Daily Looks: Week Ending 4.7.23

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There’s a pattern to my outfits lately. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday we have a chiropractic appointment, so I almost always wear pants those days and I don’t wear my extensions.

Thank you to all who participated in the scarf challenge. I always think it’s so good for us to wear what we already have in our possession, and I feel like scarves get forgotten so many times. Yet they can be very functional and decorative and not just around our neck.
And while I was worried that not many women were joining in, I was so happy that a couple of readers joined in many times!!

Make sure to check out Mireille, who was co-host of this scarf challenge with the ways she wore her scarves this week.

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Skirt: Banana Republic Factory~~”Vest“: I knit it~~Mules: ccocci-Goodwill

I’m calling this topper a “vest” even though it’s really a wrap top that I knit almost 20 years ago. I’ve worn it by itself in the past but I thought I could layer it too. Today, I layered the vest over my orange sweater, which I just wore on Friday last week. Since it wasn’t dirty (there’s a t-shirt under it), I figured I might as well.

The brown faux leather midi skirt is perfect for this transitional time between cold and hot weather. While it’s faux leather, it’s also very soft and lightweight. The only thing that really made it warm is when you stand in the sun-it definitely pulls in the heat.

I wore this skirt when we talked about winter funerals.

My small neck scarf ties all of the colors together and I wore a hat because my hair was a mess.

I decided to keep the footwear almost invisible, so I grabbed this pair of light tan mules. Can you believe I have on Sheec socks with these? Their mule socks are really fabulous. (Search for toe-covered half socks.)


Pants: Banana Republic~~Top: Rails-thrifted~~Sneakers: Adidas-Goodwill

These pants are part of a suit, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear them for a casual day. I’m not even sure I’ve worn the suit together yet, but I’ve definitely worn the blazer in the past (you can see it on Wednesday in this Daily Outfit post).

To make the pants more casual, I added a chambray tunic. I used the half tuck in the front to make the proportions better. What you don’t see is the tunic is longer in the back.

The other item that makes it more casual is the white sneakers. These are Adidas I found at Goodwill, but I linked to a bunch of great ones in my Spring Trends 2023 post.

For the scarf challenge, I decided to twist 2 scarves together which is such a fabulous trick. I can’t believe I haven’t done it more in the past. If you get my email, then you know I shared the woman who inspired me to try this.


Jeans: Zara-Goodwill~~Blazer: Banana Republic Factory~~Boots: Rocket Dog

I figured I might as well wear the blazer that matches the pants from yesterday. Instead of pairing it with blue, I went bright with yellow.

My scarf is being worn as a belt. I like tying it next to the belt loop so it doesn’t hang down between my legs as much. In fact, after these photos, I changed the longer end to be on the side instead of in the middle.

Even though skinny jeans aren’t the “in” jeans right now, I figured wearing them with combat boots makes them a little more modern. Besides, it’s finally warming up, so I will be putting away my boots soon.

You can see a closeup of the earrings at the top of the post. These are from The Bias Cut-a UK brand that promotes Ageism is Never in Style. Once we retire, we really don’t think about ageism that much, but I’ve felt it as an influencer. Most companies won’t hire an older woman.


Dress: Amelia~~Top: Lush from Poshmark~~Shoes: Bellini

It’s warm enough for naked legs and I’m taking advantage of it (because it’s going to be chilly tomorrow). Anyways, I’ve worn this denim dress on the blog before layered OVER a cardigan. I always try to remember about layering both over and under with our items.

This time I wore the dress under a wrap, crop top that I fell in love with on Poshmark. Remember, my tips for shopping on Poshmark? One thing I recommend is to heart anything you like because the seller may offer you a discount down the road. And that’s what happened with this top.

I added that huge pin in the middle to give some more flair.

Do you see my scarf? It’s hiding under the hat and rolled into a ball on the side of my head. I have never worn a scarf this way, but I saw it on a woman on Instagram and had to try it out.

The shoes are way old. In fact, you saw them in our Alaskan cruise photos from 2018. Yes, I am wearing my Sheec ultra-low no-show socks with them.

Notice that all of the pieces are not name-brand clothing. Yet I think it melds together to be a fun outfit.


Jeans: Mott & Bow~~Jacket: Ann Taylor-thrifted~~Booties: Amazon here

It looks like this week is a majority of yellow. I try to wear colors all year long, but obviously, spring really brings out the spring colors.

This is the time of year I can wear my white jeans (the summer is too hot unless they are linen). So these are the looser-fit white jeans from Mott & Bow. They are more than I usually spend, but I am picky about white jeans. They can’t be see-through and they are something I love to wear to brighten up any look.

I used my double knot trick on this sweater because it needed some sass (a video of the knot trick will be shared on FB soon and I’ll try to link it in my emails too).
This sweater is one that I recently won in an IG giveaway.

I wore this thrifted yellow leather jacket and yellow ankle booties and finished off the look with my daisy earrings.


Skirt: No label-boutique in Palm Springs~~Jacket: from Just Be Youtiful~~Boots: Macys

This was my outfit for Cathie’s birthday party happy hour. The skirt is one of those you think “but where will I wear this”. Yet celebrations are a part of life, so why not have the skirt in your closet because you know there will be some celebratory occasion to wear it.
In fact, I wore it for the first time for brunch on New Year’s Day.

I would have worn sandals except I knew we would be sitting outside, so I opted for boots. I’ve worn these snakeskin boots a ton, and I especially love them with shorter skirts or shorts.

The striped jean jacket is a recent find from Just Be Youtiful. It has the cutest square of material on the back with a photo of a succulent.

Scarf Challenge

A big shout out to the women who joined the scarf challenge and showed me their fabulous ideas.
And thanks to Mireille, for co-hosting the challenge with me on Instagram. See all of her weekly scarf styles in her blog post.

Photos 1-3: Cathy was the big winner by joining in every day possible. I love how she not only has so many scarves but that she will use them in all different ways including hanging down the sides of a jacket, on a purse, and even on her head.

Photos 1 & 2: Cathy added even more options with a scarf in the hair PLUS a brooch, and then a scarf draped around her dress.
Photo 3: When we visited my mom on Wednesday, she was wearing this scarf made from leftover material of a dress she had shortened for me years ago, held together with a Lilla Rose flexi clip (more options like that are seen in this article).

Photos 1 & 2: Kris joined in twice, once with the scarf becoming a vest (almost like the video I showed making the scarf into a cardigan), and once with the scarf on her hat (sorry, some of that photo got chopped off)
Photo 3: Amy tied her scarf beautifully into a bow around her neck.

Photos 1 & 2: Pamela wore 2 different scarves in the first look, and then even print mixed in the second look. That deserves a round of applause!!
Photo 3: Lisa handknitted this beautiful entrelac scarf which is much needed in the cold, Colorado weather.

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