Daily Looks: Week Ending 4.7.23

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It’s another episode of what I wore for my daily outfits. As you can read in many of the captions, I wear clothes that I’ve had for ages as well as newer things I’ve purchased. I hope this gives you inspiration about finding various ways of mixing up your closet.

Since many of my items are so old, they aren’t available anymore if you would want to get them. But feel free to email me and I can easily find similar items for you. With my affiliate program, it’s easy to search many stores for something.

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Skirt: from Fashom~~Jacket: Jones Wear from GCC thrift store~~Boots: Target

I love this elephant skirt that I got through my online clothing box, Fashom. Since most of the elephants are orange, I usually wear orange with it, but decided to style it with pink.

This pink cropped jacket and necklace are from a recent thrift store adventure and you can see all of the treasures I found in my FB Live called Friday Finds.

I wore the outfit with my white cowboy boots only because the morning was chilly. I will be swapping them out later in the day.

These are a popular pair of glasses that a few friends have also gotten. They are from Glasses Shop, and the style is called Lee. With code GSHOT35 you get an amazing discount. The shape also comes in red and tortoise. It’s amazing how inexpensive you can get glasses with these online suppliers.

Insider tip: I have been ONLY getting online glasses ever since I retired and have found many tips and companies that I wrote about.


Skirt: Gap but lengthened by me~~Jacket: no label-preloved ~~Sneakers: Walking Cradles “Orleans

I had this idea to transform my mini denim skirt into a midi one. So at our latest thrift adventure, I purchased a pair of lighter wash jeans for $4 to see if it would work.

With mom’s advice, I cut off the thighs of the jeans and attached them to my skirt. You’ve seen my denim skirt before and I love it, but I thought I’d wear it more as a midi.

I’m still vacillating about whether to add trim to the demarcation between the two pieces of denim. Let me know if you have an opinion.

Anyway, I wore a bright pink top and floral bomber jacket with it and included a blingy belt that I found at Goodwill.

The sequin sneakers are from Walking Cradles. I only see the silver glitter on their Last Dance site without a heel (the mule style), but the black glitter style is still available.

I had to shorten the necklace to be the right length, and I’ll share the video on how to do that on FB one of these days. Make sure to follow me there.


Pants: Merona-Target~~Jacket: Renato Nucci-thrifted~~Sneakers: Adidas-Goodwill

These pants are ages old from Target. You can see how I styled them with a white top over 5 years ago (and I still have everything in that outfit).

I wanted to wear a nice blazer because I’m going to one of my mom’s doctor’s appointments, so this floral blazer was the winner.
But to make it more casual, I added a graphic tee under it as well as my white Adidas sneakers.

You can’t see the headband in these photos, but they pull my hair back so that you can see the tassel earrings nicely.


Jeans: Universal Threads-Target~~Sweater: Amoli-Naomi & Ruth~~Shoes: Dana Buchman-Kohls

It’s our last chilly day of the spring, so I pulled out a pair of jeans and a sweater. You’ve seen these jeans 5 years ago worn with a kimono. Right now I’m seeing a lot of this front split in pants, so it makes me so glad I didn’t purge these jeans when we moved.

The best part of the sweater is the back. I’ve worn it backward on Wednesday of this Daily Outfit post back in January. I’m really not sure which is the back or front, but it doesn’t matter. It works both ways.

I layered the blue sweater I wore last Friday (seen here) under it because it wasn’t dirty yet, so why not rewear it?

My shoes are ancient also, as seen in this 2015 post.

If you check the close-up photo at the top of this post, you’ll see the hand-made earrings gifted to me by a local jewelry designer who I met up with on Sunday. She makes incredible multi-media jewelry and will be selling it on Etsy soon. I wouldn’t say these earrings are lightweight, but if that’s your concern, then you’ll love her bracelets and necklaces.

And my sequin baseball cap covered my dirty hair. I love the fun baseball caps you can find nowadays.


Skirt: from Just Be Youtiful~~Jacket: Marciano-Clothes Mentor~~Sneakers: Jambu “Sandy”

We are meeting up with a bunch of other bloggers today for lunch, and I wanted to wear something fun and colorful. This skirt looks like a shirt that is tied around my waist, but it’s not. It’s really a skirt. Because it is so flowy, I wear my workout shorts under it just in case the wind blows up the skirt.

I paired a lime green sweater with this skirt. The small lines running through the plaid skirt are yellow, but the lime green has that yellow tint to it, so I thought it looked great.

If you get my email, then you saw these earrings up close. They are made by 2 sisters on Instagram called Lil Shop of Ours, and they will customize earrings to what you want, and all for under $25.

These black sneakers have been one of my favorites from Jambu. They are still available if you search for “Sandy” and right now use code FamilyFriend for 25% off.

I never thought I’d buy a black leather jacket since I don’t wear much black, but when I saw this one at the thrift store, I couldn’t resist. I love the gold details on it and the interesting back (seen in this post).


Pants: Target~~Vest: The Limited~~Shoes: Aerosoles

The outfit started with the pants. They may be cropped but they are heavier weight, so I can’t wear them in the heat of the summer. And I wanted to wear something somewhat professional since I am going to the dermatologist with my mother today.

That polka dot top was a recent thrifted find. It’s a size bigger than normal, but I knew it would still be a good item to have. I can always use my elastics or magnets to make it more fitted if I don’t have a layer over it. You saw those elements in my article about style kit essentials earlier this week.

In fact, I am wearing Maggie’s magnet to hold my vest together. You’ve seen this vest years ago when I wore it with leggings. This silhouette of the voluminous vest and wide-leg pants is different from the rules we learned, yet I think it looks good.

Insider discount: The owners of Maggie’s Magnets are offering a limited-time discount to my readers. Use 15JodieStyle at checkout.

I’m also wearing peep-toe wedges that I’ve had for over 10 years.

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