Daily Looks: Week Ending 4.5.24

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I guess this was a week of dresses and skirts, so I tried to change things up towards the end of the week. It is getting warm enough that I could be wearing sandals on some of the days, but I try to hold off since we have 6 months of sandal season.

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Dress: Skies are Blue-Your Revolving Closet~~Boots: Nordstrom brand-Goodwill~~Purse: La Festin

I had to peel off all the fleece I wore for our morning hike and put on something more appropriate for our 70-degree weather.

A dress is always so easy because you don’t have to figure out if the top goes with the bottoms if you should tuck in the top or how to make it look right.

That is exactly why they call it one-and-done.

I realize I rarely showcase my purse with my daily looks, but today my purse is the inspiration for the cowboy boots.

I’ve been seeing a ton of influencers carrying green purses so I succumbed with this very affordable crossbody one from Amazon (and yes, it comes in other colors).

I love how it’s almost quilted (giving it texture) and very roomy for all my stuff.

My jewelry is also worth noting:
The necklace is from Maison de Camille, a designer in Canada that has the pleasure of meeting in person when she was out here visiting. She gives my readers a discount with the code JODIE20. BTW, these cross necklaces are still available and on sale, and the alphabet ones are very affordable.
The earrings are Rad & Rae-a local AZ designer and I received these earrings in a swag bag.

Happy Easter

Dress: No label c/o~~Boots: Top Moda-Just Be Youtiful website use code Jtouch15~~Scarf: Ann Taylor

I’ve had this dress since 2017 (I have photos to prove it) and thought it would be easy to layer for Easter.

There were a couple of options, but Rob chose this purple turtleneck.

Since it was chilly today and rainy, I opted for my silver cowboy booties which have been a fabulous purchase.

I know most of us think an Easter dress needs heels or “pretty” shoes with it, but I like how the boots make it fun.

The scarf is one that I’ve struggled to style in the past because it’s a LONG rectangle. But I love it as a sash belt with this dress.

And because I was going to carry my green purse, I decided to add a green bling pin to the neckline of my dress.

For those of you who believe in matchy-matchy, you probably don’t like it. But it’s unexpected and fun for my creative side.


Dress: eShakti~~Boots: Target

This dress is my coverup for my Pilates outfit. When I get to Pilates, I’ll take the dress and boots off and exercise in my black leggings, blue t-shirt, and green sweatshirt. Part of the reason is we have a load of errands to run after Pilates, plus we are going out to eat because of a coupon we received from moving into our new house.

I probably won’t keep the sweatshirt on in the afternoon if it’s warm enough, and I think it’ll look better that way. But for the morning, this worked great.

If you haven’t checked out eShakti, I hope you will. I have over half a dozen things from their site because they are reasonably priced especially if you usually need alterations. You can have dresses, skirts, and tops custom-sized for your measurements for less than $15 depending on the item.

Insider discount: Any new customer can get $50 off their first purchase with my link, which makes most dresses cost $25. It’s a deal not to be passed up.

BTW, my fedora hat was borrowed from my husband’s stash. And my earrings were made by my friend, Judy.


Skirt: ReneeC-Fashom~~Vest: ~~Sneakers: Cariuma

We were off to the Butterfly Wonderland today, so I needed comfy shoes. Originally I wanted to wear something with butterflies on it, but I don’t have anything. That’s what made me think of this skirt with flowers.

I wore this skirt for a winter wedding with my white cowboy boots and received so many compliments.

This time I paired it with a white top and lime green vest. This vest has been a fan favorite and my friends all have the same one so we showcased different ways to wear it (for example I wore it backwards).

My “girl” necklace is from Just Be Youtiful, and she always has a variety of them (they are all different colors and details) for under $25. Just reach out to her on FB and ask for a photo of the ones she has. And use Jtouch15 for a discount.
BTW, it’s a great gift for Mother’s Day or graduation.

My Cariuma sneakers were an easy choice for the day. Colorful, comfy, and cute all in one.


Jeans: Just Black-Fashom~~Vest: I knit it~~Loafers: Ros “Trish” Use Jodie10 for a discount

I didn’t mean to create the same look as yesterday, but then again it’s different too. It’s the same basic colorway and both wearing vests.

But the similarities stop there.

Today I wore a pair of white distressed jeans from my latest Fashom mystery box. The company is considering a shift so they have reduced their box to only $55. With my link you get the 5 items for only $50. Now if that isn’t a deal, I don’t know what is.

I just posted a live video (6 minutes long) about what was in my recent Fashom box and why this is the best time to try it out.

The vest is one I hand-knit many years ago (I knit it as a tank top but it works as a vest too). And I wore this mint green shirt under it that I’ve had for over 10 years.

The pink loafers are a new style from Ros (which means they are super comfy and come in a huge size selection). These Trish loafers have an elasticized heel so they stay put. I have a small discount, Jodie10, and these loafers come in 6 different colors.

I accessorized with pearls (because any day is a pearl day) and my statement Rad & Rae earrings.


Shorts: Staccato-Fashom~~Sweater: I knit it~~Shoes: U-Lite-Poshmark

Today’s weather was short’s weather. And it’s getting cold for the weekend, so I thought it was the perfect day to wear these shorts and mules.

The shorts are from my Fashom box (as described above). and this lightweight sweater is one that I knit ages ago. For the afternoon, I peeled it off. There’s a mustard gold cropped top underneath it.

And aren’t these shoes just so whimsical? It was an accidental purchase on Poshmark. Accidental you ask? Well, I was obsessed with a pair of mules I saw on a woman in church, so I was trying to find them on Poshmark.

I wasn’t successful with those shoes but I found these. After I hearted them (one of the tricks I talk about when shopping Poshmark), she lowered the price for me and I snapped them up (they were $9).

Yes, I’m wearing my Sheec half socks with them because they just felt better with them. The shoes have no real arch support, so I added my Soul Insoles. They are a lifesaver to make “flat” shoes comfy.

BTW, you won’t hear me apologizing for my pale legs. As my friend Donna said, “pale skin people should unite and say at least we don’t have to worry about tan lines!!” 


Vest: Old Navy~~ Jeans: Banana Republic~~Booties: Mix No 6-DSW

I caved and ordered this vest when I talked about it in my email. I am such a fan of vests and didn’t have one this color.
What I will say is it does run a tad big. I ordered the petite Small and could have fit into the petite XS just fine. I was worried about making sure I could button it and wear it by itself.

Since today is chillier, I layered it over a cardigan. Cardigan you ask? Yes, it’s on backward because I wanted the red print part to be seen from the front.

Insider tip: I do wear a t-shirt under the sweater so I don’t have to wash it every time I wear it.

My jeans are a cropped flare and I wore them with my red ankle boots.

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