Daily Looks: Week Ending 5.13.22

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Arizona is definitely heating up as most days are 80-100 degrees. But since it’s a desert environment, there is usually a 30-degree difference between the mornings and days. Thus our mornings are still cool enough to have breakfast on the patio and still need my blankie.
And wow, I sure notice a yellow theme for the week!!


Skirt: eShakti~~ Top: DKNY-thrifted~~ Shoes: Marc Fischer (won in a giveaway)

We are off to a graduation party today and are wearing navy with yellow accents for the school colors.

The skirt is from eShakti, and for first-time buyers, my link gives you $50 off (which makes a dress come to about $25 with shipping because there is a minimum). What I love about this skirt is how lightweight the denim is. AND there are pockets.
BTW, this skirt came with a self-belt which I wore with a yellow dress here.

The shoes I recently won in a giveaway. While they certainly aren’t Walking Cradles comfy, they will be fine for a long car ride and short party.

I have a blue print cardigan with me because the party is up in Flagstaff where it’s about 30 degrees cooler. (see the photo above)


Pants: Zara~~Top: Sophia thrifted from thredUp~~Shoes: Franco Sarto

It’s cooling down today to the 80s, so I thought I’d wear pants. This print pair is very lightweight cotton and I bought them when I introduced my mom and Lesley to the store Zara.

The top is half backless and I even used slip clips on the shoulders to keep the front sides from moving around.

These gold platform sandals are now very comfortable. I had to add moleskin inside where the leather crossed over because it was annoying. I’m telling you, that moleskin (found on Amazon) made such a difference.

I wore all the extras including a belt, necklace, earrings, bracelet, and ring. Like I always tell my husband, I have cute things so I might as well wear them.


Dress: Charming Charlie~~Shoes: Unisa

I wanted something comfy and easy to sit around in, so I grabbed this maxi dress.

It used to be an open-shoulder dress (you can see it here), but I decided to sew up the sleeves to the straps and make it normal.

I decided to keep it light and bright with a yellow belt and yellow shoes.

BTW, I traded out these heels for my “Nella” Walking Cradles sandals that I just reviewed here right before we left for our staycation.
And I’m SO glad that I did because the resort was spread out and there was a ton of walking. PLUS my Nellas worked as flip flops for the pool.


Dress: eShakti~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Lydia” c/o

This is a recent eShakti dress that I just purchased and I love the flowiness of it. I was drawn to the 2 prints put together PLUS the kimono-style sleeves. Flowier is better in our heat.

Insider tip: For first time buyers of eShakti, your first purchase can be $50 less with my link.

My red sandals are a pair of Walking Cradles from over 2 years ago. In fact, I wore them on our Caribbean cruise adventure for both excursions (shown in this post) and dinners (shown in this post). That’s how comfy they are.


Top: Veronica M~~Shorts: the fifth~~Shoes: J. Crew

We can talk about fashion rules all day, but the best outfits are some of the ones where those rules are broken. For example, this look (then again, maybe you don’t like it, haha, but I do).

It’s a new breezy top I just received from Veronica M clothing, and while they only show young models on their site, I think so many of their pieces are ageless.

I paired this tiered top with shorts that are also very voluminous. And it’s funny because in the past when I’ve worn these shorts with a shorter top, I felt a tad more exposed (as in this look). But now that the top is long and flowy, I didn’t have that thought all day!!

Print mixing came into the mix with the leopard sandals.

And no surprise, that my beloved Gatherall strapless and backless bra was the choice for the day.


Jeans: Molly Bracken~~Top: from Francescas~~Cardi: Zara

There won’t be many more days for wearing jeans except if we travel to cooler places, so I wanted to make sure I wore this fun pair.

I got them from a local boutique when I had worked with them, and it’s amazing how 3 people I know have since bought them off Poshmark after seeing mine.
The 3-D flowers are so cute, and I love the wide-leg silhouette.

I’m wearing a flowy tank (very similar to the one on Thursday only without the tiered layer), and it was overpowering with the jeans. So I created a big knot in the back, used one of my clear elastics, and then tucked the end under the shirt. And it stayed all day.

I needed the micro cardigan for the morning, but by afternoon it came off!

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