Daily Looks: Week Ending 4.8.22

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As the weather heats up, I find myself grabbing fewer and fewer extras!! But it’s still fun to make sure I’m switching up my pieces and color combinations.


Pants: Banana Republic~~Top: Target~~Shoes: Walking Cradles

I remember buying this pair of pants and being a tad intimidated by them. Now, I don’t think of them any different than my other pants.

They are extremely lightweight and so is the top, which was a nice way to dress for the weather yet still be covered instead of baring all. I LOVE having options.

Anyways, these pants have been the subject of wearing with 5 different examples of print mixing (for beginners and advanced).
And then the ruffle top was shown in 7 different styles of looks.

What I wanted to showcase is how you don’t have to match colors all the time. There is no green in the pants, but it works beautifully.

Then I added pops of brighter colors with the shoes, necklace, earrings, and ring.

Insider tip: The blouse was “tied” on the inside with a clear elastic to create ruching.

Walking Cradles just added in new sandals like these only with a lower heel. Search for the “Cam Sandal” and I would suggest the rose gold for summer.


Skirt: Won in an IG giveaway~~Jacket: Paparazzi~~Shoes: Lela Rose-Payless

This isn’t what I originally had planned to wear until I remembered we were going to church this morning.

The shoes and blazer are both from my working days over 9 years ago. I thought it would be fun to add a feminine flair to them with the tulle skirt.

The blazer you just saw last week too but I think this length of the skirt is better than Friday’s daily look.

I kept the accessories minimal, but layered 2 delicate necklaces.

You’ll see more details about this blazer one of these days!! Em understands how you have all of these ideas, yet they take forever to get on the blog.


Pants: Banana Republic~~ Top: Knit by mom~~Shoes: Via Spaga-thrifted

Funny how it was the same colorway as yesterday.

I let my hair go curly after my shower. My hairstylist was giving me a hard time that I don’t embrace my curls. I embrace everything else like wrinkles, my pale skin, and my imperfect body, but for some reason, I have a hard time embracing my natural curls.

Truthfully I don’t feel as stylish with curls, but I need to work through that somehow, haha.

Anyways, the wide-leg leopard pants make me feel modern. (Worn with 5 different other colors here).

Notice I even added a brooch to the sweater (the sweater my mom made years ago and gave to me). The brooch is actually a lobster claw pendant that I attached to the sweater with a black stud earring.

These shoes were thrifted and I have worn them with 5 different kinds of outfits in the past.


Dress: Kate Spade-thrifted~~Jacket: Sugar Lips~~Shoes: thrifted Goodwill

I had many options of what jacket to wear with this dress, but I decided to go with a more neutral look. Shocking, right?

My hair is still curly, but I straightened the front bangs. I do like that better.

This dress isn’t bright and colorful like my usual, but it’s a Kate Spade linen dress that I fell in love with while thrifting last year.

This is a great example of how white and off-white can work well together (which you will also see next week).

And a white denim jacket is such a staple for the spring. Even though we have worn it in fall and winter too (seen here).

I also look at this outfit and notice that the proportions are basically half and half. Yet I think it still looks great. It goes to show that the “guidelines” that even I talk about are subjective.


Pants: Target~~Blazer: thrifted from Horizon~~Shoes: Walking Cradles

First, you know neon and bright colors are part of the spring trends (as discussed here), right?? And since I believe in making them affordable, this is the perfect example. I found this neon orange jacket while thrifting at a local store in Mesa (Horizon thrift). While I probably wouldn’t have paid full price for it at retail wondering if I would wear it much, buying it preloved was easier on my wallet.

Otherwise, the outfit is old. This pink top is being worn backward so it wasn’t so low cut (see it originally here). You’ll also notice in that post that it has an asymmetrical hemline, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tuck it in.
And the bright orange and pink are a fun color combo.

The pants I decided to cuff up just to create more ankle showing. (See them worn long here). I added the belt because sometimes when I tuck a shirt in, it seems unfinished.

The silver sneakers are Walking Cradles called “Orleans” which I have in 6 different prints. They actually brought back these silver glitter ones because they were so popular.

And the necklace is from Sally Hoffman’s designs. Make sure to check her out.


Shorts: Joe Fresh-thrifted ~~Top: Nordstrom Rack~~ Shoes: Breckelles

Today’s outfit was the middle outfit of the day. Do you mean you don’t change 3 times a day? LOL

The top has been worn with pink pants in the past. It has the most subtle print ever. In fact, even in person, you might not notice the white dots in it.

So I pulled out my old, trusty camo shorts. These were my first ever piece of camo that I thrifted and have worn numerous times before.

Related post: 5 outfits with camo shorts

I slid on some easy yellow flat sandals and only accessorized with earrings since I knew I’d be changing again soon!!


Dress: Shop Cozy~~Jacket: Chicos~~Shoes: Marc Fischer

So this t-shirt dress was one I recently won from another Instagram giveaway. I wasn’t impressed with the company though so I couldn’t recommend them.

The dress is quite boxy, so I used my clear elastic to create a “knot” on the inside at my waist-similar to Saturday’s top trick.

The white linen jacket was a deal from Chicos last year. I’m not sure if I’ve worn it much because it’s also boxy.

Since I had very few extras in the outfit shown for yesterday, I made up for it today.

I added an elephant brooch (which used to be my aunt’s pin) to the jacket and wore my leather cuff from LD Watkins Designs (which I also won in a giveaway).

Then the earrings are huge, right?? But hey, why not?

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