.

And the shoes are a super old style from Walking Cradles not unlike the Cam sandal they have now. The Cam sandal is only an inch heel with this same easy-on/easy-off style, and reminds me of a comfy slipper!!


Skirt: Angies~~Top: ~~Shoes: Amelia Grace

I finally finished transforming this skirt. It used to be a dress (you might remember it from a Facebook post comparing items to pair with it).
But the smocking didn’t stay around my bust, and it was so annoying. So I made it into a skirt.

I wanted to wear something more colorful with it, so I opted for bright pink.

The scarf is only to go eat breakfast on the patio because after 10 am, I’m sure it’ will be warmer.

Insider tip: I used a flexi clip barrette to hold the ends of the scarf together. Just like in this post.

The belt is a recent thrift find and I wore my go-to earrings from Frannie & Elinor.

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